Tacos Los Primos

550 23rd St, Richmond
(925) 207-4022

Recent Reviews

Daniel Cruz

Love the food and good price ?

Anil Narayan

Just okay tacos and burritos. My steak burrito was not well seasoned and lukewarm. They may be good eat outs for Richmond area but believe you me when you already have had better tacos in Vallejo and Oakland this seems just okay. I'd still drive to Sinaloa tacos in Oakland over this. That's one reason food critic Tony Bourdain went and Stephen Curry goes go to Sinaloa Tacos in Oakland. Just google for tacos. Last but not least it burritos are pricey and their super burritos are not any bigger than regular. Not going back there nomore.

Javier Ochoa

There tacos are pretty good and they aren't stingy with anything. There prices are a bit high for my budget life but overall good tavo truck

Arty S.

Soooo goood! Will definitely be going back. Fresh and very flavorful! If you like tacos this is you place.

Gonzalez Y.

I don't like like leaving bad reviews, however, I strongly feel they are necessary for one to make an informed decision. Although my dad loves these tacos, I find them very dry. The tacos have very little meat on them, and the limes they come with are dry and hard as rock. I can only speak for the asada tacos as that is the only meat I've ordered. The burritos have a very distinct flavor of what is probably too much cumin, which I'm not a fan of. In my very slender asada burrito, all I got was nothing but the fat from the meat inside, which was not very pleasant to eat. I would like to say, the staff is pretty nice. No complaint there, and I definitely enjoy their horchata. In the end, I would not recommend this place to anyone unless it's the only open taco truck late at night and you do not want to drive to Oakland for bomb tacos.

Harpreet Singh

Best tacos ever

amanda Estrada

Tacos are slamming good . They don't have nachos tho ?

David R.

Tacos are always great! Salsas have a nice kick to them, and if you need extra spice they give you a jalapeño, along with some pickled carrots! One of the best places in Richmond!

ub ub

good tacos! decent area . . . good parking . . .

Latasha C.

Wowwww gotta be new owners or sumthin I remember this truck from years ago use to be bomb not anymore shits gross af now idk what that weird taste is or if it's on the rice or in the grease but it's nasty the sauce is gross too man y'all down bad for that smh and on top of that I asked for extra sour cream which they charged me for but didn't put it on there

Kate S.

Worst tacos we've ever had. Meat was old. Cold. Owners were beyond rude. Do not eat here ever!!!

Zachary B.

If you call they will end up hanging up on you. I do not recommend them. The things they have on their shop around the corner on the glass they dont actually have. Just pictures of it on their building. What a shame

Patricia Rodriguez

They are delicious. I had been their customer for 5 years. I love them

Claudia m.

Very good authentic tacos al pastor yum in a little parking lot but very nice ladies took my order and loved the food

Jose I.

I don't like to give bad review but honesty is important. The meat is sort of good, more like its not in the gross scale, but they are a little or a lot cheap when it comes to the portions and the additional items. My slimish burrito didnt even have onions and cilantro....

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