12201 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 236-7649

Recent Reviews

Sherri Houchins

Love Wendys but occasionly yourOrder is not correct.Customer service is okay.

Cassandra Dews

Ok this spot is good just check your food but its good best salads

Janis Conway

More of the time we go there I have to check my frosted. Because sometimes they don't fill it up and they a big hole in the middle.

Marquis Mccray

You have to be very specific they don't listen

Nisi M

Always fast service & fresh food

Yadi c

I saw a a add about the 2 for 1 burgers and i hot them and the best number 1

Mark Marcum

Drive through had a line but moved smoothly and without delays. Everyone was wearing a mask, everyone was polite and the order was perfect. Hard to give better than three stars from a drive through experience at fast food but it was a good visit.

Leila L.

you guys forgot my drink, gave me the wrong sandwich, and weren't even willing to fix my order. save your money, go anywhere else.

Angel W.

This Wendy's sucks we are going through a pandemic right now make sure you secure the bags when people order delivery we don't know if these drivers have their hands in our bags I can't even eat my fries what if the driver has corona virus and decided to eat my food?! They need to make sure they are following better safety procedures

Mariah L.

I come to this location every so often and ive never been impressed or dissatisfied its just a mediocre location. Till today i got black hair in a handful of fries i gagged and choked and tossed the meal. I bleached my hair so i know its not mine.

Tony Crawford

As far as fast food burgers go, tastier than McDonald's.

Bash Monkey

The food was good, and we got our order accurately.

Doretha Evans

I love their chicken sandwich and organic drinks. Green tea.

Kimmy Kat

Finally, a place that always manages to get my order right. The food is so good, I could down two whole meals even if I'm not hungry.

Myiesha Griffin

Excellent customer service workers moved at a Brisk Pace everything was in the bag my order was correct.❤?

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