Taco Bell

2300 Barrett Ave, Richmond
(510) 237-2292

Recent Reviews

Jess Mobb

My crew day an night lol

Mary Rendon

When you need a quick fix of bean burrito


Nice and friendly. Good size portions. No skimping.

Samera S

Fast service. Good cheap eats.....

Laniyaaa b.

This was the worst experience I've ever had from this Taco Bell I normally go to this Taco Bell because it is nearby but I will never go here again because it took a long time for them to make our food even though it was a small order and there was a hair in our cinnamon twist and there was lettuce in my grandmothers bean and cheese burrito and the burritos were three times smaller than they usually are and when I called to complain about all of this they hung up in my face as soon as I said there was a hair in our food and that was the worst part because my grandma has a very weak stomach and she couldn't even eat after seeing the hair in her food

Anna F.

This is my go-to location. Every time I've been here I always had good service and the employees and management are super nice and compensate for small mistakes in my order.

Yemmen SH

Not much space to seat but the employees are great and make sure you have tour food fast and treat you nicely.

Daniel Ochoa Murillo

It was great, fast service. Drive.

Wilfredo Gil

I did brought to the restaurant at taco bell is good health .

Dipu Nepali

One of the good tacobell around friendly people and good food

Julio replogle

Visited this restaurant with one of my friend. we were very impressed by their service and food

Daniel Murillo

It was great, fast service. Drive.

Samuel Lambert

This spot never fails to impress. They serve great dishes for affordable pricing, there no long wait even when the place is packed.

Steven G.

Co-worker took this photo today as she went to get some food. This is place gets a lot of business for some odd reason but it's just dirty and filthy.

Mary P.

I love this location. The employees are courteous and efficient. The manager is friendly and remembers me, says,"Hello, Mary, how are you today?" I come here almost daily, work nearby. The young friendly Hispanic guy who works here is so sweet! I love it when he's there, always smiles no matter how busy. I've seen customers treat these employees like shit. In the drive thru, these mean guys come through demanding ridiculous modifications (they're loud so everyone can hear them) and I just want to get out of my car and slap the shit out of them! They throw their money at the window, yell, make demands and treat the employees without respect. By the time I get to the window, one of the guys working there was fairly upset, who could blame him? These kids work very hard for their money and I am ready to go medieval on the next mf that behaves like a fool. Nobody stands up to bullies anymore so they run a muck and get away with it. Not on my watch, mf's! Anyhow, my post is directed toward the great employees here and how hard they work being treated disrespectfully by customers. Next time you come in and order your food, say "thank you" and stop complaining and trying to bully them. It just makes you look like the pussy that you are!!

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