the artisan cafe

845 Marina Bay Pkwy #865, Richmond
(510) 235-2323

Recent Reviews

Armando Chiarino

Nice place, good price, nice staff, excellent food

Syndie C.

Fast. Fresh food. Nice staff. They're green beans, cherry tomato & almond salad is great! They're quiche is yummy. I highly recommend this cafe

Elena Rossi

I had the best sandwich ever!!! It was good

Megan T.

A review in 3 parts:a) We come here 1-2x per week and that probably won't change until there's a suitable replacement - they do have tasty stuff and the location is super convenient for us.b) The service here is unbearable. Usually it's incredibly slow. The other day we walked in and were the only customers. There were 3 people working in the front- all 3 of them saw us... but nobody helped us. There was a good minute or two of awkwardness before one of them snapped out of it and came over to the register. What?!??c) Again, bad service but in a creatively annoying way I've never experienced before- they keep giving us the wrong thing! I'm talking like no less than 50% of the time. We go in to get a fresh blueberry scone, and without fail, they try to (or successfully, if we're not coaching them) give us a day-old apricot scone. It's not a huge deal, but incredibly annoying when you're not getting what you paid for and you're getting a less fresh version of it. COME ON! They're not that similar visually... there is no excuse we can think of except that they're trying to offload the day old stuff by "accidentally" giving people the wrong scone. Ugh. BUT... referring back to point a, we will continue to come here because Semifreddi's is simply too much of a trek. Looks like we gotta get used to that dry apricot scone.

Sadath P.

Really enjoy their breakfast sandwiches and their fried chicken sandwiches. They have good salads and really tasty deserts.

D J.

This is such a nice neighborhood cafe! The owner is super nice and the menu is full of delicious items. I only had one experience where I got a sandwich that was not prepared well. When I called the owner apologized and offered for my next sandwich to be no charge. The breakfast items are very tasty and lunch boxes are super convenient for a quick grab and go lunch. Also a super clean place with friendly vibes! Coffee also available so they are a complete to-go option for an excellent meal.

Anthony M.

I think this was my second time coming. Once pre-covid. Again supporting local, this place is walking distance which is awesome. I got the crab sando which at first looked like a tuna sandwich but to my delight definitely tasted like crab. It was good. Not too salty, good amount on the bun and the bun was nice and fluffy. If I would change anything I'd probably want more crab chunks for texture, or was just too smooth. Anyway, check it out. Eat well or fit trying -ant

Randy Blevins

The food is constantly well prepared and delicious, cashiers hands over great service. I love how neat it is and ambience. I highly recommend this place.

Hopscotch Interactive

These guys are open for business, and the locals roll down the windows to rave about their desserts!

Sadath J.

Love this spot. Good breakfast sandwiches and good lunches. Idk how this spot has a lower rating. Friendly service and overall just nice spot to grab a quick meal that's enjoyable.

John D.

They're open for take out for breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner, during the current stay at home practices. Quality can vary here but I like to support a local business

Auntie J.

We've had wonderful lunches here many times in past year. The food is always fresh, cooked properly, and tasty. Restroom clean. Wanted to add that we ordered takeout lunch online the night before pickup during first week of mandatory shelter at home order. Our order was ready on time and just as tasty as when we've eaten in.

Liane Ingham

Great space -Take out food available during these tough days

Lorelei M.

I like it here cause of the vegetarian options. I was about to order online but they now require a minimum amount in the online order. :(

Cecilius Douglas

I have been here several times for lunch. The food is fresh and the portions match the price. You can get wonderful sandwiches (hot and cold), salads and soups. The menu offers vegetarian as well as meat options. Check out the sweet potato fries. There is outdoor seating for a sunny day or you can eat inside at one of the communal tables. The bathrooms are clean which for me are a sign that the restaurant kitchen is also clean. Check it out and you won't be disappointed.

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