12343 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 766-5555

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Wayne Coburn

What can I say, this place is the best. Everyone who works there is fantastic and the pies are amazing. It's locally owned and the prices are fair as well. What's not to love? No wonder SFist lists Richmond Pizza House as one of the best in the bay area.

Kimberly Berger

Fantastic pizza every time! They're fast and affordable too.

Annie L.

Good pizza! We had 2 pizzas, Chicken Pesto with a nice sesame crust, pesto, cheese, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, chicken, cheese, garlic and green onions. The sesame in the crust was a nice touch and gave it a nice toasty flavor. I really liked this pizza and they did not skimp on the ingredients. Our 2nd pizza was the Special Gourmet House Combo with red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, onions, black olives, bell peppers, cheese, sausage chopped garlic and oregano. This too was basically a nice pizza but I did not like their red sauce all that much. For some reason it tasted like canned sauce rather than house made. I also could not detect the Canadian bacon, did they forget to add it? But all in all this is a good pizza place and with decent prices. I really like that their menu offers many choices of pizza, all loaded with ingredients. Take a look at their menu! You can also designate the crust to be original, thin and crispy, thick, sesame, stuffed, garlic, gluten-free or cauliflower gluten-free. That's the most choices in crust that I've ever seen offered!

Jennifer L.

Mr. Jenbert and I were in the mood for pizza. Got two large pizzas: a chicken pesto and a combo. Sesame seeds in the crust? That's something new and unique.Fresh ingredients. Generous toppings. Great local business to support. We have leftovers too, and I can't wait to have more tomorrow!

Howard A.

I love the taste of their pizza dough. The staff is pleasant. It traditional pizza with fresh ingredients they do take the virous seriously

Kate L.

Bomb pizza! Fave in the area for great classic pizza. Their crust is a good middle ground - not too doughy while not being thin crust. Many sauce options (bf likes pesto, I like regular marinara), lots of topping choices, and even options for the crust (garlic, sesame, etc.) They have beef pepperoni which is awesomeeee, and also convenient for folks who can't have pork. Super friendly staff as well - food is always served with a smile, efficiently, and I haven't gotten a wrong order yet (which is unfortunately more than I can say for my previous favorite pizza spot in Oakland)

Kristin C.

Their pizza is great and always tastes super fresh. Their cheese sticks are pretty amazing as well! It's our go to place in Richmond for pizza.

Serenity Marquez

First of all, the pizza was spectacular!! So cheesy and delicious. & the delivery person was hot & sweet like their wings! Also, they delivered earlier than they said they would ??

Amelia B.

Pizza is pretty good! We love the crust here. We just get the plain. I've never tried the others. They usually deliver earlier than they say they will which is always a nice surprise.

Reggie R.

The pizza is absolutely fantastic!!! The crust is perfect, soft and flavorful. The cheese is super tasty. The ingredients are really fresh. The sausage is a flavor delight. The combination of spices is just perfect. My half of the pizza (the House Combo without garlic) was simply tremendous. This is as good a pizza as I've had in the Bay Area. In addition, Jay was super-friendly and helpful. He is absolutely top-notch. I would also like to add that once she got home, my wife' LOVED her half (the California Veggie) as well. I will definitely recommend the place to everyone I know.

Steven Holladay

Great pizza, amazing service they stayed open after closing so we could pick up our pizza after work. So greatful we were starving!

Raul O.

Best Pizza in tha Bay! Hands down! Great friendly service! Very good and fresh quality stuff. Very recommended.


I think this place has great pizza for a reasonable price. They also have a really huge pizza which I definitely recommend!

Noah W.

Tasty pie, good garlic cheese bread, reasonably prompt delivery. If you need a respirator pie it's worth a try

Cristina M.

Ahhh. You guys do things right. Sometimes you don't want stupid round table or Pizza Hut. Ya want something New!! Local!! Fresh!! So we called and ordered from Richmond Pizza house. Drove by a million times. Nice to finally try it. And it did not fail us!For the chicken parm and spinach we asked for the crust to be stuffed and that was the best stuffed crust I've ever had. For the shrimp we got garlic crust! Sooo yummy! I like a good crust and they did not fail. Smelled amazing, looked pretty and a lot of pizza for two smalls! We will be back!!!!

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