Round Table Pizza

15501 San Pablo Ave Ste I, Richmond
(510) 223-5800

Recent Reviews

James Brewer

GREAT Pizza and even better service. This place rocks!!!

Ebani Pontiflet

They are discriminating against me after three years of service in my area now I call during a pandemic and they tell me they don’t deliver in my area but they still send me coupons for their restaurant

Juan R.

They don't make the pizza They seem Quality and service not good Take a long time to make pizza Don't cook the pizza right

Carrie Hopping

The 2 ladies working today April 10th 2020 were VERY nice!

Rudy Lopez

I get there King Arthur Supreme X Large you can't go wrong with that order, tasty and all the meats.

Fletcher W.

I just called round table pizza lady put me on hold never came back to the line I hung up and called back no answer wow this is a business

Modesto Diaz

Very good place for pizza

Baylor H

This place constantly delivers. They have good food for reasonable prices, there are no long waits even when the place is busy.

Ramona Scott

This is the worst place I ever ordered from .They have roaches!!! They took my order made me pay with my debit card .Then brought the wrong Pizza then tell me you're not going to refund my money are the not going to send the driver back worst place ever.Run away from this place

Esteban Sham

Celebrated my birthday here, it is great. The service was fast and the food is amazing. Took all of my friends here it’s such a great time.

Julian S.

Don't lie and say my order is in the oven when you just started making it. I made an online order at 7:35pm and came to pick it up at 7:55. They didn't start making it until 8pm. They only have 3 people working on busy Friday night. I understand being short staffed but don't lie to customers.

Swag B.

The workers are lazy. They procrastinate and don't get their work done properly. The prices are ridiculous for a medium pizza. I bought 1 large pizza and wings and it costs $51! The quality isn't that great would not recommend coming here.

Herb Nat

The personal pan can fill a dude up!

Tiffany W.

Ordered a small veggie pizza with the white sauce. I managed to get through 2 slices before I just couldn't tolerate it anymore. It wasn't good and now I feel nauseous. I suppose the odd funky smell in their dining room should've been an indicator of what the food would taste like. I had the same pizza from the Folsom location and it was amazing so I know it's not every store. Needless to say this was my first and last visit. What a waste of food.

Zera P.

Second time in about three months we ordered and the pizza (King Arthur, large) was just HORRIBLE!!! We thought the last time was a bad night but, NO!!! Every Round Table pizza we've had, except this time, have been scrumptious! I have no idea how you can wreck a pizza but this Round Table figured it out! The workers are young; high school age and maybe they lack training in the art of pizza-making, but whatever it is, it's BAD!!!

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