12343 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 766-5555

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Olivia Hernandez

Amazing pizza. Thick layers of toppings and cheese.

Aubre L.

I LOVE the pizza here. The crust is so thick and fluffy and they use really good quality ingredients. The pizza is even good the next day and doesn't get like card board(if it lasts that long). My favorite pizza here is the cheese with stuffed sesame seed crust, and the pesto chicken is really good too.

Jenna R.

I went and ordered a giant half pepperoni and cheese pizza as well as a large house combo. They ran out of giant boxes and put my pepperoni cheese pizza in the most biggest box I have ever seen. The gentleman told me to be careful but with my car keys, backpack and the huge box.....I couldn't balance it when opening my car door and dropped the house combo!! They were so nice and made me a new one. I really appreciate you guys and will be ordering here more often. Delicious pizza and great staff!

Mica N.

We LOVE Richmond Pizza House! Like maybe too much-- we always order an XL, and the box literally barely fits through our front door. But this pizza is divine when it's fresh, and super delicious leftover. Highly recommend the sesame crust too. We usually get the vegetarian Mediterranean. The dough is pillowy, the red sauce & pesto are both amazing choices, and the toppings are so fresh & excellent. The couple times we didn't have leftovers, we were really sad. The staff is friendly, their Covid-19 protocols are good, and we will definitely be back again & again!

Jacob Baker

Wow. Very disappointing. The pizza was edible but Dominos is much better. I'm using Domino's as an example of pizza that is consistently decent, not bad, not good. I ate it because I was hungry. The wings on the other hand were disgusting. I'm glad I only ordered 8. I probably ate 4 and couldn't bring myself to eat anymore. 8 wings and a medium 3 topping cost me 36 dollars, and I had to convince the delivery guy to let me pay him. It took 4 tries for me to convince him I still needed to pay for the food.

Travis Burgos

This place is always delicious! I come here pretty much any chance I get when ordering Pizza, and am never disappointed!

Zombie Rot

It was ok pizza had no flavor and the bread sticks had way too much garlic. I had better pizza at little Caesars and cost way too muchNever again

Kim M.

My old favorite pizza place went out of business (Armadillo in ElCerrito) and I've been looking around for a new place, and I have finally found it! I love the house special, the Hawaiian, and the Mediterranean with pepperoni. Their desserts are great too. The cinnamon rolls are tasty, but the dessert bread sticks, get extra dipping sauce, it is addictive!

Keri N.

Good pizza similar to Gioia in Berkeley. I first tried them on a Sat evening and after several long rings the guy who answered the phone put me on hold for 7 min. I hang up. I tried again on a weekday evening, not busy, ordered with no problems. Pizza was ready much earlier than the time they said it would be. I drove there and picked it up. It was a little cold by the time I came home but I like cold pizza. It's pricey.

Bart G.

Delivery time is reasonable, food quality is great ! Very nice pizza experience!!! Will order again !

Aidin A.

High quality ingredients, made very well, and they are a pleasure to deal with. And it's really great that they offer Dairy-free options and Gluten-free options, so you can trick yourself into eating more pizza and not feel terrible about it...

Cady Landaverde

Great fresh pizza staff very helpful delivery is on time pick up time is always on time very clean parking is always eazy to get food always hot cheesy bread is very cheesy there is a variety of wings to choose from their new desserts cheese cake and mousse cake are my favorite but I do like their cinnamon sticks on the menu and tried some of their new milkshakes and loved there chocolate one

Trenia W.

Very clean and friendly place, We ordered the Garlic Parmesan chicken wings and Bacon Deluxe Pizza. Very good a must try place. Glad we found good food close to home.

Thomika K.

Pizza was good, left off our 2liter soda and wings weren't good. Delivery driver gave me back 3 bucks.

Josel Díaz Rivera

This is by far one of the best pizza joints in the Bay Area. The Sesame crust is amazing!!! The friendly staff is a great plus as well. Entering the restaurant induces a rare nostalgia - as is, you didn't know you missed good pizza into you go there.

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