Sa Wad Dee Thai Restaurant

12200 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 232-5542

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Erica Dennis

We made an order and they made it wrong. Instead of chicken, they sent tofu. When we called to tell them this and tried to get order corrected, they hung up on us twice. She was screaming and telling us “not her problem” ... what? Even though it was their error. The food here is good when done right but we have never met such rude people in our life. This is the third time it has happened and rather then just offering to correct order, they take your money and behave so unruly. If you have allergies, food sensitivities or need special request when making ordered... DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!

lizbeth M

This place just makes you feel cozy. I absolutely loved it. Best customer service. My husband got some noodles from the special menu and it was the most amazing thing ever. I got the pad see lei but It wasn't the best. Can't judge a book by its cover. I will be back. The sitting is so nice as well but can't dine in yet. Can't wait till all this is over!!!!

Russell S.

Great restaurant. The pumpkin curry is to die for. Fine satay too.Strongly recommend.

Thomas E.

This is a great Thai place in a Richmond! Food is well seasoned and the portion sizes are generous. The dining room looks fabulous and we look forward to in person dining after the pandemic.

lizbeth mejia

This place just makes you feel cozy. I absolutely loved it. Best customer service. My husband got some noodles from the special menu and it was the most amazing thing ever. I got the pad see lei but It wasn't the best. Can't judge a book by its cover. I will be back. The sitting is so nice as well but can't dine in yet. Can't wait till all this is over!!!!

Pa Houa Xiong

Good Thai food. Their pumpkin curry is Delicious!

Kier F.

So disappointed. We have been going here for 15 years and we ordered from them to pick up a few days ago. Although the food was fine, not spectacular, but fine, their portion size is 1/4 what it used to be. We ordered Pad Thai with shrimp and Pad Thai with Tofu. There were 2 shrimp in an ice cream scoop size of Pad Thai on a large bed of cabbage. There was one cube of Tofu in the other.This was my go to spot for eating in or take out for years. I called them to let them know that I was a disappointed and they put the chef on the phone. She was inexcusably rude and started laughing.I work in customer service and I was less than not impressed.We have found a new place to go now and they will not be getting my business anymore. After 20 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry, this was a terrible experience. Especially after giving them my business for so many years and singing their praises. I am now singing the blues about them. Bummer.

Armando Osborne

At the first moment you come to that place the personel give you a great feeling. Very congenial team, it is a kind restaurant to hang out with buddies or with your date. yummy food, specialist chef, honest cost and nice service. Highly recommended.

Senario J.

This place has gone downhill considerably. The staff is mean, rude, and attitudinal. Today I place an order over the phone and was given a 15 minute wait time. I arrived 25 minutes later and there was no presence of staff whatsoever for 8 minutes. Finally, after 10 minutes I called out to the chattering staff, that I could hear around the corner of the restaurant. A mean, little "tough guy" lady pops out, popping off at the mouth, pointing at me like I'm 5 yrs old. I quickly checked her little foolish self and reminded her, I'm not 5 yrs old.At that time another lady appeared to answer the phone and give attention to someone instead of me who was sitting at home. How the hell do you put a customer at home calling, in front of a person who is present? I'll tell you how........GREED and IGNORANCE!You're trying to take as many orders as you can, w/o the capability to deliver efficiently. Hence the ignorance.Well, that didn't work out well dumb restaurant owners cause I left that order on the table AND now you get this SNAZZY REVIEW.You're welcome DUMMIES!

Ley C.

I placed my order online and specified exactly what I wanted And didn't want and they messed up the whole entire order! The food was undercooked and when I called they had horrible customer service. I DONT RECOMMEND GOING HERE OR ORDERING TO GO.

D J.

The food is so-so. The veggie spring rolls are their best item. Pad Thai is gummy. Their stir fry menu is very small. Do not order delivery from them because you will be waiting an hour or more. If you pick up your order you will wait 10-15 past the time they promise because they are SLOW. You can do better than this place. I wanted to give business to a small local restaurant but they don't deserve your business based in poor service and mediocre food.

Mito I.

Once the shelter-in-place is lifted, and I get to eat in at the restaurant I hope to write a more detailed review of the food experience. We ordered here using a delivery app. It took some time for the order to arrive; ten or so minutes later than estimated. However, I was pleased to hear from the delivery staff that the reason why it was late was because there were several orders before ours. I am doing my part to eat at restaurants during this time, so I'm glad that others are also taking part in helping restaurants. Even though it arrived late, the order was very hot. Again, no need to reheat the dishes. We have ordered the pad see ew, pad thai, fried rice, and the thai vegetarian spring rolls. At first appearance, the pad see ew portions appeared small. We truly believed it would clear the dish up before the other dishes. This wasn't the case, all three dishes were eaten up equally and happily. Since I am a glutton, I think I would order a second bowl of the pad see ew. It's my and my family's favorite. The dish was very good - exactly what we wanted. The noodles are rich in flavor and chewy. The vegetables have good texture, a good blend with the chewy noodles. The best was the meat; we selected the beef. The meat was cooked tender, almost as though we didn't need to eat with teeth. It was our first time trying out the pad thai, and it was a great experience. We first didn't know how to prepare it because the dish had vegetables and sauce served separately. We after discussing with the family, we mixed and put everything that was with the dish. This was a fresher noodle flavor than the pad see ew. There was a faint sour flavor that reminded me of tomato. The fried rice was good too! The fried rice was good well, and there was a sweet taste to it. I would say this is one of the higher tiers of fried rice. Not leaving out the spring rolls. Those were good~ Even after it was delivered, the outer shell had a great crunch. The sauce was good too.

Cianni E.

My friend always orders take out from here so I couldn't wait to dine in. They offer a dining area with cushions and pillows looks so inviting, one caveat you must sit barefoot. Maybe next time... We waited awhile to get our menus, then more waiting to order drinks and more waiting to finally order food. They weren't super busy but only had one person waiting tables and lots of take out orders. It would be great to service those in store before those carrying out! Great food but the service could be better. I've come here twice once during lunch with friends and another for an early dinner with my kids. First experience the veggie egg rolls are delishh!! I ordered the Pra Ram with tofu and throughly enjoyed that as well. My kids got Pad Thai, no complaints as they stuffed their faces.

Chris G.

This was our first time trying Sa Wad Dee Thai as they offer Grubhub delivery. We got chicken coconut milk soup, chicken green curry and chicken basil stir fry medium spiced as they were out of beef. All the dishes tasted really good and we'd probably go a little spicier the next time. We'll order here again as the delivery was quick and the dishes tasted authentic. Oh yeah, the owner called me to let me know they were out of beef. Nice touch!

MissJay Califinest

I ordered on doordash... They didn't have the option for mango and sweet sticky rice... So I called the restaurant and they substituted my order of fried bananas and ice cream for the mango and sticky rice!! I was super happy! It was worth every bite! Thank you so much for that... And not to mention the pad see ew is so good!! If you can please get the menu up to date with the delivery menu so we can all eat your good food!

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