Mr. Pizza Man

353 24th St, Richmond
(510) 234-9900

Recent Reviews

Gail Smith

I constantly come by getting some food here. I love the quick customer service and well cooked dishes. Great work.

Matthew Guevara Diaz

the pizza were great but when i when my sister callde be the man was the worst service he sayd they didnt acept cash only credit card then we sayd we will pay with cash then the man sayd the only acept credit card the in 30 minutes he hungd up

Aaron Aaronn

I use to play next door at uptown bowl in early 80's next door to Mr pizza man ..then in the mid 90's i was 1 of the workers that took uptown bowl apart and sold it in pieces around the bay area...then I was driver for Courtesy towing that bought out uptown bowl and was a driver there many years ...still...right next door to Mr pizza man thats how long I have been giving mr pizza man my business untill today... They having been over charging me as offer as they can? Even prolonging my order ..of a Philly chicken sandwhich..and then not even being the a Philly but a grilled chicken because it costs more.. And when you order more than once a week they call you ...Boss... because i like their food ?.. well I did like it ?? But now I get whatever you send me down here inside Atchison village since 1975.. Thanks old friends for the memorys..but i wont be making any new ones with you

David K.

The pizza is good, I prefer the thin crust though. Not to thin where it gets soggy and breaks up, more thin chewy type. Always had a great experience, I highly recommend.

Amie Havener

I really liked how you can build slices of pizza that's a great idea. But the crust didn't have any type of flavor to it at all and it was either to done or not done enough in places. Maybe something is wrong with their oven. It did take a little longer than 10 minutes for us to get 2 slices of pizza...

Shay P.

This is my favorite pizza shop and not only do they have amazing pizza but wings fries shrimp fettuccine is delicious try the food out you will love it. We had a slight misunderstanding once and they were very apologetic and still continues with awesome service

Pat Campos

Great pizza! HORRIBLE customer service. Gentlemen on the phone is rude, uninterested in helping or answering questions. Very unpleasant and even though the pizza is good, I will most likely not order from here again.

Constance Smith

I started ordering from Mr. Pizza Man 20 years ago; in the last several years the quality went from better than "ok" to almost inedible.The prices are never the same. Try and order from flyer menu or check prices on line-the prices are always at least $4.00 more when you call to place an order. Poor quality. You would do better going to Little Ceasar. I have received the wrong order, old pizzas and cold pizzas. Customer service is nonexistent. And they have taken more than 45 minutes more often than not. When asked about the price difference I've been told "Old flyer menu" (no matter how recently recieved via stuck on my door) "The management handles online prices", "I just charge what I'm told". Stay away from this SHADY Place. I had to give one star to be able to post my comment or I would not have given any stars at all!

Earl Austin

We love going out. Yesterday we visited this superb place which we didn’t know before. We passed a beautiful experience there with fine food and a professional crew and a distinguished chef. We added this venue in our list and we will certainly go again very soon. Highly recommended.

Pho L.

I do not get why there are bad reviews for this place. Easily the best Pizza and home style brazillian plates in the bay area. They get really busy and swamped and some people are just not understanding of that. I have heard some customers be so rude that they deserve to get some of that negativity back. Family owned environment and they treat you like family if you come correct with respect. I highly recommend trying the Brazilian food they have to offer. And that house hot sauce!! You gotta ask them for the secret house hot sauce!!!

Charles Machalow

3 bucks for a custom slice. Good price, slice was alright.

Ernesto Rodriguez

Very nice place!Pizza was delicious!

Bryan Brogdon

We came to this restaurant for dinner. my friend recommended this restaurant. Well, it was very successful. we were warmly welcomed by the staff and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was great. We loved this place very much and we shall absolutely come back again. Keep it up.

Исаак Родригес

Very nice place!Pizza was delicious!

George B.

Never ordered from here and I've seen this place since I was a kid. It was late and I see that this spot was open-- so why not? I ordered an XL Combo Pizza, said it'll take an hour to make which I was okay with, and proceeded to wait. The delivery comes just before an hour and tip the guy who was nice. Now to the pizza. The crust was remarkable! It wasn't too thick, just about right, and had great taste! The sauce was good as well along with the cheese and the toppings. Would I order from here again? Most definitely!

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