Tsing Tao

12372 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 215-1283

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Pod C.

Ordered delivery of 4 items. Arrived 10 minutes after the maximum wait time promised. Moo Shu Pork arrived with no pancakes and no Hoisin sauce, basically cabbage and pork. Or, as it turned out, basically cabbage and gristle. A mountain of pancakes and an ocean of Hoisin couldn't have saved it. Mongolian Beef was bland, and the meat was rubbery -- more like boiled than properly stir-fried. Cashew Chicken tasted OK, but it was more than 50% large under-cooked chunks of zucchini. Yeah, chicken and cashews are more expensive than zucchini, but maybe call it Raw Zucchini with trace quantities of other things. The Appetizer Sampler for Two was awful. Potstickers were greasy, shrimp were all breading and little shrimp, egg rolls were tiny, burnt, and all roll and no filling, and whatever the other things were, they went into the trash after one bite.

Maria R.

Great food with generous portions, I LOVE the dragon beef my favorite thing is to order it extra spicy with water chestnuts. I only wish the staff was a bit more attentive to things like water/drink refills.

Ruth V.

I've lived in the area but never thought of ordering from here. The food was okay but would have been nice if they mentioned when placing the order if you spend certain amount you get a free order of something depending on the amount of your order. I had to find out when I went to pick up that I could've gotten an order of chowmein or fried rice. This is called cheating your customers so if they don't know the special deal you don't get it. Don't think I'll be returning.

Kevin Nguyen

Need quick delivery while stuck at home? This place will treat you right. Call directly, pay cash, and they will appreciate your service. Great local business to support!

Mohit S.

Above avg taste and flavor in original Chinese cuisine dishes. I recommend getting original dishes to ensure you getting that above avg taste

Lisa T.

Cheap Fast Tasty Usually you have to pick two because you won't find all three. Unless you are at Tsing Tao! I had the Garlic Eggplant and my kid had Broccoli Beef. Much more tasty than Little Hong Kong. It actually came with soup to go!! Super friendly service, COVID-compliant with masks. I will definitely come back!

Lea P.

Ordered from DoorDash. Almost every single thing in the order was wrong. The "vegetable" chow mein came with beef, shrimp, and chicken. We ordered white rice, it was not given to us. The chicken fried rice also had shrimp and beef in it. Will not be ordering from here again. This is dangerous for allergies and I'm not sure why I paid money for things I either didn't order, or didn't receive. disappointed

Katya T.

I've ordered once before and thought it was good. Looked for their sesame balls to order cause they gave me some free last time and were so good but didn't find it, glad I got free ones again. Ordered combo fried rice and combo chow mein, I like it can be a bit greasier than what you'd find now, I'm not saying dripping in grease either cause it's not but not dry, hate dry ass chow mein, what else we ordered their sautéed broccoli, good flavor, so yeah give it at try and they do deliver so that is a plus

Patricia D.

This food is so delicious. I don't know what's going on in their kitchen but it's working. There seems to be a lack of good Chinese food places near my place in Emeryville but here near my girlfriend's place she has this gem. The portions are massive and they give free stuff when you have gone nuts and ordered a certain amount. Try it.

Tito R.

Tsing Tao knows what they're doing. I got an order of Hong Kong style noodle with beef, Mongolian beef, and BBQ pork fried rice, and it was amazing. Done just right, each item was full of flavor and hit the spot for lunch time. The Mongolian beef actually has some heat, the noodles were crispy with savory beef and veggies, the rice was mixed with veggies and tasty sweet BBQ pork. Seems like it's family run which I love to support. 5 stars in my book.

Sarah R.

They had no mask, nor were they clean. Yeah it was fast, but it sure wasn't worth the food poisoning.

Justin R.

Only been here for takeout but really enjoyed the lunch specials. The portions are big and the prices are small. -Kung Pao Shrimp very flavorful w/ a lot of vegetables in a nice spicy sauce. (Please note, ask for NO peanuts if you have allergies) -General Tso's Chicken sweet but spicy, crispy but not overly fried. Really enjoyed this dish.

Muang P.

Hands down, my favorite Chinese restaurant in this area. I usually order delivery from Grubhub if I don't end up doing a pick-up myself. The food always arrive sooner than the ETA and it is always fresh! The prices are reasonable and the delivery drivers are super friendly.

Ray L.

We just moved here from the other side of the bay where I had lots of favorites. Hadn't found a good place over here yet. I won't be looking anymore I found my new favorite. Fantastic food. My kid loves it I love it finally no more arguing about what's for dinner. Small eat in area once the plague passes by but supper easy pick up til then. Best thing? They still let you use the restroom when you pick up dinner.

Brandie G.

I've ordered delivery from Tsing Tao a bunch of times, and what always gets me is just how FAST they are. When I lived in Richmond, they'd always deliver in 20-25 minutes, and now that I've moved to Albany? Still about 20 minutes! The food is always good (though the steamed rice can be a little over cooked / mushy at times), and hits the spot for that cheap Chinese delivery craving you might have. If you're looking for gourmet, go elsewhere, but if you have a craving NOW, go for Tsing Tao.

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