Sheng Kee Bakery

3288 Pierce St #C133, Richmond
(510) 558-8807

Recent Reviews

Charles the First

Great selection and fresh baked goodies.They have fresh cakes and awesome selection.Lots of free parking as wellWe were able to easily purchase our selections with hardly any wait.

Bryan Barnett

Solid solid solid presentation.As for the taste, their cakes are awesome, with many foreign flavors. I guarantee not one thing in that store tastes like it was made from cake mix.Prompt service with plenty of options to sanitize.


The staff here are extremely rude and instead of respecting covid precautions, they try to extort more money out of the customers. I went in there to get two pastries and was told there's a $10 minimum to use credit card. I added a 3rd item and the lady at the cash register gave me a dirty look and angrily told me they needed more, I added a 4th item and it still wasn't enough though it was only $1 short. Again visibly angry. So I left being forced to buy 3 additional items I didn't need or want.Most places have moved to contactless payments instead of cash for the safety of their staff and customers, to fight the spread of the virus. This place is going the opposite direction and it is apparent that they don't care about the health and safety of people entering their establishment or treating their customers well. Caution - stay away

Barry Walsh

Excellent Bakery! Each and every creation is delicious and we'll presented.

Carms Urzua

I was craving a boba drink so I went here to give this place a shot. I arrived when they were barely opening up. As soon as I walked in, I noticed chalk remnants all over the counters, cracks and crevices. I happen to be in the pest control industry and I am aware of illegal chalk products sold in small markets that made in places like China that are used as a quick fix for insects like cockroaches and other pests. I started to look closer and sure enough, the employee was wiping down dead cockroaches. I was so disgusted that I was about to order from this unsanitary place. ? Anyone else would have not thought anything of this but I’m always wary when it comes to eating out because I seen it all!

S A.

They are skimpy on the ingredients in general. I bought a loaf of walnut raisin bread for $6.00, but there was hardly any walnuts or raisins. Typical.... What about giving honest value to the customers for a change?! I will never buy anything there again.

Daniel Li

Great bakery. We usually go in the morning around 9 when they open to get the bread fresh out of the oven.Authentic Hong Kong-style bread.My only gripe is that their hot pastry (e.g. Chicken Pot Pie) has a bit too much pastry and too little filling.

Norm L.

Sheng Kee "Taiwan toast" is my emergency solution when Andersen Bakery/ Grain D'or are closed due to the WuHan corona virus. Sheng Kee's "Taiwan toast" is actually the French "Pain de mie". It is also known as "Pullman loaf" in the UK or "premium white" in America. This is the standard sandwich bread in Europe & some part of Asia with European influence. This bread is Alien to USA.However there are 2 big differences between the Taiwan toast & the "Pain de mie". The differences are the texture & the aroma. The cause is the ingredients. The Taiwan toast is made with margarine (palm oil) while the "Pain de mie" /the Pullman loaf are made with real natural butter. Butter is harmless when you workout. Palm oil is the worst & thickest among all the vegetable oil. It has no aroma. Palm oil is just a little bit better than those blood clotting trans fat partially dehydrogenated oil. I prefer Andersen's "pain de mie " because the bread is all natural & has a 3 to 4 days of shelf life. Shang Kee though is supermarket chemical bread with mold inhibitors for longer shelf life; but is is still thousands of times better than those mushy slushy American supermarket bread. Never count Sheng Kee out. American breads can't even step up to the plate

Irene C.

The bread here is amazing, especially the various kinds of toasts! The hot bbq pork pastry puffs are delicious too!

Shayla B.

Oh Geezus. Mousses, and tarts, and cakes... oh my!!! So. Much. GOODNESS!!! But let me tell you what's REALLY goin' on; them cheese pudding egg tarts!!! Dear Lordt. LORDT. Yes, Lordt. With that T at the end and everythang. That cheese pudding just about took ya girl OUT! Cheese pudding egg tart is TF GOODT! Damnit... now I want one (sad face emoji). But anyways... Sheng Kee is definitely "on key" when it comes to their delicious pastries. This particular location is housed in Richmond's Pacific East Mall. I stopped here with my cousins while they were visiting from out of town, and we all went gah gah goo goo. They make the best mousse here! Mango mousse is typically my favorite and they know how to execute it well. It's super moist and fruity. The Black Forest mousse was delightful as well. My cousins really enjoyed their lotus moon cakes. But, that cheese pudding though!!! The cheese pudding is simply to die for. It's basically an egg custard tart on steroids, but more eggy than custard-y if that makes any sense. It's a bit dense but still soft in the inside, and it'll literally melt in your mouth. Couldn't get enough of it. I would go back strictly for that because it was delicious. There's a $10 card minimum so bring cash if you want to make an even smaller purchase. There are so many pastries to choose from! If you don't know what you want when you walk in, prepare to spend some time looking around. I usually only stop at the Pacific East Mall a few times a year when I'm in the area, but now I have a reason to come back more often. Yuuup, for those addicting cheese pudding egg tarts! Mmmm.

Charles S.

I purchased a cake for my fathers 70th birthday (April 30, 2020) and seen a 20% off promotion (good through May 1st) on their website. I placed the order for same day pick up. When I went to the bakery they told me I've placed an order for May 31st. I provided proof of purchase for same day pick up and they told me they told that they aren't affiliated worth online orders. I've payed via PayPal and the staff wouldn't honor/cancel my online order. I needed a cake for my fathers birthday during the pandemic and ended up paying full price as well as being charged via online. I wouldn't recommend doing business with them because their staff isn't aware of what's advertised online.

Nora J.

I've been coming to this Sheng Kee ever since I was little! It's been a family favorite for a looong time. I've never had a disappointing experience in all the years coming here; every pastry is made well and the prices are right. Most recently, I've had their Hong Kong pineapple bun, cup cake bun, and taro pastry - all delicious! I've always definitely preferred Sheng Kee over other similar rival chain bakeries, such as 85°C Bakery. The pastries just taste better, more substantive, and less oily. I do have to put my two cents in here as I do with other bakeries that use the individual plastic packaging - would be a huge bonus if this bakery could switch to a more eco-friendly packaging or bagging material (paper bags?)

Martin I.

Nice small bakery, usually has lots to choose from but with the shelter and place situation, limited bake items. Red bean moon cake is delicious, good red bean flavor, moist and the outer layer is not that thick. Melon cookie is soft and flaky with a slight melon. Pastry Date is so, so... flavor is very faint. Taste more of the dates and less red bean. And Tiramasu is good with a nice coffee taste but kinda stiff could be little bit moist. All n all nice unique bakery with asian baked goods. When this virus finally ends this shop will be hopping again. You can still support shops just buy and enjoy it at the homestead. Stay safe and stay hungry !!!

Sheryl C.

Beware of the cashier!!!! Got home and realized they charged me for two items I didn't even buy. There was a long line and they probably think they can get away with charging a few items since they are trying to get customers out of there as fast as possible. I do not understand how they can charge additional items when they go through each item one by one! We will not go here again and their pastries and buns did not taste as good as other Sheng Kee Bakeries we've gone to. The pineapple bun didn't have the nice crust on the top, looked overcooked and flat. You can see on my receipt that they charged me for the two items I DID NOT purchase (German Pudding + RT. Wild P/Apple Past). A total of $6.44. I would put ZERO stars if I could. Shame on you Sheng Kee Bakery for trying to cheat your customers! You lost a customer and I hope you eventually get caught for trying to get away with charging your customers for stuff they didn't purchase!!!! You will eventually get caught!

Simon I.

I bought the French Chestnut Cake for $30.95. The cake looked very nice. However, it was a big disappointment. It was not fresh, despite I bought it after lunch time. The cake was frozen in the middle section, when I cut the cake at home.

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