San Francisco Pizza & Restaurant

1190 Macdonald Ave, Richmond
(510) 412-4400

Recent Reviews

Julia Mcreynolds-McClinton

Awesome food, amazing stafff

Tyler Jarvis

One of my main places to eat. excellent location, clean, and fantastic customer service. 5 stars!

Jolne Kon

After my initial review, the owner got a hold of me and graciously offered to try again on their dime. I'm happy to say the new order was as good as the first few I had, so it seems the pizza in my original review was an outlier.

Theresa Perez

The owner, Rick reached out to me and sincerely apologized for our overcooked pizzas. He clearly cares about his business and I really appreciate his willingness to make things right. I can't wait to return and give Pizza & Restaurant another shot. Update to follow!

Joselin Diaz

The employees are nice and friendly. The pizza is good too. It usually doesn't take too long unless it's ordered online.

Rodney S.

Pizza is always good. Buttery soft crust. Yupp. Get pizza from here. Good customer service and not to mention.....its fresh fresh!!

Jordhanna Lankaster

2 hours delay. The pizza arrived cold. Came different from the one I ordered

Arturo Garcia

best pizza and food to eat in Richmond very clean friendly restaurant very polite cheers jente el mejor lugar para comer pizza salmon y pastas en Richmond california!

Murray Micheal

I had pizza at the pizza hub. It's a nice place to have some pizza I ordered extra cheese with cold drinks. It's good soft and crunchy well cooked. The staff is too good there and a nice environment to sit in.I received my order on time and I was so impressed by that. Such an amazing place in this area!

Jessica M.

This was going to be my second time ordering from the place but I wouldn't know because they use the name Bella Pasta online for uber eats. I called to confirm that Bella pasta is this place and it was confirmed. The first time my order had issues but since it was over a year ago I was going to give it another shot. The fact that they are misrepresenting themselves online as Bella Pasta with uber eats with the same address is concerning to me. I hope they can get their online ordering information on uber eats updated so people truly know who they are ordering from.

Yvette C.

You know I'm really upset about today's order because I usually have no problem at all with this place. Today I had my son order for me, and he mixed up the name , now they don't even have this pizza on the menu mind you. They have a similar one but even then I would have expected them to correct him with the actual name of the pizza. So , we get the pizza notice it's wrong called and politely asked if we could switch because not only was it the wrong one but it had artichokes on it , which my son is extremely allergic. So we call and ask to return the pizza in exchange for the correct pizza. They gave me an extremely hard time and was extremely rude and sarcastic and told me well what am I going to do with the pizza. Now I lost my job and times are rough ok they offered a small free pizza . I have a family of 6, so a small isn't gonna do anything. After about 10more minutes pleading my case , they finally decided to exchange the pizza. Now I have a hungry toddler and 4 more hungry family members as I'm arguing on the phone with this RUDE MAN. But yet finally after 40+minutes I get my pizza. It's sad because I have always love this place and their pizza and have only had one problem prior . Step up your customer service game people . I am a mother of a large family and this was really fucked up.

Cristian G.

Ordered a half combo and half pineapple/Canadian bacon. Portions were generous, Pizza was filled with toppings and had delicious crust. Service was great and the pizza was delivered very quickly.

Nicole Owens

Great pizza. Traveled all the way from Dublin to get it!

Jesse Collins

Pasta spaghetti marinara with meat ball was a1 I love this place

Paul Carpenter

Would absolutely recommend eating here. Fantastic atmosphere, fresh dishes, good service. They never disappoint.

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San Francisco Pizza & Restaurant

1190 Macdonald Ave, Richmond, CA 94801
(510) 412-4400