721 23rd St, Richmond
(510) 237-7513

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Lisa T.

Excellent and friendly service with full COVID precautions in play. The refried beans and tortilla chips were good. But my cheese enchiladas were a disappointment. The sauce was kind of weird and sweet, and the rice was broken up into tiny pieces as though it was scraped from the bottom of the pot. Parking is a nightmare and the hood was sketchy. Won't be coming back.

Sanilie F.

I ordered a carne asada burrito for my mom and the enchilada plate for myself. I'm sorry to say this, but the food was awful. It was tasteless and bland. Won't be ordering from here ever again.

James S.

I just ordered the 1/3 Burger on a Bun. Has everything included in a burger and I messed up and ordered it as medium well and they fixed that for me and made it medium. I also ordered the Fish Taco. It was a decent fish taco.I still haven't tried the concha and I am pretty sure its going to be very tasty.Update: The concha was delicious and I would buy more from Portumex next time.

Michael A.

My girlfriend brought me, who has been here many times before. Her daughter use to live pretty close by and this was their go to. This being my first time, was a treat for me. We each had an enchilada plate. Hers chicken, mine, ground beef. Plus we were able to eat out on their side patio with two very cold Pacifico's. There's a front patio too for dining, seating set up for social distancing. The food was hot! Hotter than we've come to expect at most of the places we've picked up from these days. The enchiladas were tasty, the refried beans very tasty, adding some of the extra cheese from the enchiladas and stirring them up included some of the salsa that was added to our order... voila! A very nice bean dip for the chips which were very generous and not at all stale. The staff were all wearing masks as were we. They were getting pretty busy after the usual lunch hour crowd, bags ready to be picked up for togo orders set up on a table to the right of the ordering and register area. Their menu is pretty large a lot of variety.

Cal Y.

Come here for the pazole only, it was good. Will try the menudo on weekends. Tacos were not good. Very soggy, goopy, and I've had better meats. They don't accept the yelp free taco when you check in. They should remove it from yelp then.

Wendy Wells

Food was nasty, had no flavor. chips were stale, tortilla on burrito was super hard, my 5 year old didn’t even eat her favorite baby plate she said it was nasty! Concha was nasty too, even the steak sandwich what happened to Portumex? Bad food and bad service girl at the counter left me talking to my self take a phone order twice. I grew up on 23rd eating Portumex on regular basis this was it I am not coming here anymore. Is not what it used to be plain food without flavor

Luann G.

Love their food. Amazing camarones ala diabla. Best one in the area. Nice people who own this location. Would highly recommend

Lauren B.

Love their food. Amazing camarones ala diabla. Best one in the area. Nice people who own this location. Would highly recommend

Brianna Zupan

So disappointed, chips were stale, rice had no flavor. Rude customer service, is just not the same anymore!!

Rocco M

Would certainly recommend trying this place. Exceptional ambience, yummy food, awesome service. They never disappoint.

Jerome Jackson

Food is overpriced, food is basic, and service is bad. There’s Too much good Mexican food in San Pablo to settle.

Mary P.

I got to get something to eat about in richmond area and found a place is small but very cozy family quiet and is taken care of by the owners themselve,as they are at the typical mexican food is fast because i make a call to orxer and on my way,tanks portumex restauran

Maria Cristina G.

Omg I just picked up an order about 1 hour ago from this disgusting place. First of all the 2 cooks were not wearing a mask and using gloves to cook. The lady bringing out the food had a mask on but her mask was not covering her face. Wow what's the purpose of having that mask. I asked a guy that was sitting on a cubicle to please ask the cook to wear a mask, I had to tell the lady bringing the food out to put her mask on, she looked at me like she did not give a "Shit". We are in the middle of a pandemic and these fools are acting like this is a joke. Avoid this place if you don't want to end up with Covid19!!! Disgusting never coming here again!!! As I said stay away for the sake of your health.

Norma P.

I ordered to-go crispy tacos, quesadillas, tamales, rice and beans, pico de gallo, and sides of rice and beans for a group of six. They included, without my asking, a huge bag of chips, lots of salsa (red and green) and everything was delicious. The fajita tacos (both chicken and steak) were flavorful, the meat was tender and cooked perfectly. The quesadillas (i ordered both chicken and steak) were a good balance between cheese and meat, nothing to complain about (in fact, I loved them too much). I was too full to taste-test the tamales, but they got thumbs-up from others. The staff helped me carry everything out to the car, were helpful and friendly, and (all two or three of them) were working hard during Covid-19. I will definitely go back there--I imagine many times. One of my friends, who eats out often and often at high-end places, was very impressed (a rare event). He even texted me afterward, giving Portumex a very high rating. Many thanks to all the staff.

K M.

My boyfriend apparently had eaten here a couple years ago so he suggested it for dinner. I ordered 4 tacos with everything and salsa on the side with a large Horchata. I'm Hispanic however I don't hold all places to the standard of my grandmothers cooking but I always give the benefit of the doubt to places; HOWEVER the food here was complete garbage I got through half of one taco before I took all the meat out of every one and dumped it in a bowl to see what I could do to save this mess. The reason you ask was the complete lack of flavor and any kind of seasoning, to be honest it tasted like the meat was boiled in a pot and then cut up and thrown into a 3 day old tortilla that was re-cooked in a microwave. It wasn't until after I through the meat in a pan with salt, pepper, paprika ect and used my own tortillas that I was able to give this meal some life. Thank you for wasting our money. Will NOT be coming back to this place ever again. Oh also to add to it I found a dead fly in my tortilla chips but compared to everything else I felt that was the least of the issues. basura!

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