Shin-Sen-Gumi Restaurant

8450 E Valley Blvd #103, Rosemead
(626) 572-8646

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Jamie W.

This was my first time ordering a ramen from this restaurant. I ordered a ramen for takeout and there was literally a quarter of soup in the container. If you like soup with your ramen, don't go to this place! I'm talking about not even half a bowl of soup. So ridiculous. I asked the guy to add a little more soup so that it doesn't look like I'm eating mix dry noodles and he wanted to charge me extra. They don't even try to make it right. Needless to say, their customer service was poor. I will never order from this place again. Lesson learned. Too bad I can't give them zero stars.

Ti K.

Don't be a SUCKER! Felt like some ramen to take home and went to yelp for help. OMG. Barely any broth(less than 1/4?!!)I thought it's gotta be mistake so went through trouble of going back in to ask for more and was told "that's how it is". Was in shock. So yelpers let's stick together and stop going to this cheap ripoff place.

Nicky C.

This is a good place to get your ramen! I think the ramen is pretty good but standard and nothing really unique. For how much they give, it's a little on the pricey side. The restaurant is really small so be ready to sit really close to other when it's crowded especially during dinner time. I always get my ramen with a poached egg! The staff was nice and attentive, so that's always a plus. I'd definitely recommend Shinsengumi for good ramen!

Hunter H.

I love this place, been coming since I was a wee lad. Only come if you want authentic ramen and an authentic ramen experience. Quality Hakata Ramen and atmosphere.

Christine T.

Ramen for whenever you need your ramen fix. I don't really get the hype for this place though. It's not bad, but I'm not sure if there is anything special about it either. You pick a ramen & then add your selected toppings to it (at extra cost). The service is decent, but they sat us at a table that was one inch away from the neighboring table, which felt a little too close for comfort.

Ryan L.

This place is regarded as one of the best places for ramen in the 626. In exchange for the typically long wait time, you get possibly one of the most consistent and highest quality ramen experiences over here. Of course, there have been places opening nearby that have reached a high standard, but Shin-Sen-Gumi can be regarded as the OG of top-quality ramen places in the SGV. They have a simple paper menu where you select the size of your own, customize the kind of noodles and soup you want, exclusions, and extra toppings. I think this makes it really simple to choose what you want. I'm a big fan of the simplicity and you can also add more stuff since they have extra things on the lunch special menu. My table got the Hakata ramen with chasu tacos, spam musubi, and the beef rice bowl set. Honestly, I enjoyed everything and since I'm open to eating basically everything, I would love to try out everything else that they have. Overall, I think Shin-Sen-Gumi is a solid lunch spot and also good for dinner. The simplicity of the menu with a variety of additional side dishes for the lunch special makes it one of the best places for a good ramen experience in the SGV. Also, the parking isn't too bad, the wait can take a long time depending on whether you're lucky or not, but overall, it's definitely worth it. I believe that they're opening more spots, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the growth they can accomplish and especially that they're not growing at the cost of their quality.

Melly Anna E.

One of the OG and top Hakata ramens in SGV/LA area. You can customize the noodle's firmness and the oil/broth level of the soup. The noodle is really good, tonkotsu broth is deep, light and not too oily, and there are plenty of add-on toppings ($1.75-$3.50) for the soup. They also have appetizers, rice bowls, and other items on the menu. Fried Chicken karaage is crunchy and very good. There's always a wait as the restaurant is not that big but turnover is usually fast.

Stephanie S.

BEST RAMEN EVER!!!! I'm not kidding, it's delicious! Parking- easy no issue it's a big shopping center. If you go at night it's practically empty. Waitlist- every time I go there is an average of 25-45 min waitlist time. Not bad for how busy this place gets 100% worth the wait. Ramen- GET EVERYTHING. I personally like really spicy so I add on Diablo, extra chasu, pork cutlet, wontons. Price- a little on the higher side for ramen. Extras are a la crate which average about 2-3 dollars each. WORTH IT!!!

Magda N.

This place is always so busy and wait time is pretty horrible. Additionally parking is pretty bad too, small plaza. But if you do have the time and haven't been, you should give it a try. It's a solid ramen shop for sure. It's busy then and it's still busy now. Ramen is still delicious. Broth is thick. And chashu is tiny yet delicious. Staff is pretty great too.

Ricky S.

Shin Sen Gumi is not what they used to be! This was the place to be when I was in college and mainly because the prices were great. The $1 noodle addition was a steal! There used to be a long line if you wanted to dine in at this place, but I don't believe that is the case anymore. Understanding that there's been inflation, this review is not on their prices but the quality of their dishes. Back in college, there weren't too many ramen places in the SGV area. However, there's plenty of competition now and unfortunately, Shin Sen Gumi has been left behind. In my last visit at Shin Sen Gumi, the service was great, but the ramen and side dishes were decent. The soup base was too salty for my taste and the noodle was just ok. I'd return to Shin Sen Gumi for nostalgia reasons.

Kiki C.

My husband and I used to have ramen at least once a week but ever since we moved to east, we don't have as more as options around our new neighbor. It is always nice to come back and have something that you are comfortable with and enjoyable. I'm glad they keep the quality as always. This is always my husband's favorite ramen shop. I like how we are familiar with the menu and we know how to adjust the salt, soup base and oil level to our own fact, not many ramen shops can do that. This is why my husband always come back for his ramen crave.

Shaeli Z.

I've been to different locations. They all taste the same pretty much, I love the ramen although I wish they added more veggies and I get that adding sides would be extra but their ramen only comes with noodles, 2 chashu slices, green onions and ginger so there is absolutely nothing to this ramen. For what it's worth, if you like simple ramens this is the place to go. The few locations I've been to have been pretty small, wait lists can get pretty long but goes by fast. One good thing, you can customize the soup, oil level and noodles softness

Elaine G.

How have I not reviewed Gumi yet! The best ramen in SGV is at Shin's. The broth itself gets 5 stars. The cooks take pride in the dishes, down to the noodle hardness. I like the chashu ramen, plain, noodles hard ( they soften in the broth) I don't need the egg or scallion or anything else. The dish is served the same every time. For someone who likes consistency, no better place to get that fresh quality ramen! Someone it's busy so adjust for time, other times you are in and out quickly. Parking has gotten worse over the years so be prepared!

Henry C.

This spot is one place that I come to when I'm back in LA, it's cozy atmosphere and friendly servers makes it a great place to eat with friends! Maybe it is because of COVID, but there was surprisingly no line when my party arrived, so we were seated immediately. Once seated, the waiter hands us a piece of paper to fill out. You can customize ramen noodle firmness, broth concentration, and others. Personally, I prefer hard noodle so I chose that option. Overall, the ramen was solid, they do serve the ramen the way you customized it. However, if you want many toppings on your ramen, the price shoots up pretty high. One thing I always get when I come here is extra noodles. You can ask for extra noodles after finishing your ramen for $1.50 and they will refill your bowl with fresh noodles. Overall, very solid place and pretty worth it if you just want an easy bowl of ramen to fill you up.

Diane H.

Our favorite ramen spot! Delicious food and A+ ramen,if you have never been here,I highly recommend you enter to be seated,you are welcomed by the staff in Japanese,A friendly whole hearted welcome,and seated then the ordering starts... If there's something you see and you don't understand what it is, you just ask and it will be well explained to you,staff is very courteous and very helpful... Their spirits and beer are offered in many varieties...great choices to choose from,and priced well,won't break the bank... Their sake is delicious, and the Japanese beer after a couple sips makes you feel very warm and tingly inside...I love the cheerful atmosphere and all the people that work there are great! After you pay your bill upon leaving they say goodbye to you in the same, cheerful Japanese farewell... Give yourself a treat and come here to eat... Very welcoming and friendly people... you won't be disappointed!

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