Panda Express

4250 Macdonald Ave, Richmond
(510) 965-1929

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Yosemite Serrano

Really little servings are you trying to feed a tiny dog a grown man meed 4× the amount yall serve and food has flavor but soggy SAVE MONEY GO TO ASIAN DELIGHT .....OR WINGSTOP

Iesha Travis

They give very little food here thats why i go to the one in Emeryville

Jennifer P.

This panda is the worst! They never have the food they're supposed to- I went to order at 9:28 and all they had was chow mein and vegetables available. If the closing time is 10pm shouldn't the food be available until then? This is not the first time I've had a poor experience here, I ordered angus steak before, by the time I got home I realized I was not given any steak at all- so the extra charge was unnecessary. This place really needs to take an inventory of their service.

David R.

I will give this restaurant 2 stars. Is definitely a good flavor food. But since the pandemic they star serving less food for the same price, if you ask for teriyaki sauce most of time they don't have or they just don't add it to your order. We should get a credit back for that lol. But seriously the worse thing I saw is this two ladies working at the line serving food with out gloves !!! May be in overreacting..

Mechelle P.

I went today to Panda Express because I haven't had it for a while so I was pretty happy. I ordered the food online, I picked it up and it was all good. But when I got home and started eating my fried rice, it tasted like a dirty towel. I smelled the rice and it was disgusting. I checked my dads food also because he had fried rice also and his rice had the same smell but not as bad as mine. I called the restaurant to let them know and the lady I spoke with was nice enough to get me another batch of fried rice. So I went to pick it up. I got home, I tried the fried rice and it was the same. I'm not sure if it's there ingredients that are bad or a new recipe but it was just gross. As of right now my stomach is hurting really bad after eating the food. I won't be returning too panda anytime soon.

Saeed R.

This is a mediocre Panda Express. There is always a long line and the food is always lukewarm to cold. The service alright, but if I want a good Panda, I will go to the one at El Cerrito Plaza.

Ari A.

Its good that theyre open for take out (you can't see if they got the order right). Drove away grunting they would get my order right. Gave me two bowls instead of bigger plate which I paid for! Gave me the wrong items. So disappointing! If you go you must open your plates or bowls and make sure you're getting what you asked for.

Yesenia Moran

The food didn't seem that fresh around dinner time but normally things are good

Nathaly Marquez

The food their is great but I'd reconsider getting broccoli and beef

Mark Butler

Would absolutely recommend trying out this place. Exceptional ambience, delicious food, great service. Kudos.

William F.

It's funny reading all the reviews over the literal YEARS that this place has been struggling. I live down the street and I can honestly say all the reviews are accurate. You would think that management would in face "Get It Together" considering most of the negative reviews have been responded to by "Customer Service". It is hard for me to not go here when I want Panda considering it is right down the street from where I live. But let me say this: I have to mentally prepare myself every time I go here, on the drive over (7 blocks) I just hope that the line will not be too long, that they will have honey walnut shrimp and I won't have to wait for it, and that the tension in the place isn't too high. You can feel the tension between the customers and the workers. The sad part is that it is NOT THE WORKERS FAULT! Okay, sometimes it is if they go out of their way being rude.. But whoever owns this business (not sure if pandas are franchises?) needs to change their whole business plan. HIRE more workers GO and see for yourself how shitty it is STOP skimping on everything Like anothEr Yelper said: This is fast food for Christ's sake! Can you not afford another couple minimum wage workers? I mean how dumb can you be? If things were ran differently here you would undoubtedly recoup your money. You've lost around ~$30 from me every month just because I decide I just don't want to deal with this business. Now let's think about this, I am just one person. Let's say there are ~300 others who feel like me in the area. You're losing (and this is a conservative guess) $9K per month. i MeAn wHaT aN iDiOt

Emily Velez.

Excellent, good as usual. The people who work there are friendly and hard working. The quality of food really good.

Nana E.

i had a great expirience here. I came in a couple days ago and everyone was so nice. i was told there would be a 5-7 minute wait for two of the entree's i wanted so i decided to wait. one of your employers, Nadia offered me a free drink for the wait and of course i said yes! the staff was moving the line and getting people in and out in a breeze! i can tell there is new management and new people being hired because everyone is so polite and it's much cleaner compared to a couple years ago. anyways i was told there would be about another 7 minutes because the cook never came from the back to make my food. Nadia offered me a free appetizer for the wait again. she seemed like the only employee to care for those who had to wait for their food but i guess that's fine. at least someone was concerned. anyways, that girl deserves a raise. very polite and quick. good job management. hire more people like her.

Nai Saevang

Food is delicious, but service is slow. Expect long lines, but friendly service. I got the plate meal with Chow Mein, orange chicken, and Beijing beef.

jorge sanchez

Horrible service the ladies in the counter have bad attitudeAnd small portions on the plates for the money you pay for. What's good before ?but not anymore this is my last time here?

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