Muffin Revolution

1080 Marina Way S, Richmond
(510) 859-7655

Recent Reviews

Huwansta Noe

The best muffins EVER, grain-free or otherwise!

Natalia B.

Muffin Revolution is great! The co-founders are responsive and sweet and even go so far as to deliver the product to the freezer when we are busy. My cafe Picnic on Third has been purchasing their product for 3+ years and our clients are addicted to the paleo muffins. The names of the muffins are very cute too like Banana Bam Bam. Also, they sourced a cheaper product cost and lowered their cost per muffin. Thanks and keep on keepin'!

Mind Untangled

I have loved these muffins since I first had them at a farmers market in Alameda.

Diane V Capaldi

I am so in LOVE with this line of products. They change the narrative around breakfast and dessert with their delicious healthy muffins. BAM.

Kimberly Lowe Williamson

I tried my first muffin today and it was love at first bite� This is exactly what I need to curb my sweet tooth!

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