3800 Klose Way, Richmond
(510) 222-2674

Recent Reviews

Glennaah Van Heusduh

This restaurant is definitely one of the finest restaurants in the region. Whenever I come to this place I am remarkably glad. They always keep their very high standard service and the topmost level of meals they offer. You can never go wrong with this restaurant. Very recommended.

Dejon Burnet

This restaurant pizza is nasty and I’m sorry but I can’t buy pizza from people who have a bad odor, the man making my pizza smelled at the counter. This isn’t a race thing just saying, during these times to make my food and have a bad body odor doesn’t really strike me as a good place to eat

Vario B.

The people making the food smell bad and that's a huge issue for me. Especially the old guy with the glasses.

Marco G.

3 weeks ago I bought a pizza and they gave me coupons that says they expire in 45 daysI just went to use it and the same person who gave me said it was expired when those coupons do not even have an expiration dayAccording to him, he called his employer and his employer said no,I never go back to that store that you don't even accept their coupons that they give them themselves

Eren Yeager

Love Me N Ed's. The food is great and the staff is very helpful if you're not sure what to order or how much to order, and they are very friendly. Great customer service.

Fidel M.

Used to hit up Me-N-Ed's in Fresno all the time while in college. So I and the wifey were really pumped to find one up here. We decided to try them out and we weren't disappointed. The owner is really nice and provides great customer service. We have always ordered for delivery and they have always been on time. The pizza is really good and tastes exactly like the pizza we had in college. They don't skimp you on the toppings and put plenty on the pizza. The sauce is good and the crust is crispy. I definitely recommend it if you trying to switch it up for pizza.

Howard A.

I thought the pizza dough was to chewy and just didn't taste that great. I had a slice of cheese pizza and a slice of pepperoni neither taste that good.

John Rick

I tried this place before with a friend and I am obsessed ever since. I enjoyed the great mood and delightful food and drinks. They never disappoint.

Johan Ellis

This place constantly delivers. They have great food for convenient pricing, there is no waiting time even when they are full.

Champagne M.

This place has roaches in the salad bar and the pizza had a weird taste The manager says he has the place sprayed every two weeks and that the exterminator was there two days prior to today spraying for roaches myself and my friend only got a $3 refund because the pizza was separate from the salad bar! I will never eat here again! They need to change the name to Me and Ed's Roaches and shitty pizza!

erik cleaver

Pizza is very good! They also remember me!!

Harry Fountain

I admire this spot! They have superb food, their menu is decent, The chef in that place is a real pro, I like a lot trying all their dishes. The dishes are consistently of high class, the service towards the clients is helpful. I visit often this place and I was never disappointed. I recommend this place.

Leonard Harding

I celebrated my nomination today in this gorgeous place. I am glad to say that we had a terrific evening and the restaurant was absolutely the reason for the fruitful celebration. The crew collaborated in a very nice manner, the cuisine was very good and my guests were extremely delighted. We shall absolutely come back again for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Whitney W.

I went into this establishment 9 months pregnant, asked to use the bathroom they were completely rude and insisted I must buy something first. I'm like really I'm pregnant very visibly pregnant and they still denied me. The manager was rude as well as his employee. Please do not support this business

Connie Hernandez

Excellent service and great pizza, hot and fresh. This was my first time eating from here.. All I had was a 100 dallor bill and the driver didn't have enough to give me change back. He hands me the pizza and say he had a couple more deliverys and he be back with enough to break the100 for me. Thank You for trusting me.

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