Taqueria La Estrella

325 23rd St #1723, Richmond
(510) 232-6955

Recent Reviews

Dinah C.

Incredible tacos and food! Lightning fast takeout. Will go back anytime I'm in the area.

Geanette Ceballos

Delicious carne asada plate!. Attentive service. Outdoor tables to eat there!

Peter S.

Placed an order online and when I got to the restaurant they were closed. I'm happy to update the review if I get a response from the business.

Al B

I order from her consistently almost every Sunday and today after I made my order on Grubhub I drove to pick up my order and to find out they were closed. I don’t understand why they can’t organize their new schedules with Grubhub not only I wasted my gas and time. But now I got to fight with Grubhub to get my money back they already took. Thanks but probably will think twice before ordering from here again. Great food tho. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to try to help my community versus going to Oakland to buy dinner from a store I feel more confident in.

Megan Tvedt

Delicious and authentic. Good value, we had leftovers!

amanda rojas

Probably one of the best burritos out there, price is right for their items and there is a large menu

Gabriel Tijerino

My favorite place to eat a super burrito de asada!!?

ANgeleS ObaNdO

The food is delicious ? for sure we going come back ?

Thomas Rodriquez

last night was the first time we came to that place. But It is surely not the last. We had a good time with the courteous service, with the fine dishes and fine drinks and with the decent payment. We will no doubt visit there soon.

Tomas Mendoza

The staff was so nice, the Lengua Sopes were terrific.

Javier r Avila

Hi to all.

Donny Mower

We had the beef taco plate and the shrimp burritos. Love this place the food is so good

salvatore alioto

Good food.

Emilia Calderon

Delicious food and friendly people! If you like spicy, the salsa de habanero is a MUST. The burrito de camaron is my favorite.

Martha Castanon

muy buen servicio y rica su comida

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