The Factory Bar

12517 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 778-1079

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Hoopes Maxine

Great outdoor seating area and taking wear a mask and cleanliness seriously which I appreciate. We'll be back for happy hour.

Jonathan Lee

First time here. New local spot with great service and a spacious outdoor area. Food truck collaborations and good menu. Will definitely be coming back. Support local small business!

armando madrigal

The drinks are well made and creative. I enjoyed the Point Molote, the Alverado, and the Painkiller.

Mae O.

This is the place to go! I am not sure how long the US RED OAK will be on the drinks menu, so catch it while you can! The Factory has lots of other splendid cocktails, I am sure...and did you can also get a lemonade worth going back for?I appreciate that this is a CoVid careful and safe business. The front door person carefully explains their mask policy. Thank you, The Factory. Once I figured out the reservations were for safety to allow timing and placement in the for social distancing in this lovely outdoor social space, and to support folks getting out and being with each other while being confident that they are safe, I'm behind this all the way. It is easy to make a reservation.I applaud The Factory for looking out for my safety and helping me keep people around me safe, while we get out and spend some quality time together & the glasses are cool!

Kim P.

My husband made a reservation for us and his parents last night (a Friday) and we had a lovely time. The cocktails were delicious. We also had some tasty beer and both Arlington starters. Then we all got a little something from El Tucán next door because we were enjoying being out so much! The staff were great explaining all the do's and don'ts for COVID. We loved watching the hummingbirds in the gorgeous garden. What a gem! Highly recommended!

Joren C.

Our first time here & we LOVED it! Everyone is so nice& helpful. Their selection of drinks is outstanding! The garden& outside seating is very inviting & pretty! Nice relaxing music. They also allow you to bring outside food. You still have to buy a little something from their kitchen. Great place& can't wait to visit again!

Imani James

Great drinks, beautiful patio and garden, love that I can bring tacos from el tucan. Also great rules for COVID guidelines, made me feel more comfortable being there, as it was my first time out around a lot of people since all the COVID madness.

Sadath Jean Pierre

Cool spot, dope atmosphere, very excited and grateful a place like this exist in Richmond

Emigdia V.

My first time coming to this spot !! On a Thursday it is really cozy and i really love the service !! Omar is such an awesome server he recommended me the drinks i had !! They're were so good and refreshing!! Definitely worth checking this place out!! Thank you omar for the great experience!!

Nikhil V.

I was super excited to learn a new bar was opening so close to home - typically I find myself in Albany / Berkeley if I am going out for a drink. I have been here twice since they opened (once with a friend on a Sunday afternoon and the other time was solo on a weekday evening).First and foremost, I would do away with the Resy Reservation System for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there is an ample amount of seating available outside (once things get back to normal, there will be even more seating inside). Secondly, the reservation system simply over complicates something so basic - allowing entry and seating patrons within an establishment. The first time I attempted to make a reservation - the system informed me there were no tables available for my party size. That made no sense as I was attempting to make a reservation for one! I called and I brought the issue to the attention of a staff member. She acknowledged the glitch and also informed me that they were in fact closed due to poor air quality.Fast forward to the weekend, and I went with a friend to check this new place out. Let me start by saying, their outdoor garden is beautiful! Isaac and the other gentlemen whose name I cannot recall (he used to work at Mallard & Thalassa) were very kind. However the doorperson that day (you can see him the the photo I am attaching) somewhat ruined the experience. He continued to walk over to our table and remind us to wear our masks and in some instances he would do this seconds after I had just placed my drink down and when he wasn't doing this he continued staring directly at our table! I understand there is a pandemic and I am all for being cautious however I have not experienced caution to the point where it negatively impacts the customer experience at any of the other establishments I have gone to recently (Pappy's, Jupiter, Armistice).I came here a 2nd time solo on a Thursday evening (this time without a reservation). I was quickly seated however the waiter (there was only one) walked past me several times without asking me what I wanted to order. After about 20 minutes, I waive him down and ask if I could order with him and he responds by simply saying he thought I was waiting for someone. Why not acknowledge and check in with me? I finally order a drink and am informed I must order a a food item as well. I chose the vegetarian option - hummus, pita bread, and veggies. I was expecting a plate with freshly prepared veggies however I received a pre-packaged box which obviously came out of the refrigerator with white carrots and celery :(

Alyssa E.

This bar was such a pleasant surprise! The location is discreet and tucked. I like that! Especially right now while we're under social distancing regulations. The outdoor garden and twinkle lights set such a relaxing mood. ID's are checked at the door and seating is limited. The drinks are very delicious! You are required to order a small plate with your drinks. We ordered the hummus! Our drinks were excellent. I loved my spicy margarita with mezcal and chiles on the rim. The point molate margarita was super delicious too!Our server's name was Alyssa; we instantly clicked! She was so friendly and made sure we were comfortable and satisfied. The drinks aren't cheap...but the quality is great. I only wish there were more options for snacks. Regar...I'm going back for sure!

Nathan P.

Came by on a Tuesday night and had great service. Appreciated the COVID rules, because it made my group feel more safe. Most patrons were wearing a mask until actively drinking. Gorgeous patio. They also allow outdoor food. Definitely would come back again.

April S.

What an escape from reality! Beautiful garden setting, exotic cocktails. You must check in at the gate, get ID'ed, briefed on covid rules. I almost thought this was gonna be a stuffy, strict not so fun outing by this. But the large Latino security guard ended up being a very smiley bear. ( I wouldn't make the bear mad waitress Jenette was very informed and excited about the cocktails. Told us the juices were fresh squeezed and the mixes like the prickly pear and hibiscus were homemade and not store bought. Impressive. Service was quick, and sincere. Drinks were the bomb, and the setting was storybook. Can't wait to make this my home away from home!

Joss G.

Pretty cool outside area. It was weird that they didn't ID us, and I was sad about the way they treated my friends and I. They kept bringing us different receipts, which none were correct. I don't know if that was a way of telling us to leave or if it was an honest mistake. Certain people were not wearing masks (they kept making buddy buddy conversations with management so I assumed they were friends of the owner) and management didn't call their attention (sounds like favoritism to me), but if it was our table attempting to take a simple drink we were told to immediately put out masks on. It's like they select who they're nice to or not. Weird! However congrats on finally opening during these troubling times. I was awaiting their opening since March.Ohhhh .... and the drinks were okay. Not enough alcoholic in them for my taste, felt like we were scammed on the alcohol. Tasty but felt like I was drinking a juice.

Dario L.

Honestly, this is a very cool little spot in an unsuspecting location. The patio was beautiful, tons on plants and low on noise. Very nicely done. Each table had hand sanitizer and everyone was required to wear masks. Good job on enforcing it too. There was one issue though. Our waiter was awesome, but whoever was helping him kept taking drinks that were not finished. He wasn't our waiter actually, I realize what a hard time this is for small businuesses as I have 2. But I pay for a cocktail and take 3 sips and it gets cleared. I tried chasing him down but he didn't hear me. Once he came back I told him and he did nothing about it. The drink wasn't even half way done. I expected something to be done about it.Otherwise I would give them a 5/5. Like I said, beautiful space, great drinks, nice servers.

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