Tres Hermanas

12620 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 237-1094

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Scottie Chapman

Fantastic, authentic food. They even have a quesadilla de huitlacoche, which is hard to find, and it is delicious, served in a freshly made corn tortilla. I highly recommend!

Jorge Peña

This small place has the biggest flavor of authentic mexican food, specially the birria-quesadilla!! The cook should be called a chef he is also a very nice, respectful and polite person always making you feel at home. This small place is a breath of fresh air on every level.

Lisa W.

Mole Enchiladas not bad. Don't order cheese anything. My bad. Never order chips the worst; oil tasted not good and they weren't cooked through.. It was okay. A little expensive but what isn't now days? Won't come back but was starving and gave it a try. Maybe if you order just right you're good. I love enchiladas so I always order that. My daughter ordered tostadas they were also okay. Better than the enchiladas. The carnitas were super salty. I sound like a complainer. 35$ and it was so-so.

c p.

I stopped by for black beans and rice, corn tortillas and a horchata. It was delicious. I was a bit surprised that they increased the prices of the most basic menu items, beans and rice, $16.I try to support local business, this place has great food.

Joy H.

DIRTY! I ordered a burrito here a few weeks ago over the phone. When I came to pick-up my order, the guy who rang me up at the register had thee dirtiest hands ever! He had dirt & grit all over his palms & underneath his fingernails. It looked like he had just finished doing yard work or god knows what else, I was so grossed out. I'm generally a passive person, so I just paid for my order & walked back to my car, but I was so disturbed I actually went back inside to ask who made my food! I noticed that there were only two people working there (including the guy who rang me up), so I wanted to be sure it wasn't him who made my burrito. When I asked him if he made my burrito, he claimed someone else made it, but that person was in the back of the kitchen & who knows what his/her hands looked like! I then asked for a side of sour cream & went home. I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt & attempted to just eat my burrito, but when I put the sour cream on my burrito it tasted like rotten milk & dish soap! No exaggeration! It seriously tasted like dish soap. As a result, I threw my burrito away after 2 bites. This place is horrible, I would avoid at all costs. This was my first time eating here & I will not be returning. FYI - We are in the middle of a PANDEMIC! It doesn't matter if you're just the cashier, or if no customers are allowed to dine inside the restaurant. All individuals working in a restaurant need to follow hygiene laws & WASH YOUR HANDS. Not a good look.

Gee G.

This place is simply amazing! Nothing on the menu is short of brilliant. Authentic Taste everyday of the week. I've tasted the menudo, tacos, huevos rancheros with the red sauce, and every fresh drink they offer is actually fresh, personal favorite is guanabana. The service was amazing before covid and even through tough times they have gone above and beyond. Can't miss in the eastbay!

Charles Reeves

So delicious. I just got the 1/2 order Gordita plate with carnitas, but i almost ate it all in the parking lot!!! Service was excellent as well. Also note that as of 09292020 they do have patio seating open as well. Very, very, good food. It's a must-try.

Anton Frias

I really appreciate the way to the owner of this place treat an always .Help me and my family.very good. Thanks

Anthony Hernandez

Quick stop off the freeway on the way to camping - the breakfast burrito was amazing, and both salsas were super tasty. I ordered one burrito, ate it, and went back to order another for the road. They aren't giant burritos, but are a nice size for the cheap price!

Hamilton Kerry

The right place spot to eat something when in a hurry. The service is rapid, rates are affordable, great ambiance. I highly recommend this spot.

Chalo Muniz

Looove their food! It's hands down my favorite place for Mexican food and the staff it's always very nice and helpful.

Miguel Loera Pérez

Not to happy with the caldo. No favor whats so ever. Taste like grease. Thanks to the Democrats,you won’t have a business anymore.

Kenneth Hensel

I love this place. Small, family owned, good food! Oscar is always very helpful and friendly. I recommend!


This place was delicious! We brought our picky kid and he loved it too! Great flavor

Chi Rajput

Delicious, home-cooked style food, generous portions, very friendly and courteous service. Highly recommended!

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