3950 Truxel Rd, Sacramento
(916) 515-0814

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Brian Irwin

This McDonald's was very good they had a lot of people that were very helpful the drive-thru had two different speakers taken orders and they gave me a really good breakfast and no staff was friendly I would recommend this McDonald's over several McDonald's I visited before have a nice day

Taylor Taylor2005

They were really fast and made sure food was warm employees were well mannered very clean ?

Trish N.

They can't do simple math here. 40 nuggets + 40 nuggets + 20 nuggets = 100 nuggets not 60. Avoid this McDonald's if you can, they shorted us 40 nuggets today. And they asked us to pull out front to wait on one large fries and forgot about it so after waiting 10 minutes we had to go inside to ask for it. They hired all the rejects to work here.

Sundeep S.

Doesnt deserve even negative stars!!! How dumb you gotta be to not be able to do one simple job. Theres like an army that works here and they cant do a simple thing!! See the pics

Keyna Coleman

The fish sandwich and spicy chicken nuggets were fresh not dried out.

Jc M.

Every time I go to this Mc Donald's they always forget something. My McFlurry. Adding extra onions on the burger (Almost every time they just don't add onions.) they constantly give the wrong size of fries. They forget the nuggets and nugget sauce. It's worth just driving an extra 5 mins to eat the Mc Donald's off of Northgate. Usually when you call or talk to the manager about what was missed they tend to dismiss you and act as if you're a pain in the ass. Mind you that you've just spent money on food and you want the right stuff you paid for. Very sad and annoying. Good luck!

Marshall Mares

It would be nice if they every got your order correct. I placed the order with the drive thru twice to make sure they got it right thinking they possibly screw this up 3 times in a row. Sure enough we ended sharing our lunch again with each other. WE ARE DONE. HOPE YOU SPEND OUR MONEY GOOD AFTER SHORTING US THE ITEMS WE ORDERED. HORRIBLE.

Teresa McCann

The service was horrible. Employees honesty acted like they didn't care and no they weren't busy. Food was cold and when telling them they only said the food is just fine. This is one McDonalds that I will never return too. But if you are in West Sacramento the McDonalds on Reed Ave I highly recommend.

Areli M.

Lamia literally cleans the counters with her hair!!Attention management not good for your business, and lobby and out side patio are disgusting, so dirty!

Andrew D.

God, this is the worst McDonald's ever! I wish we would get another McDonald's in the north Natomas cause good lord we don't deserve this trash of a place. The wait time is at least 3 hours in the drive thru, many times they've messed my order, another time they wanted me to start the 3 hour line all over again because they messed up on my mobile order. I said no sir I will not! They never put ketchup packets in your bag so always ask. I mean what psycho doesn't eat ketchup with their fries? Every time I leave there so frustrated from the wait, the terrible food and the awful service.

Ronan Barnett

I love this restaurant a lot. there is a very nice mood. The food is good. the service is dynamic and the waiters are well trained. The cost is fair. extremely recommend.

Cricri Mz

If you want horrible service- this is the place! These employees don't care to be courteous, friendly, or even give you a smirk- much less a smile! Management doesn't appear to lead by example either. Want to grab your breakfast and go in peace without having to worry about an item missing in your order or dealing with rude people- go the extra distance to the Northgate one. I've never had issues there, and management seems to be on it!

edward noble

Can't go wrong with McDonald's

Andy F.

In a world of low standards for fast food product quality and customer service- this Mckies is a t r u e testament to how awful the literal bottom of the barrel is. There is no beginning nor end to my hate for this place. The food is NEVER (and I truly from the bottom of my lil heart mean) E V E R up to par, and the par was low to begin with! And the TIME it takes to prepare this mediocre food is completely redonculous. I have never been to this locations drive thru and not been made to wait in the parking lot- and I've waited for LONG periods of time. Wow and let's get to the customer service. Oh. My. God. This place is some twilight zone realness- I've fought with the whole damn chain of command cause not a single soul behind that counter is capable of maintaining a professional attitude while genuinely trying to help you with your problem. They are RUDE (mad, big ass emphasis on that), dismissive, childish, and straight up disrespectful. Theyll sit there and defend each others bad ass attitudes and habits all day and it's clearly created this environment where everybody up in there thinks they can act out like it's some bad girls club headquarters. I could go off about each time I've been pushed so far to the edge by these snappy little children, when I'm genuinely just doing my best to maintain my composure. I've worked food service for 4 years and customer service for damn near 10 years- so I know how terrible the job can be. But there is not a single excuse for the behavior of these workers. There truly needs to be a real attitude adjustment class or something because if you're not gonna just throw the whole damn location in the garbage at least make the effort to fix its issues. I've lived in this area of sacramento damn near my whole life and I dont ever recall this place being pleasant.

J Holzer

Hot, fresh....long lines but it went quickly. And it is worth the wait. Great job at this location

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