Top It Off Frozen Yogurt

1249 Pleasant Grove Blvd # 180, Roseville
(916) 780-1880

Recent Reviews

Brittany Sawyer

Toppings and good quality yougart. Must try

Patricia Dillard

Our family has been going here for years. Every time we have gone there, we have had a wonderful experience. They offer free sample cups, every employee is friendly, and it’s all right there for you!

hannah mitchell

Loved it very clean they have a nice staff and I love the swapping out of flavors 10/10

Marilyn Jahr

My fiancé and I love to treat ourselves at Top It Off Yogurt. The store Is very clean, the staff are very friendly, the flavor selection is great and the topping selection is huge and awesome

Miya Winbush

truly disgusting place. owner has no sense of responsibility or professionalism. will not be returning.


So one day I walked in and the worker named raj said he would be with me in a moment, he went to the back and never took an order from me. I then proceeded to wait for someone when someone finally showed up with an ice cream cone that was supposedly "my order" I took the cone and it tasted very sour. I come back in and overhear raj laughing hysterically with another worker and he says "I put my semen in that cone " as of today I now have to live with raj’s semen in my stomach. I’m very unhappy and would like an immediate apology letter.

Alec R.

Where do I even begin with this shit-hole, not only were half of the yogurt machines broken, but my family and I had to sit and wait for 5 minutes for the person behind the counter to finally show up. The bathrooms were gross, and we had no where to sit. Go to menchies or nuyo instead ugh.

Bradly Bay

Love this place! They swap out flavors all the time!


Pretty standard frozen yogurt place. Very clean. Not much seating, particularly for groups over 4.

Jennifer Key

Great flavors, great prices, very friendly service, 5 stars

Dave Lundgaard

Our favorite place to go, all staff are so nice. Best flavors and amazing choice of toppings.

Edward Roberts

Small but great place for verity of yogurt. And customer service is great.

diana R

Never going back to this place my siblings and I ended up getting different flavors and added strawberries my sister tried hers before we left and she said they tasted bad so I tried some and they tasted old so I told the lady and she said she barely cut them and I'm not sure if it was the manager or owner and also said the same thing he tried one and said WE HAVE HAD WORSE honestly that's super nasty what's upsetting is they never said anything to fix the issue like you can remake your yogurt just kept saying they where fresh

Avery Goetzman

Great service. Super tasty and lots of topping options!!

Colleen J.

In a lovely shopping area wear children can play outside with great yogurt at a reasonable price!

Kimmi Young


Dmitriy Kravchuk

Good place for ice cream.

Victross F.

Styrofoam cups in 2019!?! YES PLEASE!! I'll be coming back here loyally as long as I live. The Yogurt also tastes great ;)

Elyssa J.

This is our go to yogurt spot when we have the craving. Love that you can check the flavors online. They always have a variety of yogurt flavors and their machines are never broken. Huge selection of toppings! The store is always clean. They will give you as many samples as wanted. Not stingy at all! Lots of room inside and outside to eat! There is no water fountain, just bottled water to buy.

Jessie Rice

What a great place. They have a huge variety of toppings and excellent customer service. Don’t forget to get a stamp card.

Pranav Nair

Great frozen yogurt place with many different toppings.

Troy Buchanan

The flavors were way off and to expensive

Paul G.

Good variety of frozen yogurt flavors and plentiful toppings. I have to watch my kids or else they will put a tiny bit of yogurt in the cup and fill the rest with gummy worms. Pricing is fair. Remember to bring some water, because your kids will get thirsty eating all that candy. Small water bottles are $1 here.

Ana F.

Nikki was soOoOoOOo sweet and I couldn't think of a better topping to a sweet adventure. A ton of great yogurt flavors, endless topping options, competitive pricing, clean/sanitary store and super friendly service (see first sentence).

Tracey Beaty

This place have many flavors, many choices of toppings and on top of that SUPER clean and the guy that helped us was so friendly! I will drive an extra mile to go back here !!

Robin Glick

This is a really good frozen yogurt place. They have tons of toppings and the prices are reasonable. I also love that it's super close to home. I just wish they had more flavors to choose from like menchies and waffle bowls.

Shahnaz S.

The best customer service. I like the variety of the yogurt flavors. I used to work next door and I was excited everyday for my lunch because I was able to go there. I have so many good memories with my grandchildren there.

Thomas L.

This is the best fro yo place in the area. They have amazing flavors, a huge array of toppings, and the owners/employees are incredibly nice and helpful. The store is always clean, too. I'll only go here for my fro yo.

Carrie Prout

great variety of flavors, usually one or two dairy free, friendly fro yo shop

Adrienne K.

I have read many reviews and decided to try on my own. There is a sign for pricing and also it's by the ounce I come here when I'm in the area from antelope and they always has different flavors which is super awesome always trying something new. They have hot toppings, fresh fruit, and a nice assortment of candys, nuts, and cookies toppings. They sell soda as well. There is outside seating as well as indoor seating It's always so quiet and service is not bad there are few great people super enthusiastic but some not so much. It's definitely a place to try especially when you're just on a outing with the family and it's hot

Gavin Bree

Great local froyo spot with good outdoor seating and all the fixing you need I especially like that they have non- dairy silk almond milk vanilla froyo instead of some weird sherbet-ish flavos like the other frozen yogurt places in town. 👍

Dallas Nielsen

Great selection of toppings and always new flavors

Stephanie Brown

Our family enjoys going here for frozen yogurt. They have a good selection of flavors and toppings. They have a decent sized sugar free selection, which is great for those watching their sugar intake. This place is usually super clean, too. Yesterday afternoon we went and the machines didn't look too clean and the fresh portion of the toppings looked old and mushy. There was a new guy working and he wasn't very friendly. Hoping this was a one-off deal as we really enjoy this place. I didn't let this experience change my stars, as they have historically been great.

David Jones

Great yogurt and service! Always very clean.

Bill Thompson

Good selection of yogurt, liquid toppings and candy and nuts.

Maria A.

It was hot today, so we wanted something cold and refreshing. First, you sanitize your hands then proceed to grab the appropriate size cup that suits you. They have like eight flavors to choose from--I went with the original tart. It was delicious. I topped it off with fresh raspberries and blackberries--perfect combination. We bought three small yogurts with toppings and we paid like $13. Not bad. Will come back.

Chad W.

First time here today and it was great. Not many flavors but the ones they do have are standard and all good. I tried the creme brí»lée mixed with chocolate and topped with brownie and m&ms. Lots of variety for toppings including soft brownies and donut holes! Will definitely go back.

C B.

I feel like the quality of the store has gone downhill recently. Bins are broken and removed and not replaced, it's messy and smells bad. It's our local shop and so convenient but I will probably start going all the way over to Menchies for a cleaner and nicer environment.

Georgia Bennett

This one employee named Nikki wasn't very patient when i was paying with a visa gift card and seemed annoyed at me when i asked her for sample cups. Delicious ice cream, just not a very nice employee

Tamara Larson

Nice place. The flavors don't change very much. They keep like 5 staple flavors and only rotate out like 3 so not much variety but it's clean and they have a good choice of toppings.