Richmond Food Hall

1503 Macdonald Ave ste b, Richmond
(510) 255-3031

Recent Reviews

Victor G.

Richmond Food Hall is part of the richmond business hub. it's on the ground floor of the Richmont Bart garage. the hub is a step toward revitalizing this section of Richmond which has declined since the 1970's. i was around then so i can see the difference. features pop up eateries, business partnerships with artisans/entrepreneurs red bay coffee & roux bayou are the first food popups co-biz & oakstop -offers wifi, printing, access to soundproof call booths. -co-working space for artisans, community events, et al. hours may evolve as hub evolves. eateries have limited hours.

Lauren R.

Bright airy space. Multiple work stations for those needing to work on their laptops with large monitors and plenty of seating for everyone else. Red Bay Coffee is open inside of this space until 2pm.

Sparkle Young

Great space great people!

Phillip M.

The Richmond Food Hall is a Clean well run Operation. The Food and Beverage establishments are friendly, respectful and their offerings are totally awesome. If you want Coffee try Red Bay Coffee. If you are hungry stop by Roux. Both are located in the Richmond Food Hall.

Wella L.

Beautiful space wit lots of light, modern furnishings and a cool industrial feel. The breakfast options from Roux are well priced though limited to egg dishes only. Red Bay Coffee still wasn't open the week I made a couple of visits. Very promising start for a revitalized downtown!

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