Phở Saigon II

3288 Pierce St A116, Richmond
(510) 528-6388

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Kaito Okano

Nothing great but overall pretty good


I go almost every Sunday for dinner, the rice noodlesare delicious and the char of the pork chop is amazing!

Helen Hoang

I thought it was okay! I think the food was pretty average and not bad. The prices are also average.

Birt P.

My Points Index {100}: Authenticity 40% Food 30% Service 10% Price 10% Ambient 5% Cleanliness 5% Authenticity 3.5/5 Food 3/5 Service 2.5/5 Price 3/5 Ambient 2/5 Cleanliness 2.5/5 62 points Remark: If you can tolerate high level of MSG.

Cecilius Douglas

'm often at Pacific East Mall for a massage upstairs and I usually add on lunch or dinner at Pho Saigon II. I just love the pho here. I usually have the beef pho and it is always tasty. Add a Vietnamese iced coffee and you have a great meal. My friend likes the chicken pho. They are fast and very nice here. This is not a place to go to have a waiter constantly check in on you, this is a simple place where they give you your food and beverages and then when you are done you pay. If you have other needs during your meal you figure it out or go up to the counter and ask. I did not find the service to be bad at all, so I'm not sure why others complained about it. We were greeted nicely, our order was taken quickly once we decided and the drinks, sauces and food came out in pretty quick succession.

Asuntuwa Hunter

The boneless chicken noodle soup is very good.

Edgar C.

This is your classic Pho restaurant with extensive menu and decent food. Was it the best? no.. But it hit the spot on a cold rainy day and all I wanted was cheap soup noodles.

Ray R.

If your looking for great Pho this is definitely NOT the place. I love Pho and I always passed by this restaurant whenever my wife and I go shopping at Pacific East Mall. There is so many restaurants there I never had a chance to eat there. So last night there was an accident on the freeway and I didnt want to be stuck in traffic so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try this place. I wish I hadn't. The food was beyond terrible. I mean they watered down everythingggggg. The broth for the Pho, the avocado shake, even the filler for the eggrolls. I couldn't believe how bad the food was. The large order was really a medium in all the Pho restaurants I've been too. And they use cheap noodles. Run if you see this place... You would be doing yourself a favor.

Marck N.

Stopped here for lunch since the other place I wanted to eat at was closed. My party and I were seated promptly and our orders taken quickly. I ordered the #1pho since I wanted the meatballs. In less that 10 minutes our pho's were delivered to the table. For a large size, the bowl looked like a regular bowl size. The beef steak, rare beef, meatball, tendon, and tripe were all good in taste. I found the broth to be less flavorful from my usual place. It also had lots of noodles in it. More than I could finish. This is a good pho place to eat at, if you are shopping for groceries and want to get a fast lunch.

Debi-Ann Herrold

The best lunch ever , so warm on a cold day ..Cant go wrong !

Nadia Leyva

Basic for the dishes and service. I went in because of the high ratings, specifically for Pho. They didn't seat us they looked at us and and said yes I said table for two they pointed at a table and stayed seated (4 employees). Sat down for a few minutes looked through the menu then they rushed us through it( literally started while we said weren't ready) then didn't really answer the questions about the dishes so settled on the first of the two options of pho. Plates brought out quickly (that's great) however Nothing special or impressive just super plain noodles, broth and chicken (or shrimp if you reaallllly ask them a few times). Service was kinda non existent. Me and my mother had to keep getting up to ask ask for things - water (my mom was choking a little bit), another lemon wedge (gave us one plate for the soup with a handful of bean sprouts cilantro and 2 limes 4 pieces of jalapeno TO SHARE), a side dish of rice, and the check then they looked like they were upset about the 3 dollar tip which was generous considering the service or lack there of. Everything we asked for seemingingly bothered them. The flavor of the broth as really good with everything in it. But honestly for broth, noodles, and a few pieces of protein you could pass and go to another place for the same price. Won't be going there again.

Maria Stevens

This is in a big Asian Mall so it competes with several restaurants/eateries. Nevertheless this place can hold it's own. It is a basic diner, no fancy decor but when is out for a quick groecry shopping trip, it doesn't matter. he pho is delicious as is the beef stew noodles. The pork and prawn roll was very fresh and tasty. We tried one of the desserts with green beans, read beans and green jelly and it met expectations!

Sarge E.

This is my go to pho spot. Ive eaten here over a dozen times. Their broth is flavorful and prices affordable. I also often order and enjoy their BBQ pork over rice dish.

Evan Sirchuk

Great Pho, fast service, good prices. A No brainer for reconnecting with local friends.

Toby Kahn

Fairly good wonton soup.

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