Bonn Lair

3651 J St, Sacramento
(916) 455-7155

Recent Reviews

Matthew J Meyer

Great atmosphere, great people!!

Trevor MC

Genuine British pub with small town vibe. knowledgeable and friendly professional staff, so no surprise they have many regulars. Plenty of soccer events if you're into that and most importantly, excellent food with a beer selection to match. Only place in town I know of with Speckled Hen on tap. Still my favorite bar in town.

Nicholas Nilsen

Cool spot, great atmosphere. Regulars have their own bar mugs. Cool Euro decor. I'll definitely go again.

Glez Me

I like this place! It’s always nice to have a different atmosphere from the rest of the bars.

Julieta B

Great beer and service. Ordered a pretzel with a La fin du monde and had an amazing time

G Alley

The trivia was fun. The food service was not good. The chips were good but the fish was soggy and not hot. We waited a long time for the food to come out.

Julieta Bustos

Great beer and service. Ordered a pretzel with a La fin du monde and had an amazing time

cori nelson

Great place to go with a small group of friends. Good food, great service and the taps change frequently.

Tom Guarnera

Good selection of English beers. Great atmosphere.

Allie B

I love this place for great beers on tap and atmosphere. Since Covid their menu is very small and too often the smokers outside generate too much smoke which drifts inside, but on the whole a good place for a pint !

Stephen Marler

Great place for a pint. Black and tan, or cider, or a traditional English, or German

James Harrold

I've supported Bonn Lair through covid and was looking forward to spending even more time here once things were more normal. Today I stopped by this afternoon and there were a dozen maskless people all hanging out inside, watching a soccer game on the big screen by the bar. It was impossible to place an order without standing right next to them.Great job supporting that 4th wave, Bonn Lair. You've lost a customer in the bargain.

Richard Randolph

Great place to hang with friends and enjoy their company

Cecilia Cruz

I love this place, you can eat and drink and have fun

Omar Tan

Great place to go with friends and chill ?.

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