2301 Macdonald Ave, Richmond
(510) 233-7824

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rayland gallon

Don't come here at night if you want fast food, ITS NOT FAST, period. It's slow and the line is always excessively long and stagnant.

Andrew Patterson

Fast and convenient, when I’m starving and need a quick lunch, I love it. I recommend using the app, you earn free points for every purchase so I just got a free Quarter Pounder! They also have some special deals in the app ($1.00 fries, etc) you can use on certain days.

Sandy Lattier

Horrible experience, was out of soda but did not inform until we got to the pick up window. I had to request for a refund for sodas. Also got my order wrong. I usually go to concord McDonald's. Richmond McDonald's very unorganized.

Megan Tvedt

I really hate McDonald'sHowever, the drive through line moved quick and the employees who helped us were great.

Diana Sanchez

Hecka going there specially at night. They only have like 2 people working.I know is not the workers fault but it is pretty bad.Wait time of like 20 minutes ir more.Workers are handling food and money at the same time. I do recommend the morning time breakfast. They are faster and cleaner because only assign 1 person to handles money and the assign person handles food.I guess breakfast is not that bad.Coffee is good and juice.Breakfast sandwiches are not that bad

Destiny Estella

I have gone here for personal and deliveries and it has been the worst experience EVERYTIME! I just order 2 large drinks and they gave me medium no biggy but she kept saying she is out of large cups so I asked why did I get charged for a large if it's not and she then switched it up to say my cup was a large but it was a medium then I corrected her and then she switched back to that it was a medium and kept repeating their out of larger cups. They have never been friendly when it comes to the deliveries they have homeless ppl sleeping at the pick up window begging for food it's hard not to feel bad for them.

Alex Vinogradov

The service is slow, but i am glad it still exists. Need more workers for this restaurant. The problem in US actually is that everyone wants to be successful, and no one wants to be a worker. It has to be changed for our own benefits. Maybe, successful people can volunteer to work in McDonald's a few hours per month.

Joyce Leanos

Went through drive through window bought a Carmel frape needed a pick me up , boy was it good and costs only $2.00 went home transplanted some plants , moped all my floors and made dinner . So the Carmel frape worked right ? There was no waiting in the drive through .

Lisseth Ruiz

It deserve no stars at all because it was really bad customer service and they need classes to be honest because they can’t read a order correctly and give the wrong iteams or do not give any iteams at all

Gwen Workmon

No receipt. No proof.My Happy meal was a sad meal. Soggy wet fries 6 crazy weird ? nuggets ?what no sauce. Apple pie box with 2 ? ?surprise what flavor was that ? Color,red...Thanks after 12a

wanda Savannah

I ordered the #3 it comes with a double patty it was ok to pickles and too much ketchup French fries were cold and soda was great with just enough ice

Mark Simpson

Service was was not usual for McDonald's. Nuggets n cheeseburger were warm like been sitting and this was at lunch

N.K. M. (DA' Moosh)

during the troubled age of covid and Rhona, during the rule of elder Biden it was so; the hour was early and all the other open 24hour a day McDonald's in the area where closed. this location just reopened (also closed for a few hours in the 24 hour a day open schedule). the bacon ran out, not all biscuit sandwiches were available, although only some items were out of stock when the order was made, the others became unavailable during the 15 ft drive to pickup window. the cookies were good and fresh, but at the price of an extra 10+ mins or so inwhich the poor guy behind me had to wait for I think a coffee and pancake . Meh. l

Krisy L

Typical McDonald's, fast service and food is usually reliably the same each visit

J Villano

CASH ONLY???? It’s nearly 1am and you’re seriously going to give a cash only option? Not only do you have loiters sticking their necks out into the pick up window, now you want me to risk getting my cash snatched while paying. I have no doubt they’re scamming that cash any way. Never coming here again

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