Pikanhas Brazilian Steakhouse

25 W Richmond Ave., Richmond
(510) 237-7585

Recent Reviews

Daxton Jordan

Very well kept and accessible spot. They provide generous meals and for economical rates. We liked the meals very much and the waiters were very friendly and explanatory. Will definitely recommend this spot.

James Twiggs

Yesterday was the first time we visited this fine restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We passed a splendid evening with the good service, with the first-rate cooking and booze and with the friendly payment. We will no doubt go back there in a short time.

Benjamin Cleaver

We like a lot going out. Last night we went to this fine restaurant which friends told us about. We spent a delightful evening there with very good dishes and an experienced crew and a distinguished chef. We put this fine restaurant in our phone list and we will certainly visit again soon. We warmly recommend.

Sebastian Glass

This place is worth a visit. They serve big portions for fair rates. Consistently well organized and with good atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Luciano Spencer

They serve large portions and for fair pricing. welcoming staff members. I recommend this place.

Alisha C.

I love this place. The staff is great, the host is helpful, she explains how the place works if you are unfamiliar. Went several times and food is always on point and amazing especially those bananas with bread they serve you which is just drop dead delicious. Keep it up and hope you get thru the stay at home order !!!

Brayan Barr

Nice vibes and very affable service. The food was crisp and enchanting. Will absolutely recommend this spot to friends. Reasonable rates and big meals. Good job.

Travis Cronin

We met with friends at this restaurant for a meeting. This place was recommended to us by a friend. Well, we were not disappointed. The staff members were very polite and we felt very good. The food was just great. We had a great time and we shall definitely come back again. we highly recommend this place.

David Long

This spot is amazing and spacious, the food was delicious and the rates were very economical. quick, productive service and very attentive waiters. Highly recommended.

Ben Kline

The menu and service were ahead of our expectations. We surely loved the atmosphere of this place. Excellent place to take the family out for lunch.

Elena T.

My family and I have been coming here for years really since it opened. It really has gotten better and better. The food it always so good. They have the salad bar which it enough food alone with a lot of options for meat eaters and vegetarians. They rodizio is also a great option. They have a variety of different meats that taste great. The service is also one of the best and also why my husband and I love to come here. There are times where I do bring the kids with me mainly during lunch. They do have a separate pricing for children of different ages and definitely many options for them too. More people should come here especially for all the food you can get compared for the price you pay. Also the pineapple is a favorite of mine I always have to have some before I leave!

Robert Hamlin

two days ago was our first time in this good restaurant. But It is obviously not the last time. We had great time with the attentive service, with the great cooking and fine drinks and with the comfortable price. We will no doubt return there again.

Javon Steele

I go to this restaurant often! This is my favorite spot to have a bite. I visit this spot frequently. The cooking is excellent, the team is friendly and the charge is good. I like going in this place to have a good dinner.

Beth O.

Was disappointed in the buffet - big selection but the food was extremely bland. Odd selection of food - seemed more random than Brazilian. $65 lunch that should have been $30....service was just ok....

Kathy R.

One star because there isn't an option for less. We did not even make it through the door. We drove almost 2 hours in hopes of having some Brazilian. I called at 5:32 and made reservations for 7:00 for a party of 4 as I wanted to insure that we would get a table. We caught some traffic on the way and I called to move our reservation to 7:15, at 7:13 I receive a call asking our status, and I said we were less than 5 min away. The hostess said that they wouldn't be able to hold the restaurant open for us (mind you they close at 8 according to google). I suggest the restaurant post there closing time as "subject to closing early when we are not busy." As someone who also works in the service industry and highly values customer service I am very disappointed in the customer service and work ethic provided by the restaurant.

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