12343 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 766-5555

Recent Reviews

Julie K.

I could't believe you guys could taste that great,But i do now

Omar W.

Good service and I love the fact they carry beef pepperoni. I will most definitely be a returning customer

Kathy Noel

The pizza place is really good; great food & good service! They are very generous with portions and the combos are scrumptious! Best pizza in the area!

Mina Dadgar

One of the best pizza places. We love the veggie delight and the mega is enough for about 15 people

Kenya C.

The garlic and parmesan wings were the bomb. Unfortunately, the pizza wasn't done with uncooked dough in the middle. I prefer more sauce on my pizza but as always trying to support local businesses rather than chain restaurants. Next time, I will ask for extra sauce and for them to cook an extra few minutes to ensure the crust is cooked. The staff are awesome. Very warm and welcoming and friendly.

Kyle G.

Hands down the best pizza I've ever had! F*** round table F**** mount mikes, this is the best and at a good price. On top of that the workers/ owners are really nice. I will be back.

Jennifer Lenfestey

I tried RPH takeout for the first time having noticed it while passing by. Several sizes to choose from to meet your hunger needs. It was very reasonably priced. It was promised in 20 minutes and ready in 18. The restaurant was clean and the staff that I met was very friendly and happy for me to try their pie. It was a different style than I’m use to, but it was warm and delicious and I’ll definitely eat here again.

Jason Hertenstein

Best hand tossed / pan pizza in the area! Hands down the winner! Completely was surprised by this fact, but yeah. The best.

Olivia R.

We tried Richmond Pizza House for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. We were searching for a place nearby the delivers, (we are a few towns ways), and also can top the competitors nearby. The price was comparable to other pizza joints in the area, but the quality was real good. The sauce was bold, which is exactly what we were looking for and the staff were helpful and friendly. We are looking to exploring their menu!

Hil S.

This place is the best! Any traditional pie is great and we love the garlic veggie. Try anything with a sesame crust! Its so freaking delicious, it's like the best parts of a pizza and a bagel have finally come together! I can't wait to try more of their specialty pizzas and they have GYRO too!! The worlds most perfect food! Try this place!! You won't regret it!!

Sugaplum C

There’s better pizza for cheaper from other places and they won’t get my order wrong. The owner is rude and yells at customers on the phone. If you’re looking for a job as well don’t work the manager likes to make the women cry and my second week of work he told me not to play ghetto Music in the store. What does that even mean. Don’t go here go somewhere else.

Stefan Haller

I used to like this place a lot, but lately the pizza preparation quality has dropped. I like their veggie delight, nice and super juicy. But now they don’t cut their artichokes properly anymore making it hard to eat and the artichokes too fibrous sometimes literally making me choke.Is this a sign of another great place becoming sloppy? Not yet time to move on, but…..

Matt Gonzalez

Very friendly and prompt service. Nice fresh salads and good pizza.

Mauelua Vaifale

Pizza is just alright, nothing to remember anything about. Low rating is for every time I order for delivery they ask over the phone if I can use cash instead of paying with my card. I don’t keep 40-50 bucks in cash on a regular day smh…then when he decides to take my card anyway he asks how I will be tipping! wth…who does that?! Kinda unprofessional if you ask me. I generally tip when I get good service, not when I feel like it’s forced!

Mike D.

Here is my take on the Richmond Pizza House Pros: 1. They make a good pizza, probably one of the better Pizza shops in the area, way way better than the chain pizza shops. 2. The prices are very good and very similar to the main stream shops. 3. They use better ingredients for their pizzas, the cheese is much better, then most shops. 4. Jay and the staff are good and provide a good customer experience. Cons: 1. The location probably isn't the best, I usually get the pizza to go, I wouldn't dine in, perhaps when business picks up more, they find a better location. Well my conclusion to this local Pizza Shop, they make a good pizza pie, I would high recommend trying them out! I gave them only 4 stars, because they good, but I do have a couple of other Pizzerias in the Bay Area that I enjoy, that would be classified as 5 stars.

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