Round Table Pizza

13100 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 232-7071

Recent Reviews

Lisa Seidel

I was at Smart & Final... not at Round Table.

ahmed bham

we ordered cheese and veggie pizza, and garlic knots. They were really good.

megan phillips

Wasn't as great as I was expecting. The managers let me stand there for 5mins before a pizza maker came to the rescue. Not a big deal except I wasn't even greeted until the pizza guy came to register. Everyone was wearing a mask on their chin, not one on their face and I was a little turned off by that as they refuse to help you if you aren't wearing one. Not sure how that works but it's fine. The pizza was ok. Not amazing as everyone told me it would be. Maybe a different location would be worth a shot...

Scott W.

I was craving some pizza today and what better place than round table pizza. I called in and I'm not to familiar with their specialties. I asked the young boy to tell me all the specialty pizza they had and what each of the had. He did it with patients and was not ride at all. Other times I have called other employees have not had the patience to do what he did and were rude. From now on I'm only letting the young boy, if I'm not mistaken this name is Ryan take my order.


I ordered a pizza from this place, asked very detailed to call me before giving my pizza to someone in my condominium. Not even checked I’d for signature. Never again ordering.

Pooja M.

Came in here 9 months pregnant. Was asked to purchase food before they let me use the bathroom. Obviously I told them to shove it and left. The employees were rude as ever

Natasha B.

Well when I first called the girl that answered the phone was very rude when I was explaining my order, If she doesnt like her job than maybe she shouldnt work there. Then when We recieved our pizza we found 2 Hairs stuck inside of it.Discusting, I dont know if this happend on purpose or it was a accident but maybe they should wear hairnets, Very disapointed.

Diana C. Soancatl

One of the worseeeeee experiences ever!!! Took them 1 Hr and 15 minutes to deliver my Food!! I called them after the 40minutes passed (since thats what I was told) when I gave them a call to see the status on my delivery the “Manager” that it would take them 10-15 more minutes! But it took them more! This is the worse service! Too bad I can’t give them 0 stars!

Alondra P.

Bathrooms are DISGUSTING soda has NO gas soda machine has no ice napkins are full of dust Ohh and the soda was warm if I don't ask for the cups I PAYED FOR they don't give them to me If I could give it zero stars trust me I would and aren't the employees supposed to wear hair nets

Jeffrey Pugh

We had an amazing experience at this restaurant. We loved the superb atmosphere and the food. The waiters are very personal. I am happy we ultimately decided to visit this restaurant.

Matthew Lamoureux

The meals and service were ahead of our expectations. I really loved the ambience of this restaurant. Extraordinary spot to take the family out for dinner.

Carolina M.

I've been coming here for a while and it has been an OK service. All I want is to get my food and get some decent friendly people but this is the 2nd time I've dealt with a rude person on the line. It's worth driving the extra 5 minutes or so to the Pinole location and having better service.

fabiola mendoza

No none because the pizza it’s coming late 2 hrs I love the round table pizza but they are very slow to attend and very poorly organized do not put to order the order that you order correctly you deliver it. late and cold hot sodas employees send you the click pizza to another direction the chicken wings that are usually called chicket winds do not come with enough sauce you ask for chicket winds and they return you with bbc no no this is not a good service I do not recommend at the pizzeria round table that is. in san oablo ave here in richmond is not a good service

MsSarah G.

I just had a large pizza delivered from this location. This was after having to jump through hoops to get the order in. It's a long story that involves me making a panicked phone call to my credit card company because of a glitch in Round Table's online ordering system. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ORDERING ONLINE. When I finally called and placed my order by phone, I asked for the new Reign of Fire sauce. My pizza arrived with NO sauce at all! The delivery man was long gone by the time we realized it.

Christina R.

Just ordered from here and it was disgusting! I never come on yelp to write anything but after ordering over $100 worth of pizza wings and bread for the game I get home to overcooked DRY and COLD pizza I was so mad! I called to speak with a manager and the girl who answered was so busy she wasn't listening at all and I asked for a manager she said there was no manager there then she put the phone away from her ear and I could hear her apologizing to other customers as I waited on the phone! Then she gets back on the phone and says "what is it that you want?" And I said I would like to speak to a manager then she says "ok I'm the manager what do you need" so I start to explain why I was calling and the phone goes dead! I don't know if she hung up on me or if we were disconnected but I tried calling back and could not get through. So now I'm on here because I'm so mad this is poor customer service and the worst part is that the food was horrible the only reason I didn't take it back to get my money is that I had 7 hungry children at home that I had to feed but honestly I will never order from here again the food was way overcooked, cold, and dry I've honestly had leftover pizza that tasted better than this. I was so disappointed because round table was my favorite pizza and after this I don't plan on ordering again anytime soon.

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