O-Toro Midtown

2131 J St, Sacramento
(916) 661-5129

Recent Reviews

Peggy Ip

Seriously, we have been to the restaurant in person before the COVID-19 closed down everything. I am not sure when they decided to cut down a roll to FIVE PIECES. I know times are rough but every picture in here shows 8-9 pieces per roll. I know times are tough but times are also tough for my family and we chose to support this local restaurant. I was truly disappointed when I opened the box after my to-go order.

Stephen Herrera

This place is my number one restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this restaurant. everytime I I need a decent meal, this is the place that comes right away to my head. good and varied food and a large menu.great staff members, and good vibes. And very important, the charge is fair. I sent my friends to this spot with pleasure.

J Griffith

Certainly a spot worth visiting, the food is good and well prepared, the cost is convenient and it is constantly well organized here. Keep up the good work.

Marie Jan Atienza

Awesome patient workers. \\nWe were having a family reunion...super loud and having a good time but they were all very nice. Very good food and parking wasn't so much a problem at night.

Ione Hunter

The sushi is amazing, and the staff makes it perfect!

Johanna K.

Update: The owner messaged me within minutes of my review being posted. I'm changing my rating from three stars to four. I've visited a number of times and had good food and service. Tonight I ordered delivery for the first time, and what arrived was very sad and substandard. The salmon/avocado roll was ok, but the unagi roll arrived smooshed and without unagi sauce (i.e. unappetizing, dry, and bland). The chef obviously overlooked my order, which is disappointing considering how much business I have given this restaurant over the last few years.

Mary P.

Probably my favorite sushi place in Sacramento. The fish here is quality and fresh. Unlike other sushi places, they do not skimp on the size. The price does reflect the portions. The sushi chefs here are very nice and accommodating and they definitely know what they are doing in terms of selecting quality ingredients and plating. I will say that with any dish, presentation is key and they don't disappoint here. Their zig zag rolls are my favorite. The rice is perfectly seasoned but not overly stuffed. Instead, there is plenty of soft shell crab meat and avocado, the way it should be. Besides sushi, I would recommend their pork tonkotsu plate. It's perfectly fried with a crispy panko batter served with their dipping sauce. I have never tried their shabu but I am sure it is just as good.

Ameenah M.

Came to O-Toro for Valentine's Day with my friend because it was the only place that took reservations for the time we were wanting to eat. When we got to O-Toro there was a whole bunch of people in the waiting area and no host or help to be found. When someone finally helped us, she informed us that there was still going to be a wait. What was even the point of a reservation? I completely understand that it's Valentine's Day but I also know that this can't be their first Valentine's Day. It might be the hosts first time (maybe) working this holiday because her lack of attention and poor customer service, due to the holiday really overwhelmed her and it showed. It also didn't help that my friend and I were servers and we typically are extremely patient but for us to notice this, just meant that we noticed the poor customer service. We were seated at the bar because we opted for whatever was available first, for sushi. I heard they offered hot pot as well. We were greeted by the sushi chef and was handed a menu. We weren't sure who would serve us because it took a while for someone to take our order so we asked a couple next to us. They said a server came by but the sushi chef took care of us. We ordered the cucumber salad and tuna tartare to start. For our main dish we ordered three sushi rolls, one punch, sunburnt, and another one with an S. The food itself was not bad. Tbh I would like to come back and try it again when it isn't so busy. But the menu was similar to when the restaurant was Sakamoto . I remember coming once before when they changed the name and the food was similar but it didn't taste quite same even though the menu was the same. But it was an ok experience.

John Brown

Good sushi bar chefs. They haves an excellent selection of seafood from Japan in the weekends. Good uni. They know how to cut a good piece of fish.

Sierra S.

O-Toro Sushi & Shabu was good! Our group of 5 was seated quickly by friendly servers. we ordered shabu, sashimi, and appetizers. One order of shabu was a ton of food for one person so we had leftovers. The appetizers were really good but deep fried heavily. I will come back though for shabu!

morgan jones

The service here is HORRENDOUS. My girlfriend and I made a reservation for my birthday. It was a large party (~10) so we called a few days before. The evening we showed up and all our friends were there. The man who finally came to the lobby to speak with us and the other groups (a couple pairs and a group of 3) told my girlfriend that he didn't know anything about a reservation and then walked away without even trying to help us or even talking to the other patrons! The restaurant had ample seating for everyone in the lobby! A friend from the party walked up to speak with the man who helped us and was told that WE could push 2 tables together and 8 could sit there and the other 2 could sit at a different table, not with us! Furthermore he said he was "pretty much the only one here". In the meantime all the other people that were in the lobby walked out and more people walked in only to walk out when they weren't even greeted or given any sign that anyone knew they were there. What a terrible experience! Don't bother, go ANYWHERE ELSE! I've had better service at McDonald's.

Robert Pratt

Great flavors and service. We only ate the shabu side. They give big portions on the shabu side and the flavors are great and drinks come fast with all you can eat and drink for $38 it was amazing how fast they refill drinks and food. Definitely a place to come back to again and again

Linda Salimi

Amazing happy hour. Excellent service. Yummy Shabu shabu

Andrew P.

Great sushi, really enjoyed everything. There was no host when we came in, though, and there wasn't a host for a few minutes after coming in.

Rj S.

So I walk in and I'm sat instantly as there is no one in the restaurant maybe 5 other customers max and this is on a Saturday night. Next I am served water, and my server dissapears indefinitley to the back I never saw her again. The next 35 mins pass and I can't get any of the two servers to look at me so I can flag them down and actually order something. The girl with the red hair is literally doing nothing behind the sushi bar just talking to the sushi chef as a server isn't your main concern to check up on customers? We got up and left, there really is no excuse for this as there was barely anyone in the restaurant. No one said hi to me or introduced themselves after I was sat down. Waste of time.

Kei M.

My friends and I came here right when they opened for lunch on Sunday. We got seated right way. We ordered our drinks while we looked at what we wanted for food. Once we ordered, the rolls took a really long time to come out. One of my friends ordered the lunch set which came out super fast but he wanted to each with us so by the time the rolls came out, I bet his food was getting cold. I wish they timed it better for how the foods came out. Overall I thought the rolls were alright. I ate some of Spider King Roll, Dragon Roll, and Lion King Roll. Out of those, my least favorite was the Lion King Roll. I thought the one here was way too saucy for my liking and some parts of the salmon wasn't fully cooked and which was a problem for me since I am pregnant. The other two rolls, Dragon and Spider King, were decent. If there were any tobiko or ikura on the roll as topping we just asked to put it on the side. The rolls did seem like the were relatively on the small for the price they charge for each roll. I also ordered the the salmon skin temaki (handroll), which was a decent size handroll but the only thing I did no appreciate is that they did not write that there was tobiko on the menu so I couldn't ask for it on the side. I would recommend for them to make sure they update the ingredient on the menu so people can give appropriate dietary restrictions. The service was overall ok. Once more people were in the restaurant, it was harder to get the servers attention but wasn't terrible. Just wish the rolls didn't take that long, especially since we were on a time crunch. Since the restaurant is located in midtown, parking is all street parking. The area we found parking, parking was free on Sunday so that was nice.

Angela Kadara

Love these guys! Sushi chefs and waitresses are fun people and make conversation in passing. Food is beyond amazing and fair priced! My official go to spot. Ask for the fresh wasabi root nom nom nom??

Christine T.

Hubs and I wanted to try a new sushi joint and this place popped up on my yelp! (Thanks fellow Yelpers!) This is the where the old Tamaya used to be, which ironically was where my husband and I first met, so Of course not realizing it at first, we were happy to give it a try! We were greeted and seated immediately! (They also offer shabu shabu in the back of the restaurant If that's what you're interested in) The staff is attentive. Sometimes a little too attentive! Within the first ten minutes of being seated, we were asked multiple times if we were ready to order. Slightly much, but can be overlooked. The menu is large, but they're obviously known for their o-toro (extremely delicious, fatty, melt in your mouth tuna!) They also have a very unique thing here that apparently many other sushi restaurants don't, which is green tea beer! The owner (I think) came to our table and offered it to my husband and he loved it! The beer is GREEN, had a nice matcha smell, and according to him, worth coming back for. I ordered the lychee martini (subpar) We ordered a lot! We had spicy scallop had rolls (which were good!), o-toro sashimi which was Devine, BBQ sizzling albacore (which was just okay. Grilled onions and asparagus were great, but albacore slightly overcooked due to being on skillet). All the food was good and will definitely be back to try more options and green tea beer!

Marilyn Hernandez

Good food and friendly service! Yummy appetizers.

Anna M.

Came here for hot pot and it was amazing! The O'Toro special broth was delicious! We will definitely be coming back. Can't wait to try the sushi!

Alexander Sanchez

One of the best places for sushi and shabu, the scorpion is my favorite roll. Service is great, the venue is large especially for a midtown restaurant. The decor is a in a modern, minimalist, Japanese inspired style. Great place for a casual date or food with friends.

Rizaliz N.

Mainly giving the 3 stars because the service was pretty good. They forgot to give us our utensils when our first roll came out but they apologized and I can understand it was a bit busy. My friend and I were catching up so we were in no rush to order just yet. We went to this place together back when it was sakamoto (I think that's the name) and we both loved it so agreed to go here. The selection of rolls wasn't much. So we just went with two basic/classic rolls the Philadelphia and the lion king. Our server told us it would take about 15 minutes for the Lion King which was nice to know. I felt kinda bad when he asked us how the food was because we weren't all that enthusiastic. The rolls were a bit on the smaller side for the price you pay but also have to account you are in midtown I suppose. ‍ After last night I just wished the food was as good as the service.

Abbie N.

Service is decent and this is a great place for large groups. I like that people can eat sushi and Shabu. The sushi is pretty good, especially their sashimi.

C F Malone

Ok place for delicious sushi. I give this place two thumbs up. Looking forward to coming back with my coworkers. The bill was decent for the quality. Atmosphere and food reminds me of Virginia Beach.

Anthony Rose

Sushi, mmm, super delicious. It was so delicious. The service was very sociable and kind. The place has a cool atmosphere. Ambience reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Phyllis Hardy

sushi, so fresh. Looking forward to returning with my coworkers. The bill was fair for the quality of the food.

Ken W.

We came to a Christmas Party to this Japanese restaurant in Mid Town Sacramento. First time here but we are definitely coming back very soon with our family. Excellent food! Excellent Services and Great dinning atmosphere! The manager, Steven, made all of us feel like VIP and in fact, I watched him working from one table to another and he treated Everyone like a VIP as well. My 5-Stars is for Steven, his staff, his food and his restaurant indeed!

Sergio D

One of my fav locations for sushi. The service here is great. The prices are well within reason for the quality.

Ashley C.

I was craving sushi after a night in the lavender district and found this spot was open. I had seen it several times since it's located close to the hookah spot I go to often. It was pretty empty which allowed the four of us to be seated quickly. Our server was attentive and was patient with us, since one of my friends was a bit much! I ended up ordering the tonkatsu ramen without pork and it was yummy!! I definitely want to come back and try out their dishes!

Tsa *

Tuna Poki Salad is so good! And the portions were large. Daily happy hour from open til 5 pm

Rachael G.

Came here with my BFF, we wanted to get Oysters, and the last time we went out, the place was out. So we were seated pretty quick, looked over the menu, ordered a few drinks, then had to wait several minutes before we could order food since they were a bit busy. We ended up ordering the Cowboy roll and two half Oysters; however, they did not have enough for two full half orders, so we took what was available, and they provided a discount. The food was fabulous Oysters were excellent, and the roll was incredible.

Sanghoo P.

Came here last night with my best friend. We were feeling a bit peckish but not super famished. We were seated promptly and the waitress took couple minutes to get our drink orders and several more minutes after to get our order. It was a Wednesday night, one big party and one smaller party and couple patrons here and there. Waitress was working hard and diligently. The decor was modern with a touch of upscale. We noticed right away this place served A5 wagyu beef and oysters. We wanted both so we ordered: (2) 6pc oysters on a half shell: ***** (tasty!) Cowboy Roll (has A5 wagyu beef): ***** (recommend!) (2) Lychee Martini: ***** (it was delicious) Hot Tea: ***** (piping hot and good) Decor: ***** Service: ***** 30/30 stars, 100%. I'm definitely coming back to explore the menu more next time around.

Jess L.

I came here with my family on a Sunday night, and I was impressed by their Sunday crowd. It was a little confusing to have so many different servers throughout the night, but it was surmountable. The rolls and tartare were definitely the winners at the table. Everyone agreed those were the best dishes. My ramen was pretty boring, but I actually appreciated that it wasn't crazy salty. I did appreciate the tempura shrimp on the side. The karage was good for sharing, but I've never seen such small pieces. The lychee martini hit the spot! Might be my new neighborhood sushi spot.

Teresa C

Tuna Poki Salad is so good! And the portions were large. Daily happy hour from open til 5 pm

Johnny Yates

Sushi... my favorite treat. This place is absolutely outstanding. Certainly worth a return trip. The place has a cool atmosphere.

Marco Brandt

A favorite place for tasty sushi. Came in on a Weds. I see why this place has a lot of great reviews.

Erika L.

I miss this place! I use to come here almost every Sunday after church with friends and family and they never disappoint. The quality and freshness of food is great, the ramen is one of the best in Sacramento and servers are very nice and friendly as well. The sushi rolls are very tasty and sashimi are always fresh. I can't wait to visit again soon!

Alien K.

I've been here so many times with friends or family and I'm never disappointed by the food or service. From the presentation and tastiness of the sushi to the friendliness of the employees--everything is wonderful! Very good people here. And even if you dine alone and go to the sushi bar, you'll still get good company along with your meal. For me, their sushi and sashimi set the bar. I often find myself comparing other sushi restaurants to o-toro haha.

Katherine Elkins

Great food an even better head chef/owner! Tastes just like the ramen you get in Japan. Can’t say enough good things about this place, the food is amazing and delicious! With new management he promises to make it even better.

Akash Lal

Great food and cool vibe. Love the highlighter green chairs!! They have a nee manager who has incredible service.