Sit & Stay Cafe

2701 Isabel St, Richmond
(510) 559-8899

Recent Reviews

Konia Johnson

Really good cookies and coffee. Great bike ride snacks.

Lisa T.

Cheap, cheerful eats served al fresco, in the nation's most awesome doggie park. Know that a lot of their food comes straight from Costco (i.e. chili) but don't be a snob about it! I've had sandwiches, snacks, pastries, and many delicious cups of coffee. BE SURE AND ORDER A SIDE OF DOGGIE BACON! Your pup will thank you.

Bryan Hord

Dogs! And a great view. The Cafe is on the bay trail and is a great place to get coffee or espresso while walking or biking.

Ramiro Tejada

Perfect location, good service

Dave Brannigan

Great coffee and bagels at the dog park.

Freya Gereke

Decent options for a dog park pit stop. Nothing is going to vote you away but it also won't ever disappoint. Card minimum is $10 fyi.

Brian M

For a park snack shack this place is alright. Good selection of food and drink with decent prices.

Cassidy Villano

A great spot to grab a bite or coffee while your pooch plays with other pups. Plenty of water bowls for dogs, located right next to the groomer, just in case your dog needs a bath and style, and just a few minutes' walk from the dog park.

Christopher Jimenez

Always a pleasure to come and enjoy the café with some of human's best friends running around to greet you! Food is not bad either! Egg & cheese breakfast bagel with veggie sausage served from 8am-11am! Bacon or ham option available too!

Andrew Sinclair

Great café! Bring cash if you're spending under $10. Great place to hang out with the puppies!

Claire Chun

Must love dogs (or tolerate them well) at this small cafe adjacent to the Point Isabel dog park. There’s a small menu but everything’s fresh, and the four-legged patrons are mostly friendly.

Pam S.

Love this place. Hearty warm food and sandwiches great chili and the turkey-blt club was filling and fresh. Only issue was keeping my pup from stealing it from me!!

Ingrid Serrano

If you love dogs and don't mind sharing your food this is the place for you.!!! Honestly it's a very peaceful way to start the day with a good cup off coffee given by the awesome staff, a great view, and lots of good dogs!

Jules Scott

Such a cute little cafe with super tasty pastries. We came just in time for pastry happy hour! 10/10!

Bryan E.

Great place to bring your on lunch. Super small portions. Nachos were a handful of chips and a sprinkle of cheese... no salsa, no hot sauce, no tomatoes, cold

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