Round Table Pizza

13100 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 232-7071

Recent Reviews

Latuan Wheaton

Manager Shiv' and staff courteous and professional.Pizza and wings great!

Don Vescovi

The service was great.We got to eat there. Seating is limited.The $19 meat lovers pizza was delicious.Drinks are sold by 2 liter bottle for only $3.50.I plan to go back.

Rodolfo Gomez

I love this Roundtable???


Pizza is consistent. In general, price is high. They usually need longer then what they say your order is suppose to be ready.

Stacy Hill

I called in advance and asked for a large Italian garlic pizza for pick up. The person that I spoke with even offered to make a pizza with two different flavors. I specifically asked for RED SAUCE and for the third time it was wrong. I even stood in the store to let them make the change and it still was wrong.....going to Albany from now on.Too many kids!

Tom Kirk

Called for delivery. They said 1hour to 1 1/2 hour wait time. Got my order in 40 minutes. I like that

steve c.

The only kudos I give this place is they're really good at the following:1. Skimming your credit card to make bogus charges2. Late or missing deliveries3. Not calling when the above happens to apologize, offer a solution to keep businessNice work. You guys suck.

Lisa Seidel

I was at Smart & Final... not at Round Table.

ahmed bham

we ordered cheese and veggie pizza, and garlic knots. They were really good.

megan phillips

Wasn't as great as I was expecting. The managers let me stand there for 5mins before a pizza maker came to the rescue. Not a big deal except I wasn't even greeted until the pizza guy came to register. Everyone was wearing a mask on their chin, not one on their face and I was a little turned off by that as they refuse to help you if you aren't wearing one. Not sure how that works but it's fine. The pizza was ok. Not amazing as everyone told me it would be. Maybe a different location would be worth a shot...

Scott W.

I was craving some pizza today and what better place than round table pizza. I called in and I'm not to familiar with their specialties. I asked the young boy to tell me all the specialty pizza they had and what each of the had. He did it with patients and was not ride at all. Other times I have called other employees have not had the patience to do what he did and were rude. From now on I'm only letting the young boy, if I'm not mistaken this name is Ryan take my order.


I ordered a pizza from this place, asked very detailed to call me before giving my pizza to someone in my condominium. Not even checked I’d for signature. Never again ordering.

Pooja M.

Came in here 9 months pregnant. Was asked to purchase food before they let me use the bathroom. Obviously I told them to shove it and left. The employees were rude as ever

Natasha B.

Well when I first called the girl that answered the phone was very rude when I was explaining my order, If she doesnt like her job than maybe she shouldnt work there. Then when We recieved our pizza we found 2 Hairs stuck inside of it.Discusting, I dont know if this happend on purpose or it was a accident but maybe they should wear hairnets, Very disapointed.

Diana C. Soancatl

One of the worseeeeee experiences ever!!! Took them 1 Hr and 15 minutes to deliver my Food!! I called them after the 40minutes passed (since thats what I was told) when I gave them a call to see the status on my delivery the “Manager” that it would take them 10-15 more minutes! But it took them more! This is the worse service! Too bad I can’t give them 0 stars!

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