Phở Thái Hùng

12860 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 235-1223

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Nikhil V.

Service was terrible as was the food. I ordered Chicken Pho to go and the lady at the register begins watching a video on her phone before my transaction is complete. She didn't say Thank You. She didn't offer a receipt. She lacked basic customer service skills.About 5 minutes later a different lady comes from the kitchen area with my food. I thanked her and she simply placed the food on the table and walked away without saying a word. No Thank You. No Good Night. No nothing.As I am driving home the first thing I notice as I touch the bag is how cold the container of broth is. I literally live down the road and once I got home I had to put the broth in the microwave to warm it up. The noodles were stuck together in a block and extremely difficult to take apart.I wasted $12 bucks...

Jada L.

Really good food. But really pricey. I ordered 2 Korean short rib plates with fried rice and it was around $46 !

Albert G.

I went in yesterday to pick up an order, and the woman at the desk was not wearing a mask. I waited before approaching to see if she just forgot to put it back on, but she did not seem to have one anywhere. I took my sandwich home and nuked it in the microwave. The food has never been good, but I've always gone because it's convenient. I'm happy to say I'm officially done with this place.

Vanessa V.

I like Vietnamese food and in this place they make good food. Too bad, Because the service is not good and Sometimes you arrive and it seems like they don't like serving customers.

Alvin B.

do not go here if you are black ! i repeat do not go here if you are black ! if your paying with card they will not trust your transaction and say their card reader is not working! this is the 2nd tome this has happened & at a time like this this is not right ! black people stay away from pho thai hung

ShijiAdison U.

Two days ago I ordered pho combination to go. It is with regret that my broth (liquid soup) was not hot at all. Only warm but still cold (middle about to cool off). So I called several times to speak to the lady and I told her why is my broth cold? I told her growing up eating pho my whole life and I know when my broth is hot or cold or good or not good. Every time I order pho from other restaurants my broth is always hot (extremely hot) but not this one. She even lied to me that she told me the broth wasn't hot. She never said anything about it. She was rude and the way they made my pho was beyond my belief and this is why I never order food from them ever since 2017 but I thought I'd gave them a chance. Please be careful when you go to any Asian restaurants especially dealing with old people or Asian people that has no manner and when they started speaking their own languages, you know they are talking shit bout you. I am very disappointed with my pho because it was Fcken damn cold. This is not a good place to go if you want better quality of pho or good food in general go to Pho Ao Sen in El Cerrito or Oakland Pho 74/75 or 84 something. They got better quality and great customer services. Don't waste your time for a place like this. They don't value you as a customer but they only want your money!

Muang P.

4 stars because they're the only pho spot around open until 9pm during these strange times. I've been coming to this joint my whole life and it is a hit or miss with the cuts of beef for the pho but this review is specifically for last night. As much as I'd want to enjoy pho to-go, it just doesn't work for me so I went ahead with a rice plate #53 and an order of spring spring rolls. Their rice plates are always consistent and delicious.

Ana Zazueta

They are not friendly at all no greetings and no thank you for your business had to keep standing in register to ask for things because she would constantly disappear the food is good though that's why they take customers for granted but they forget there is competition

Ed U.

Hmmm, I'm not sure what's happening here, but the pho is just not good. I was driving down San Pablo Avenue after taking a long walk near the reservoir and thought a hearty bowl of pho might provide a nice ending before heading home. It looked like a huge place from the outside, and there was a lengthy walkway fenced away from the sidewalk. Not sure why but it meant more steps on my FitBit, always a good thing. There are at least two dining rooms of which they were using only the front room for walk-in diners like me. I first went for an appetizer, the $5.95 Shrimp Spring Rolls, which frankly didn't taste that fresh with the rice paper particularly chewy and the peanut sauce over sweetened (photo: I then decided to go with the $10.95 Grilled Chicken with Chicken Noodle Soup (photo: The chicken on the plate was paltry, but at least it was prepared five-spice-style and grilled nicely. The pho, however, was quite disappointing with the broth way too salty. Unfortunately I'll need to scratch this pho house off my list. FOOD - 2 stars...mediocre pho, chewy spring rolls, just the chicken delivered AMBIANCE - 2.5 stars...oddly crowded dining area in a big space SERVICE - 2.5 stars...non-committal TOTAL - 2 pho fo me RELATED - Exploring Richmond? Here's a collection of places I've tried and reviewed:

Nai Saevang

This restaurant is definitely a go-to for delicious food with nice potions and a decent price. I ordered the shrimp salad, stir fried pork with sunny side eggs and rice. My companion ordered a similar dish, but with the shrimp cake and shrimp on the side. The service is always fast and the servers/waiters regularly check on you to ask if everything is okay, which I appreciate. Definitely recommend this restaurant.

Yong Yi D.

How does this place not have better reviews. They have a solid pho and it's one of the only pho places open late in the area. Soup is clean yet flavorful, but can be a little greasy sometimes.

Edwin F.

Came here after my workout for some pho since I haven't eaten it since december last year. I used to come here as a kid with my family for pho here because it was close to home and cheap. Fast forward now, it's still pretty cheap but not as great as I remember it before? I got the #1 small which was the pho with everything on it. The broth was good because it was light and not as fatty. Each pho place is different as some do a more heavy broth and some do lighter (depending on restaurant). I like both either way. Definitely wish it could have had more meat but still big enough bowl to fill my post workout hunger. Service was eh. Which is kind of disappointing considering the fact I came at 1pm and it wasn't even packed. It took a couple minutes before someone came and told me to take a seat. After ordering, it took ~10 minutes to come out which was a pretty long time...

Georgette B.

I was hoping for pho to help conquer my cold. The restaurant was busy so I waited in line for take out. It was approximately 4-5 minutes and I was at the front of the line. Surprisingly, the gentleman at the counter started assisting the person behind me. I thought maybe it was a Door Dasher picking up but no that person ordered and handed his card around my body. The gentleman and both ladies at the counter avoided my gaze. I stood there perplexed. No acknowledgment of my presence. I immediately left.

John Miao

Amazing spot with great pho. Reasonably priced and great portions! Highly recommend this little whole in the wall mom and pop restaurant!

Cha D.

Totally sickening.. just found hair on my pork chop rice plate... I stop eating and paid my bill and walked out......

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