Tarabini's Deli

322 Harbour Way #7, Richmond
(510) 978-8555

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Ginny B.

This is absolutely the worse place to get a sandwich. We use to go here a lot a few years ago and it was awesome. The clerk couldn't understand me and when she talked I couldn't hear her because of the loud noise coming from the ceiling. They were out of everything. the only cheese option was swiss or pepperjack (don't eat spicy cheese). The bread is stale and maybe that's why she had to toast it. She had to defrost the turkey and it tasted old and dry. She told me swiss doesn't go with turkey. I said that's OK I want it anyway. I don't think she understood me so she took it upon herself to omit the cheese. Because she took so long making the sandwich and a million questions( I know exaggeration), because she either forgot the answer or didn't understand me so I had to take it back to work to eat it. And it was awful. If my lunch wasn't over I would take it back and get a refund. And now I'm starving and have to wait until I'm off to eat. I wish we had our old Tarabini's back.....On a good note at least the tomatoes and lettuce was fresh......

Arin Pallen

Some of the best, authentic, Mexican food I've had in a long time...which includes Mexican food from everywhere from LA to Mexico City! Service was phenomenal, food was hot and made fresh to order, and we walked right in and sat down without a wait both times we came. Everything from the tortillas (made fresh) to the beans...was exceptional.

Tisuba Sharma

Little hole in the wall with excellent service. The man at the counter helped us pick their best items based on our cravings, and brought the food to us at the bar two doors down. We ended up with the fried chicken sandwich and blueberry burger. Both were Tarabini's Deli good. Burger was medium rare as ordered! Chicken was crispy. Garlic fries were piled high and crisp. Hours later we were still thinking about this meal. I would definitely do this again.

Disy Dany

Awesome Tarabini's Deli burger and fries! I would definitely come here again. My friend and I got cheese burgers with grilled onions, garlic fries, and 2 shakes. A little pricey it came to $40 for both of us combined. I would have liked the fries to be a little more garlicky though the fries were perfectly cooked...not soft and not overcooked either. There's a condiment counter where you can add extra pickles, onions, peppers, and sauerkraut.

Bikal Tikal

Some people say it's just as good as Tarabini's Deli Burger, but I haven't had Smash Burger yet so I can't be the judge. But I can tell you that if you don't know about this place, you should. They have the best burgers in town! The TRUE Tarabini's Deli burger is soo good that you'll for sure crave this burger. The whole portobello mushroom is deep fried and is as big as the beef patty. One of the juiciest burgers I've ever had. The fries are the perfect crispness and saltiness. The garlic fries are super garlicky, super great, but I still prefer the regular fries.

Kristen Hogan

I'm in San Francisco, CA today to see my orthopedic doctor. I don't come to San Francisco, CA a lot, actually never, but I was given this particular doctor to see from my insurance company. His office is located about 3 blocks from Lake Merritt, which I discovered driving around lost like a blind guy in a marathon. I came early about 2 hrs before my appt, to get situated with the area and to give me time in case I got lost which in this case I actually did.

Lee Magi

Came to se my mother in law today and ordered from here...This was by far a very good Cheeseburger and French fries ...would definitely go back, Tarabini's Deli

Koma Rigut

This is my favorite burger spot in town it takes me two days to eat this burger off the hook, Tarabini's Deli

Nemesis Miss

Sandwiches were ALL wrong! (Ordered 7 over the phone) A lady answered, she was very nice but could not speak or understand english very well it seemed. The bacon was hard as rock, the beef teriyaki was more like teriyaki beef jerkey and the avocado was more like guacamole and there was no choice of cheses! Only pepperjack. The rolls were all incorrect and no fax number to manually send an order. She did not go "pick up" the soup of the day, so there was no soup. The counters were dirty and I was going off of reviews from others... very dissapointed and an incredible waste of money and time...


What a waste of precious time! Came in for lunch, was the only one standing, waiting to order next; I didn't get acknowledged for at least 5 mins even though I was standing right in front of the only person I could see working here; stood there for another 5 mins (10mins total now), it seemed like she was reading recipes for how to make people's orders!?! She never took my order, I just left, I had to, had to return to work. Wow. Thanks for nothing!?! Also this place reeks of burnt incense, not a good pairing for food. First and last terrible experience with Tarabini's

Josue Hernandez

A slice of heaven.

David Meza

I eat hear almost every day... the food is so good

Amelianau Segi

Our favorite place to order from for our Board meetings at Richmond Main Street. They are so nice and polite to each and every customer..we love you Tarabini.

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