Bombay cuisine Indian sweets

7452 Foothills Blvd, Roseville
(916) 597-6865

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Take your business somewhere else the food is so bad


I love Indian food and I adore the sweets! I have been off sugar for more than 2 months, but I had a cheat day with chum chums and gulaub jamun. So perfect! The savory dishes were fantastic. We are vegetarian so there is always a lot to choose from for us. It was a little on the pricey side, but very well worth it, in my opinion. Go try it for yourself.

Logan Lemming

Good food, good service. I would definitely go back for the lunch buffet.

Llewelleyn Gabbie

They serve large dishes and for reasonable prices. friendly staff. Great work.

PunchNugget TV

Food = 4 stars.... service = half a star

Titus Davis

Really good food and service. I will be going back.

Jatin M.

I'm so disappointed with the drop in quality of food and service at Bombay. There had been couple of instances lately when we just went for dessert or get one thing to satisfy our cravings and the staff looked to us like we are wasting their time. It's sad. Bombay used to be my favorite. No more!

Rubel Singh

Food ok but price to high....almost double..if compare with another even San Francisco Indian restaurant has that much friend going to open new restaurants in roseville...


First time eating here. Impressed! Very clean. Food was excellent. So delicious and fresh. I will be returning frequently!

Paul G.

I ordered samosas, Pakora, sweets, and chicken curry and naans. I came home and realized that I did not get my naans, I had to drive all the way back from antelope to get my naans. The paneer pakora were hard and not good. I gave three stars for the samosa and sweets.

Kelly B.

Love this place! We order from them on door dash like 2-3 times a month! My husband has always hated my love of Indian food and he'd never want to eat it with me, but ever since I ordered the coconut chicken tikka masala from this place he has changed his tune! My other fav is the saag paneer! So delicious!

Nishati Toora

Food never tastes the same whenever you visit. But affordable prices makes up for it sometimes.

Dipshikha Kandel

Everything is bland. Tikka masala tastes like they watered it down and added sugar. Tandoori chicken looks really good but tastes nothing. I ordered mild, it was bland. I didn’t think Indian food would ever taste this bland but they’ve managed to make it so.

Vinay K. Rawal

Very fresh & Tasty big portions of Butter chicken

Abhijeet Singh

Good korma in the buffet. Tandoori chicken tastes similar to what you get in India but more flavors. Good naan and they bring it fresh to your table.

Rajveer K.

We order Chole bhature via Doordash. The bhature was so bad, it's seem like old and hard on the outside. I have ordered from them before and usually it's really good but this time they have really disappointed me.

Elysha R.

I ordered for delivery and tried their lemon basmati rice with one of my favorite dishes. Wow! What a great flavor combination! I love lemon and in the rice with the other flavors it was so good. Small bits of lemon with rind were mixed throughout the rice and I happily chomped those little suckers down. So glad I tried something new. The bhindi masala I ordered was also very delish and prepared mild as I requested. The take out dishes are very high quality and microwave safe. Very satisfied! I am looking forward to eating inside the restaurant next time.

Michael N.

The deserts are amazing especially if you are gluten free . The lunch buffet had lots of good options and very tasty, just not as big of a selection as other Indian buffets.

Harpreet Kaur

This place is my favorite indian cuisine restaurant it was very clean and friendly owners we plan to make this a regular dinning place whenever we are in roseville

Mohammed Rais Nazim

The sweets are really great. The food is mediocre though. I would definitely buy sweets from there.

Bombay cuisine Indian sweets

7452 Foothills Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747