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Val Didychenko

Visited place from day 1 when they opened. Moved out of state and when came back to visit, this is my favorite place for teriyaki. Best sauce flavor, plenty of seating. Highly recommend!

gwendolyn jackson

They deleted my negative review. Food is not good

May A.

Bland!! Loss of taste is a COVID-19 symptom and I know hubby and I don't have the Rona... I feel so bad for giving this business a 1-Star, I don't often pen one star reviews... this counter service restaurant has been around since 2000, we moved in Roseville in 2001. Frankly, I'm surprised how they stayed in business this long, even surviving the Covid-19 pandemic. This was my first time ever dining here, we walked inside around 7:30p, it was empty. We stared at the menu board for the longest time... we just couldn't decide. I guess I'll have the Beef Teriyaki Noodle Bowl... my hubby chose the Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl and a bowl of Miso Soup, and bottles of Coke and a Sprite from their beverage fridge, they didn't have a soda fountain dispenser. Anyway, we picked up our tray of food from the counter, the meals were piping hot. First taste... oh man, the food was bland and tasteless. There was hardly any beef at all, all noodles. If there was any kind of teriyaki taste in my Beef Teriyaki Noodle Bowl it sure was watered down and the meat was tough. I hate wasting food but I just couldn't bring myself to finish not even half of it. Husband said the same thing about his Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl... he's not one to complain and he usually eats everything from his plate. Best part of our meals? The sodas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This place was a disappointment. It took me 20 years to try this restaurant... I'll wait another 20 years to come back. This restaurant is a family-run business located in the Save Mart shopping center, closer to CVS. Should've gone across the parking lot to Taco Bell.. Sowwy ¯\_('~')_/¯ Review #2399

Kim H.

This is the worst food. Ordered thru uber eats & it is tasteless, cold, more water then teriyaki sauce, thru the dinner away. BEWARE FOOD IS GROSS

Steve Wisniewski

Kazoku was closed so tried this place. Food was bland and insipid. Never again.

Ebony Thomas

I ordered the Chicken teriyaki bowl it has 0 flavor no veggies chicken taste old and dry I guess I paid $7 for bowl of rice and a lot of nasty ? Sauce…I will not be going back if I could give 0 stars I would

Jada B.

Was very confused and thrown off upon ordering considering that the guy taking my order would not acknowledge nor interact with me. There seemed to be weird hostile energy for whatever reason. I tried not to take it personally, tipped, and got my food to go. As I'm eating my noodles I find a nice long black hair, which is interesting considering the cook was a man with short hair. Regardless I'm pretty grossed out considering how important cleanliness right now during COVID. I've been coming here for 10+ years and will never ever be back. Please do better considering you're working with the public and serving fellow human beings. Basic decency goes a long way.

Gina P.

Prices were double than listed online. False advertising. Placed a order over the phone and would bot do anything to make it right. Food was not great either.

Hal S.

I hate giving three-star ratings! But in this case, that's the rating I have to give. I dropped by to order food to go for the family... I ordered 5 teriyaki noodle bowls with pork and 6 pork egg rolls. The egg rolls were BOMB! Delicious. The noodle bowls were not nearly as good as the egg rolls. The meat in the bowls was tough and didn't have a lot of flavour. Their teriyaki sauce is pretty good, though. Lastly, I will say the place seems clean and the staff is friendly and efficient. I won't be in a hurry to return, but I won't stay away forever....

Chesh Files

Best chicken teriyaki rice bowls in town. Chicken is pan fried and lean....unlike Panda Express which cuts chicken leaving fat and odd shaped pieces..

Joel L.

PLEASE LISTEN TO EVERYONE ELSE. This food is awful and bland. They literally make white rice and the most bland chicken and throw over this gravy looking sauce on it and call it teriyaki. It is awful and I wished I would have listened to the reviews instead of trying it and spending 15 bucks. Never again

kenny roth

The people giving this bad reviews not sure what to say this place is amazing and the sauce is the best the game . It’s different then all other places like it so maybe the negative reviews it’s just not your taste and that’s fine nobody has the same taste. And for the people saying if they change the menus they might be a staple in the neighborhood haha you must have just moved here cause this place has been here since I was in high school here and I graduated in 02 so pretty sure they do just fine

Melinda J.

The smell of the teriyaki was horrible.... then we tasted the chicken rice bowl... all three of us had to throw it away. That's was so disgusting, how are they still in business???? Waste of money, I ended up making grill cheese sandwiches. Don't go here !

Michelle M.

Just wanted to give an honest review. I really don't like posting bad reviews on small businesses but I just had to say something. I was craving teriyaki chicken and this is actually far from it. The customer service was wonderful. I will say that. But the food is just not good. They piled the rice into one of those styrofoam bowls, covered the top with bland, thin sliced microwaved chicken (it wasn't even hot) and then covered it with a thick gravy like "teriyaki sauce." I just got over a stomach bug and chicken teriyaki with rice is seriously the only thing I feel like I can handle yet now I just feel like I will get sick again. I picked out the chicken and just ate some rice with a little sauce and tossed the rest. Very disappointed. Sadly won't return.

Gwendolyn R.

If I could give zero stars I would. This was my first time ordering from here, it was convenient due to me having to drop a package next door on my lunch break. As soon as I got home and opened my plate a smell came up and I was immediately concerned. The chicken did not look fresh at all and I even took a small bite. The taste was terrible. I immediately called them back and explained why I had an issue. All the lady kept saying was people have been ordering all day and no one had an issue. I said well I am telling you my chicken is not fresh. I have eaten teriyaki from all kinds of food places and this does not taste remotely close to teriyaki. She tried to argue about it. I said well is your shrimp fresh, immediately she said it cost more. I am calling to tell you the food isn't good or fresh and you are telling me about pricing for another item? Obviously I paid for my food so money isn't an issue. We settled on a refund and then I get to the store and everyone is giving me dirty looks as soon as I walk in. The lady again says people been eating all day and no one complained. I actually considered trying something else before going in but they rubbed me the wrong way. Their food is nasty and they are rude.

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Teriyaki To Go | Foothill Junction

5098 Foothills Blvd #1, Roseville, CA 95747
(916) 772-2540