Khobkoon Thai Cuisine

7452 Foothills Blvd # 150, Roseville
(916) 771-7995

Recent Reviews

Tammy B

Very authentic family owned restaurant!!! They're always so nice here

Rick G

Food and customer service is exceptional ! My favorite lunch special is #19 - chicken with rice, cabbage 8n a spicy peanut sauce

Jon L.

Best curry I've had in Roseville Staff is great you want it hot? They don't mess around here. Was here yesterday, went again today. Might go tomorrow.

Matthew Y.

I gave the place 5 stars for the value. It may not be the best Thai in the area but it is by far the best Thai for under $15 per entree. The chicken salad has a sauce that my wife loves. I had an appetizer salad as well and it was really flavorful and priced right. Overall a great dining experience and the place should be more crowded. I hope others read this and take a chance. Don't let the lack of cars in parking lot intimidate you like it did me for a long time.

Brianna Hollingsworth

Best Thai food in the area. The wings are incredible, great fried rice. The owner is so generous and kind. We come here multiple times a month.

Anna Y.

Friendly service, but the pan fried noodles are too soggy. We had the pad thai and another noodle dish and both were too saucy. The lunch specials are a good deal at $7.20 each, but we finished 3 dishes between the 2 of us easily. The chicken satay was tender and delicious.

Corbin B

The food is absolutely delicious and the staff is incredible. They were attentive and kind the entire time. The pad thai is perfect here!

Michael N.

One of our favorite Thai restaurant. We love everything we have ordered on the menu, really can't go wrong! We ask for it not spicy usually, but have had it spicy and it's great too! Love their curries.

Michael Nadler

good tasty, restaurant inside very comfortable and nice. outside looks sketchy, but food/service make up for that.

James P.

Since moving here, we've determined that this is one of the best Thai places in Roseville. Very reliable and super friendly. Personally, I've been calling for take out at this restaurant for several years and every single time the owner is extremely friendly and attentive, and I've been told "20 minutes" for our pick up time literally every single time we've ordered.

Sunny H.

Disappointing. Went for the pad thai, noodles weren't thick. Tasted ok. Expensive considering 1/3 of each plate ($14) was garnish: a pile of sprouts with shredded carrots on top. Friendly service.


I looked the reviews before I went this place and we were very excited to try out. Me and my sister love thai food and had couple of great Thai food in town.


People and food is always good.

Pam Z.

Have been coming here for 4 years. Can be busy at lunch. Food is always good. Love the soup. Service is always perfect.

Marilyn S.

Service was fast even when there was only 1 gentleman waiting tables and it seemed he might have been the cook too. Not much ambiance as it was really quiet inside. Maybe they forgot to turn on the music. Decor was nice. Food tasted good. Portions were a little small. It was good, but not sure if I would come back as there are other places nearby that are better.

Patrick Patterson

I really enjoy this food... they have a great selection of items for the buffet... this place is clean... the staff is extremely friendly... they have a huge selection of sweets...

Gvm Music

Great Thai food, so good they ran out of Papaya salad. Owner was great, service is so amazing and food is terrific. Try the Pompano fish with their Chile sauce!

K Hemesi

Love this place and the people who run it! Friendliest service, great food...a real gem

Karen B.

Best thai place in roseville. We've been going here for 10 years and it's always the most authentic and delicious! Owners are so hospitable and generous! Love this spot

Shirie Y.

I came in because I was craving Thai food and this was the only one open at the time (around 8:30pm) i would say that it's just okay. Having worked in a thai restaurant for nearly three years I just had high expectations. The soup was a no go. It was fancy with the fire to keep it warm and what not but the taste was bland, much too watered down for me. I was expecting the punch of the flavor I usually get but it just wasn't there. The entree though was great! I didn't expect much after they messed up the soup. The Thai basil dish can easily be messed up if they overcooked the basil. But the dish I recieved was delicious and flavorful and with just enough kick of spice. Therefore going off of my experience, I recommend the stir fried entrees but definitely not their soups.

Mary Hubbs

Always Tasty food. Nice friendly service.

Ana F.

Ok, I'm going to bump this up a notch, only because we have been back to try it (in a pinch) and the food was decent but I have to tell you... it's the same scenario with call in orders! They have a mild freak out no matter how busy (or NOT busy) they are. I get told that it will be a 45 minute wait and that they will call me when the food is ready. Sure enough, after about almost an hour passes I receive a phone call. I drive over and there is one table of two waiting for their check and a table of four mid-meal. I mean, I guess it could have been slammed in the time I was waiting? This was just after 5pm on a Monday evening that I called in. As for the food? Again, it was decent. Nothing to write home about but no complaints.

Byron Mauck

I have gone numerous times, never did they disappoint.. food is great restaurant is clean and the man up front is very nice and personable

Kimberli Zazzi

Best Thai food around!!! My husband and I eat here at least once to twice a week. They know us by name and remember what we like and exactly how we like it cooked. Such great food and amazing consistency!!! If you're in the mood for Thai try them out, you'll be hooked.

Corinne Sa

Absolutely delicious! We went for lunch on a Saturday, it was super quiet. The owner (I'm assuming) at the front was friendly and super helpful. He said weekends they are slow and during the week they are super busy. Food was fresh and tasty. We will be back.

Stacie H.

Love my neighborhood Thai restaurant. Great service and wonderful food. Cute atmosphere. Always good. Have eaten in and done take out.

Tanya K.

I came here for lunch for the chicken pad Thai. Owner was kind and service was fast. Taste quality of the dish was good with lemon juice however it was SWIMMING in oil! Also, didn't ask for tofu but got several chunks� Probably won't be back because I don't want a heart attack from all the oil

Brandon L.

Let me first say that the owner was so friendly and the ambiance was great. I came in for lunch and ordered a beef with vegetables lunch plate. The prices were so inexpensive It got me excited. I ordered it Thai hot as I do at all Thai places. The food was bland and was almost all baby corn. Now I don't particularly love baby corn but the vegetables and fish just didn't taste fresh. I'm hoping this is just a lunch issue. My wife had chicken pad Thai and felt it was bond as well as extremely oily. Overall service and price was good but food was nothing to write home to Grandma about.

Pablo H.

Excellent service, the owner is always in a good mood food is great and for Roseville area prices are very reasonable.. this place never disappoints

Don T.

Great service, very tasty food and very reasonable prices. A great place to have Thai food without breaking the bank!

Jill M.

This place is the best! Highly recommend. I have lots of favorites: 13 green Thai curry with noodles, 16B Panang curry with rice, #1 is so good too. Hard to decide what to chose of their delicious food. Pad Thai with chicken or shrimp also excellent. Warm and friendly owner whose wife cooks while he does the table orders/service. He remembers us, and our orders each time we come. Couldn't ask for better'

Theresa Cane

The food is packed with flavor. The staff is very friendly.

Tina Simpson

Really good food which, great service, busy and. Sells out of dishes!

Lisa B.

I love this place! My favorite dishes are the Gift Wrap appetizers, Yellow Curry w/ Chicken and Chicken Pad Thai! Yum! It can get a little busy but it's worth the wait! The owner is the sweetest man ever and always meets us with a smile!

Joe P.

Unfortunately I don't feel like they care about food quality...... I had a bunch of negative stuff about the food I just ate and deleted it. I will come back and try again if you stop buying frozen Restaurant Depot garbage seafood and watering down the broth! Thank you!

Lauren A.

I love this little place. Great food and pretty good service.. try the coconut soup and you won't be let down!

Mia M.

A very quaint place and the ambience is really quite and clean. Food is great !! And if you have any problems with their cooking they make sure that they will accommodate your needs ! 5 stars on service !!

Jon O.

Been going here for years now. Definitely my favorite Thai place in the greater sac area.

Amanda T.

First time trying this place out for takeout and I am impressed:) Got some yummy veggie rolls and chicken pad se ew. Very hot, spicy, and flavorful. The owner (i think) was super kind and gave me a free soda (even though I dont drink soda) the gesture was nice! Cute little hole in the way type of restaurant

Elle C.

I got a few dishes, each were just okay. The pad thai tasted a bit like ketchup (perhaps not made with the usual, better ingredients?). The pad see ew was good, but the noodles were overcooked and a bit soggy. The Thai fried rice was the best dish, the rice was a bit crunchy and the dish had good flavor. I would try other Thai places before going back to this one.