In-N-Out Burger

3501 Truxel Rd, Sacramento
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews


Good place to get food during quarantine. Can eat @ in and out tables which is nice.

Ky Egan

I just love how it says "Live!" "Not too busy". Pfff what a joke. Of course your not busy your GD Drive thru They could dois chained off, During the dinner time rush!! Bwahaaaha! What a joke of a buisness. After they secretly shove their religion down your throat through their paper products, the least they could do was be open during dinner time. So Im off to Del-Taco.

Stanislav Oleynik

Placerville In-N-Out is a place you must stop on your way to Tahoe. Very convenient and exactly as the name states In and then out to hw. Located right on the exit.

Kevin Hervey

I am a very thankful truck driver. I waited at entrance while employee took my order. Brought my food out promptly and even thanked me for being a driver. Very accomidating to truck drivers!!

Ja Ab

I ordered an extra crispy fries! What I got was a regular fries. Can you cook the fries properly based on my order? It is not once but twice! Come on man!

Kurt K.

This location is not unlike the other locations I've been to. Their burgers are fries are always hot and fresh. Their employees are friendly

Phil White

What do you know about the secret secret menu? My favorite: Double Double, no spread, mustard fried with pickles, 3 cheese, twice on bun with chilies. Damn, so good!

Adam Cohen

Hard to go wrong. Ask about options in case you don't already know the hidden menu. Prices are fantastic and it's a great place to feed the family. Freshness can't be best but the fries, as always, are underwhelming compared to other chains. The burger though more than makes up for it.

James Lucas

The spot is nice and roomy, the meals was yummy and the prices were very economical. fast, productive service and very amiable staff. Recommended.


Who doesn’t love in n out? It’s affordable, fast, and most importantly, delicious! The service at this location was no different than usual - friendly and quick. The lines can be long, but it also goes quickly so you’re waiting forever.

Courtney O.

I love In-N-Out. I usually order a Double Double with grilled onions, no tomatoes and ADD mustard. Mustard with their signature spread just puts it over the top for me. You can also add green chilies which my husband loves and ketchup to your burger. Animal style fries are a family favorite too depending on what kind of mood we are in. I am a fan of their regular fries though - I know some people aren't, but you can also get them well-done if you prefer them that way! They have lots of secret menu items too like grilled cheese, protein style burgers and my personal favorite - the Neapolitan milkshake! They offer 3x3 and 4x4 burgers as well - nuts! I think I read somewhere that they offer hot dogs too, but don't quote me on that. In-N-Out is one of our go to fast food places...I know they are still fast food, but I consider it one of the healthier options out there. Maybe I'll try a 3x3 some day.

Billie Montgomery

Always fresh, made to order. If a miscue was made on your order, they very promptly make it right. Friendly staff.


A good consistent fast food cheeseburger and fries place. Service is quick and polite. I prefer my french fries crisper but very good taste wise.


I, like a good Californian, love In'N'Out shamelessly. That being said, twice now I have received french fries with blue spots on them that go all the way through. I can only assume that this is moldy potatoes. The burgers have always been good, with no signs of mold on the buns. Not sure what the issue is, but it has only happened to me at this Truxel location.

Viktoriya Shabanova

Great service! We were visiting from WA for Science Olympiad competition. Had a school bus fully loaded with middle schoolers, and we were all eating in almost no time. Little did they know, that we had another bus coming, loaded with highschoolers. All went smoothly, the kids were happy with their food, and paper in-n-out hats were a great hit!

Jay Pool

Amazing like always! The animal styles fries where the best I've ever had! Would refer to anyone who is hungry and wants some fast, and amazing food.

Alejandro Fernandez

Sometimes they are really nice, but sometimes I walk into a cashier using nonverbal communication that affects what a person says.

Gina Gipa

Freshly made to my request, with everything, grilled onion, skip special sauce only mustard. Side of fresh ? fries. Delicious!

Jake McClenny

It's in n out. It's good, same as almost all the rest of them. Quality is good, employees are nice, Seattle ng area is usually pretty clean.


Quality you can taste still Rings true after all these years the soda serving size is huge and the ingredients are always fresh if you're in drive-thru you could see your meal being made

Teresa Payne

Grew up in the area and always enjoy In-In-Out. Although I have moved away and come back to visit every now and then, I enjoy this location becauseit is convenient and the local staff is friendly, sometimes I evem see a familiar face.

Jim Benney

The double double with animal fries and a vanilla shake is always a treat for me. I love In and Out everywhere I have the privilege of of getting it. I also know a few people that work for them and I am constantly impressed with the feedback I hear about how they treat their employees.

robert kennedy

Love the food, yum, and the bible verses under the drink cups and the Secret food menu.

Stanley Hernandez

Great customer service with the food being made just right. No complaints due to cleanliness of the establishment.

Richard Joseph

Fries were really soft and hard to dip. Service and burger excellent. 2x onion and Chilis is how I animal it down.

Karen H.

My food is always cold when i got through the drive-thru..I don't like spending my money for cold food..This is like the 2nd time and it's a bunch of childish kids working there..Where are the 40 years old managers who's managing this place..

Michael Frey

Continues to underwhelm but you know it's better than McDonald's quality.

Christopher Barlow

Double double animal style yum. Always fast and always get my order right.

Richard Garens

Took me 15 years to come back to wine never disappointed love the food love the atmosphere

Jeff Bernard

Its an above average burger and fries for a fast food experience and pricing.

Tyesa Rhodes

Simple menu. Nice price point. And good food no matter the location


Just as good as any other In-N-Out Burger. Double double, animal style , no fries , eat in the car. Mm mm good.

Patrice Williams

Burgers always good. The vanilla shake I had was decent

Kryslin G.

Food is always amazing but when they got my order wrong and I had to come all the way back from home only to wait for them to remake it with no compensation for the trouble, that's rude !

Ann Smith

Very Good. Excellent service. Great experience.

Andrea Sumner Borge

The slice of onion was bigger than meet patty and the two slices of tomato were even bigger than the onion slice. When I buy a burger I would like to taste the meat at some point. I really don’t understand how this place can be so popular

Jeff Dalton

Despite the amount of people that were there. They had us In-N-Out really fast. The price's are better than McDonald's.

Ryan T.

This in n out has an great friendly staff. Have never had an experience with a messed up order at this location and they've always made sure that I've left with everything I need before leaving the drive thru.

Miss S. C.

It's IN N OUT This location is great the food came out delicious and fresh and the area is nice lots of shopping places near by. On a Monday evening the place was busy but not overly crowded all the workers here seemed friendly and very Helpful

Bette L Hall

I love In-N-Out cheeseburgers with no onions. This time I ordered a vanilla shake with my order and it was horrible. It tasted like thin warm milk.