Q's Halal Pizza

12847 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 233-1920

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Eric A.

This place is open for dining in. Not super fancy place, but pretty good.I have had chicken wrap with fries. Meat was super delicious and there were only fresh veggies in the wrap. Also I really liked the fries.Come check this place out if you are looking for a good halal place.

Freniesha Hollman

They go out of their way to create custom burger to fit my husband and I special diet. Great guy and falafel is really good!

Chan Saechao

Food is good honestly but the wait time was just way too long. I had ordered chicken wings, gyro with waffle fries, and due to how unorganized the work that day was; apparently my order was completed and I ended up waiting about a half hour longer.By the time I got home the gyro wrap was soggy, slowly breaking apart, and even with aluminum foil it was not able to hold the shape due to the steam that was trapped in the bag. The fries were no longer crispy due to it being steamed in the same bag as the gyro so they were wilted and squishy. The chicken wings I couldnt tell if they were fried or baked; personally I dont mind either and since they were very tender and pull off the bone I say it was good but I can only imagine if they were fried crispy and tender.I did ask for ranch and was happy to have two cups inside the same box as the wings but unfortunately like the gyro and fries; the cups actually melted,deformed, and one of the cups of ranch leaked due to the heat inside the bag because my order was sitting around too long.My first experience was good but considering the big line today and even if you consider the change of pace due to COVID. I am not sure I can suggest this place to others but if you do consider their food (which is still good by the way) just be prepared for a potentially long wait.

Verenice B.

Kinda wish their pizza wasn't so HUGE, sooo much food and the pizza is on the pricey end, but you do get a lot if pizza for like $26I highly recommend their lamb gyro pizza! The flavor is So good, I had it twice the first month I had it. Got a wrap once also, didn't love it. I stick to the pizza. Might try some wings one time, but always pizza :)

Naif nudish

Their food Is always good

Rob M.

What a disappointment. Normally we are extremely happy with their pizza and service. Tonight I went in and noted that all three gentleman working there, we're not wearing masks and were in the back making pizzas. I wish I had the foresight to just walk out, but instead I paid for the pizza and just decided to leave it there. Sorry to say that I'm not going back, even though it's my favorite pizzeria.

Sarah H.

My husband loves their pizza. I like it too, I just wish their crust wasn't so thin and dry. And they should use a little more sauce.

Mayalyn L.

I have tried the chicken plate, hummus, and Philly sandwich and my fav was the sandwich. I go for the plate when I want a healthier option. The food has a lot of flavor and is very fresh. Would recommend trying if you haven't yet.

Taha Alwadai

I’ve had their chicken philly and I’ve never had anything like it ??? I tried their chicken jalapeño pizza and all I can say is wow ??????. Definitely would come here again. & definitely recommend u tried it out. Looking forward to trying the quesadilla like my friend recommended

Gareth Beadle

This is my favorite pizza spot and I always stop by when I'm in the area. Super thankful they are open during the pandemic and I love supporting our local small businesses. I get the combo pizza everytime i'm here and their portions are huge. I was hesitant at first to try lamb on pizza, but now I'm hooked on it. Funny story, I brought home a large pizza to share with all my cousins and they thought the lamb was just a tasty sausage, didn't know what it really was.

Rizam N.

Here's the thing I loved coming here before and the pizza and everything else was phenomenal but here's the thing. Apparently the ownership of the shop changed and with it so did the quality of food. It's quite apparent to see they lack the skill it takes to run a good business. Now I may be premature here as there may be room for improvement but from this one encounter with the new owners but for the time being I am more than disconcerted over this establishment giving supbar food. Now I gave an extra star only as I used to like coming here but after this terrible experience I'm afraid I will have to find a new halal spot to enjoy tastes qualified to meet my palate.

Madeeha Khan

Multiple times I have order pizza from Thai place, every time they forget something. I order two medium chicken and veggie pizzas and they forgot to put chicken on BOTH pizzas. Last time I order a chicken pizza there was a total of Like 4 pieces on a whole entire pizza. The quality of the pizza isn’t anything great either, I understand it’s one of the few halal places around, but I think ordering a regular veggie pizza else where tastes better.

Marjorie Page

Delicious chicken, hummus, and salad. This place is fantastic.

Kamari O

Had a good experience in here with my son. The food comes quick and the service is just good. Prices are convenient.

Mousa Z.

Good food, reasonable prices. Lamb gyro was off the hook, waffle fries were good. Only thing tho is I wish they had one near Hayward area.

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