Sushi Omakase - Roseville

9213 Sierra College Blvd #160, Roseville
(916) 749-4987

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b jack

I really enjoyed the spicy tuna roll in the bento box. Great view of the sunset from the patio.

larry stuto

Chris makes the best sushi dishes anywhere.

Gustavo Martinez

Food was great customer service was excellent I will be returning to this place once I'm back in that area.

Terry C.

Tough review. The food was excellent. The service, overwhelmed. They were closing their doors at 8pm and when we ordered take out, there was no way to know this. Couple that with the GrubHub system, which is fundamentally flawed, and you have a recipe for a poor review. I got the feeling that GrubHub was seldom used and that DoorDash was the primary system used for takeout, but the staff needs to check all systems. Our order was pulled together well after closing. The employee was sincerely apologetic and I will definitely come back and try them again because the food was that good.

Payson W.

Very excellent customer service! They need people to work there! I recommended this business to anyone applying for the restaraunt business. Very clean and friendly environment. Food was delicious as well.

Asher K.

Great atmosphere! Amazing outdoor feel! Service was good along side very good quality food! Can make your own rolls which is a fun plus!

Louis M.

I have to admit when I started this post I was disenchanted. And let's face it Service in a lot of restaurants is hurting right now due to employment issues. However the second time I went the service was amazing. My wife and I go to sushi all over the place and in our opinion this is the best prepared sushi We have had. Thank you Justin for asking me to return.

Cyndi Bush

celebrated Caseybear's 14th birthday here... it was my 2nd visit.. enjoyed both experiences.

Mike Messick

Here’s the tuna sashimi sampler you get for $21. Absolute rip off!

Rachelle M.

On Saturday the 10th my boyfriend and I decided to stop in for date night. I'll review what we ordered below, I had the most intense foodgasm I've ever had moaning and saying OMG over and over again! Surf & Turf Roll~ They call it the king of their rolls for a reason, because it's filled and topped with mouthwatering fresh kobe beef "aka" wagyu beef and the fresh wasabi is an experience itself! Definitely a must try! Lobster Bisque Roll~ Can you imagine anything better!? It was creamy, oh so cheesy and the mouthwatering lobster was absolutely baked to perfection! You need this in your life! The Redhead Roll~ You know anything made with Flamin' Hot Cheetos is going to be amazing and with sushi ended being the most amazing combination! Great crunch too, you can't visit without trying this amazing roll! Omakase's Heart Attack Tempura~ These are some stuffed jalapeños, filled with fresh fish and nicely garnished! I would HIGHLY recommend this location, we may have just found our new favorite sushi spot! Our outstanding server Zachary V. did it all, he greeted us as soon as we came in with a smile, served us and cleaned tables, seriously someone give this guy a raise or promotion! Let's just say we'll definitely be back and recommend it to all of our friends and family!

Troy & Dawn Pair

Went there for dinner with my dad, aunt, uncle and fiance. Service was great and the food was even better. Always great service and would recommend to everyone. They do have both indoor and outdoor dining.

Mitch D.

This is tough. Do you write the review on the food or service? Food - 5 stars. Order two rolls and spicy garlic edamame. First roll was salmon and avocado. You could see how fresh the salmon is through the case when you walk in, loomed fantastic and that's why I ordered the roll. Next roll was salmon mixed with spicy tuna and cream cheese topped with whole avocado thin slices. Both rolls had great flavor and are reasonably priced. Service - 3 stars. Excuses?? COVID?? I don't know, but younger help (mid 20's) don't seem to understand what customer service is today. Slow to take order, slow to bring food, don't ask if you need anything nor do they care. Couldn't wait any longer to ask for napkins and chop sticks, so had to get up and ask. Brought the check right away and tried to push us out. Maybe one day they'll get it.

Mary B.

We have been here two times prior. I have really liked soMe if the roles and some are just meh. Tonight we had three roles and only one made me say " yum". They do have a good seaweed salad and their service is always friendly.

Kam Y.

This is by far the absolute worst chicken teriyaki I've had of my life . How do you have teriyaki chicken and it's dry shreds of burnt grilled chicken? Only the veggies underneath the chicken had sauce on them . There wasn't even sauce inside the box at all to dip the chicken it was A total waste of money pure garbage. Only thing good was the California roll In my bento box and I was surprised they didn't mess that up too. Don't eat here bound to get poor quality.

Chris Fisher

Fantastic food great portions and the price is right! I'm coming back!Get the Dragon Balls! $8 well spent!

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