Porottas South Indian Cuisine

1245 Pleasant Grove Blvd #120, Roseville
(916) 771-0992

Recent Reviews

Srikanth Reddy P.

Good but not excellent, I liked their watermelon welcome juice, we tried South Indian thali.

matt heelflips

great menu variety & service, very helpful staff informing us of different options. everything we ordered was perfectly mouth watering! we will definitely be back!

Stevie Hannickel

Delicious! We will be back soon! Incredibly helpful staff and nice atmosphere. So happy to have found this place today.

Barath Ragul Manimaran

A typical South Indian cuisine with the real taste of street food. Literally every menu is perfect and 100% authentic taste.

sunil b

Great service and great food.

Aman S.

We loved eating at Porottas. We are seated immediately and were given a menu and a tablet to order on. The tablet to order on was not easy and it first erased our order and then doubled our order but the staff came and help us and checked that our order was correct a few times( great customer service). The food was great. The dosas were thin, crisp and delicious. The chuntneys are amazing, a tomato base one and coconut base one. The samba was very flavorful. We will be base and try more of their amazing authentic food.

Paul J.

I just had a great experience at this Delicious South Indian Gem! Delicious food, many flavors, clean atmosphere and the cherry on top was the amazing staff. It made for a great lunch and a great experience. My new favorite Indian Restaurant in town!

Anil Kumar K.

Excellent both food and service I tried paneer 65 and veg Thali both are good thanks Porottas we will come back again soon thanks

Beemboy E.

1- Flies in the restaurant,hygiene issues. 2- Food and service both can be rated worst in history of any restaurant I have ever been too I went to this restaurant on 9/14/19 for lunch with my family. There were around 15 people and the wait time to serve the food was around 45 minutes. The food was not tasty compare with other south Indian restaurant which is in Folsom. I Definitely say this restaurant need improvement in both food and service.

Navinderjit S.

Best South Indian food I've ever had. Will be our go to place whenever in Roseville. The service was excellent and all the food tasted fresh. We did family style with multiple apps and mains so everyone got to try a bit of everything without getting overwhelmed by one dish.

Pallavi Pandya

This is our place to go to for South Indian food. The staff is so sweet and welcoming. The restaurant is small and has simple setting. But their food is great and they always take the time to come by each table and ask each guest if they need anything. Worth a try.

M S.

The food here is the best South Indian food I've had in the US. After Tirupathi closed in Folsom and Mylapore having the worst service ever, I thought I'd have to wait to go back to India for my favourite food. But this place just blew me away! Their Kumbakonam coffee, the amazing kurma, parotta, veg thali with of all my favorites made my day! Yum. Thank you Parottas! I'll be back soon.

Kushal Murugesan

Restaurant Sealing fresh vegetables foods

Jissmon S.

Masala dosa was really mouthwatering and very rich potato masala with good flavor. Salna porotta was soft and yummy..

Sarah Garland Shanmugam

nice South Indian cuisine, all veg, good level of spicy. We go almost every Friday during the school year.


I was invited to go by friend who was born in India, who really knows Indian food. She hand the proprietor had long conversations in Hindi, and we ended up with more than a dizen dishes that we split between the five of us who went. I have been to many Indian restaurants and never had any one of the dishes we were served. The owner even made us a dish that was not on the menu that he thought we would like. We did. Actually, I did have mango lassa before but never as good as this. It was thick and creamy, the mango did not water it down. It is an informal place. Give it a shot, you will be glad you did!

Maninderpreet Kaur R.

Great south indian food. In love with their dosas and paneer 65. Great service. Friendly and clean environment.

Harjeet N.

This place is special for me because of the way they care for their customers. You go in and feel the ambiance, it's welcoming and so so good when it comes to good. I always make changes to my food and they serve it with so much love and never hesitate to accommodate my request. The staff loves to assist you if you have any questions regarding their food and last time we went in , I tried their thali, which is like a traditional lunch plates with mouth watering dishes and the quality of the food is exquisite. They are heaven for vegetarian people and offer different varieties of South Indian food. I can't recommend their thali enough. Give it a try on ur next visit, you are welcome!

Jay Kaimal

Thrilled to discover a wonderful south Indian restaurant in this area.

ali ochoa

Great place to eat as a vegan. I was filled up with great quality food and the taste of everything was ð???

Archana Vinod

Worst food ever!!! Customer service is of another level. Food we ordered came oily n without taste. I immediately told waiter about kotha paratta which was soggy , no taste n oily. He said he will remove it. Receipt came n it was there, told manager that waiter said he will remove n manager is like waiter canâ??t make decision n We canâ??t remove from receipt. Other items oily , poori looked n tasted like tortilla fried, chocolate poratta had burned chocolate taste. Please save your money n go to other restaurant. Never been to a restaurant with such a bad customer service. Heard great things about this place but with pathetic service n food I donâ??t know why anyone will go to this place.

Trent Bottin

If I could give zero stars I would. Not because of their food or service; I have never been to Roseville, CA let alone ate at this restaurant. I give this place a poor review because their invasive advertising which just spammed my txt inbox asking me to sign up for some promotion. Poor privacy practices cannot be tolerated.

Jay K

Thrilled to discover a wonderful south Indian restaurant in this area.. Offering the best of dishes from the southern states, fresh, flavorful and delicious and prepared per traditional home style recipes. Very welcoming and friendly staff, excellent clean environment and awesome food - we will definitely be regulars at Porottas!

Michelle McNamee Dworak

Very friendly and helpful staff. Excellent quality food and a very clean restaurant. Will definitely return.

Foodlover V.

Food and service both can be rated worst in history of any restaurant I have ever been too. We ordered chocolate porattas, poori - so oily, Kotha paratta which had no taste n oily. I told the waiter n he said he will take it out from the receipt. They didn't take out n manager is like u the only customer who said food is not good. He won't be able to remove kotha from the receipt. What a cheap customer service can't believe kind of food they are serving....

Radesh A.

Great pure vegetarian restaurant!! Food tastes awesome and is very close to authentic tamilnadu fare!! Special mention for introducing iPads to take orders. You don't have to wait on your captain for orders. You decide on what next and it automatically gets to your table in 15 minutes. Nicely done!!

Thyag S.

Porottas is possibly the most authentic South Indian (Tamilnadu-style) vegetarian restaurant that I've ever been to in USA. How do I know? My Bay-Area friend who has been there for over 6 years is already impressed. I've lived in Central NJ for 4 years and I think the taste is too good. Remember that these two areas are the nest hubs for Indian professionals and there are several desi restaurants that try to out compete each other. I think Porottas make the most delicious home-like food and I visit the place at least 2 times a week.

Kannan Krishna

Excellent food like homemade preparation and great service Amazing

A v.

The place is really clean, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and the food is fresh and hot. I liked that it wasn't overly greasy, but the food was bland. Everything needed just a little bit more something--a dash more salt, a pinch more chili, a little bite more sourness in the dosa batter, a bit more of a kick in the chutneys. So, I hope they can fix this. I really don't like ordering via the iPad, and was happy when someone brought over a regular menu.

Swetha A.

Easy to order through an iPad and they serve everything really fresh and hot. Just wish it tasted a little more authentic.

Parthasarathi Dash

I ordered one masala dosa and one plate meduvada.

Amit S.

Recently I went to this place 2 times because my son likes dosa. Well they have really slow and bad customer service. Both times I ended up waiting a long time. Not cool with a 2 year old.


Loved my Impromptu lunch and coffee here. What a discovery! I'm totally coming back. Tasty food, friendly staff, comfortable inside, convenient when I am in the Roseville area. So happy. Bonus - cricket game and music videos were fun, too.

Piyush M.

Flies in the restaurant,hygiene issues.I took picture of one , thats a sample size . The staff has changed completely , i guess busy in taking care of their newer venture.Nothing wrong with that, except you cant leave your old place unattended practically.

Rakesh Kapur

Great vegetarian and south indian food. Highly recommend it.

Prab K.

Unlimited is good. But works like every time you need something, you need to wait and ask and wait until you get it. It's fast enough but the number of unwanted items are more. I would add a Dosas (like curry bowl in Rocklin does unlimited) I would add a potato semi fried curry. And finally, I would add Pongal to one of the items. Add these 3 items or make the price to $9/- instead of $11.50/-. Overall the food tastes good.

Now Not

This place was great! I met here for a business meeting/lunch. When we got there it was empty. Within 20 minute the place had a good number of people. It's a little on the small side, but we all fit just fine. The staff were all smiles and happy to help. We had the special for lunch. It was an all you can eat platter. Oh my was it good. There was no need for the all you can eat title. Moving clockwise from the left, each dish was a progress of the meal. From an introduction to heartiness all the way to the sweet desert. The staff kept a good eye on everyone and when someone got low on a dish they would come by to offer a refill of that bowl. So good! If you are in the are and want to try a little of everything, ask for the meal we had. (Sadly I don't remember the name of it, all vegetarian though.)

Heming Helen Huang


Vijay Babu Ramasamy

Loved the food served here dosas with 3 varieties of chutneys and the sambar tastes awesome. Will recommend to visit at least once if u love South Indian foods.

Mike R.

Excellent food excellent price for an all-you-can-eat thali at lunch time and the authenticity is spot-on delicious