Da Fei Ge

5635 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento
(916) 391-2668

Recent Reviews

Kelly S.

Already ordered so many times from Doordash.Always great! Even at like the most random time, I get a craving for meat or BBQ, never would have found this place if it wasn't for late night Doordash lol.Fast delivery, great flavors. I get lamb and beef every time. Working my way to other skewers and love that they have "unusual" meats like gizzards and gristle.

Jasmyne Williams

Horrible customer service. Very rude

Alice L.

Remind me of street food in China. Surprised to find such an authentic restaurant in Sacramento.

Allen Wang

Good food, little pricey

Mark F.

Ordered about 130 skewers. Overall it's delicious except the beef tendon needs a little more seasoning. The beef fried rice was also ok just need little more flavor. Would recommend to check this place out

Angelo B.

Super cool staff!!!!!!!!!!! Love the staff a lot! Super friendly, calm, chill.... But the food seriously.... is the worst i have ever had in my life... i dont know how or why.. but its bad.... and im sure your probably thinking bad experience... right? Same...! Same! But what i cannot seem to understand or explain is wtf is this thing doing in pancake?????? For real! I swear to god that is a freaking hot dog! I put that on everything! It was just there.... like all close and cuddled up inside my 7 dollar crispy pancake.... go figure a freaking hot dog!!!!! What are the chances that this would ever happen? Should i rejoice and play the lottery tonight? Or should I be careful to avoid walking under ladders? What about stepping on lines and cracks in the sidewalk? Oh no! I knocked over the salt!!! Is it the left shoulder or the right one?

Maranon P.

enoki mushrooms are a MUST! so comforting and tasty i cant stop ordering it. the shrimp, scallops, and dumplings were also delicious.

Lee Yuan

time limit 2hour and the food need half hour to finish cook

Lawrence W.

I think will not come back again! The taste is soso and they give the portions are small. The only thing I can give a star may be is the service. 2 adults and a kid spent $70 after still feel nothing! And we back home to ate instant noodles !

Yi-Fan Chin

Good food.

Sp L.

I love the food here so much! Foods are great! Many choices of beverages! You should give it a try! They are offering all you can eat right now. It's only $28.99 per person. The place is not big enough, so you should make a reservation first. Otherwise you would have to wait for long time to get a table.

Calvin W.

The best Chinese barbecue I have ever had!!!! I often eat at the Bay Area before this place open, this place has way better taste of barbecue compare to other bbq restaurant near by. It is worth it and way cheaper than other bbq restaurants with the AYCE special!!! (Highly recommended)

Jovita P.

Can't believe they have all you can eat now! What a cheap price for Chinese skewers!! Only $28.99 and all 4 of us got super full and satisfied! Be ready to wait for table during weekend ! It's very crowded when we were here on Friday.

Victoria T.

This place recently changed to AYCE but didn't have ANY signs in English. Excuse me, miss but it would be a lot more helpful if you let us know before we started eating. This is my last time EVER coming to this restaurant. The lady inside was extremely rude and giving our table so much attitude. One of my frIends didn't even eat and she charged him to. LOL so pathetic. Don't come to this place unless you want to get robbed. Worst customer servIce EVERR!!!!!

B J.

Couldn't find anywhere open it being the holidays and all restaurants that I would normally go to, closed before 11 p.m. I called the number provided on there website and was pleasantly surprised that they were open. In short the food was amazing,pretty much ordered everything on the kabob menu. Service was great and they even stayed open a little longer for us to finish all the food we ordered. I would definitely recommend Da Fei Ge at any time of day.

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