O Toro Sushi & Shabu

2131 J St, Sacramento
(916) 661-5129

Recent Reviews

Roger King

Disappointing sushi, amateurish, small portions, cut in all different sizes 5:1 rice:fish, tough and stinky nigiri. Such a well stocked sushi bar and empty chairs everywhere. 10 blocks from home, my favorite fish on the menu and I won’t return. This establishment doesn’t live up to its name.

Monique D

Too much rice in their rolls. The fish was fresh, could have been more fresh but still good. I also ordered a Philadelphia roll with fresh salmon and they still brought it out smoked. If I could write them a 3.5, i would

Ricardo Contreras

Good service and very tasty food.

Shrek Matthews

Some good sushi. Ramen was dope too

Shane Molaison

It's a nice place to eat.

Anne-Marie Pham

All you can eat? All you can drink? YES PLEASE!!! I’ve been here a few times and the food is always so fresh and the service is beyond incredible!!! Specifically speaking about our server Eric! He’s very energetic, great energy, fun, and most of all provides top-notch customer service!!! I haven’t met a server that enjoys their job as much as him, and it shows with the service that he provides!!! He leaves us laughing, smiling, and stuffed!!! He left such a great impression on me and my friends!! Thank you Eric!!!!


All you can eat? All you can drink? YES PLEASE!!! I've been here a few times and the food is always so fresh and the service is beyond incredible!!! Specifically speaking about our server Eric! He's very energetic, great energy, fun, and most of all provides top-notch customer service!!! I haven't met a server that enjoys their job as much as him, and it shows with the service that he provides!!! He leaves us laughing, smiling, and stuffed!!! He left such a great impression on me and our group!! Thank you Eric!!!!

Ryan S.

Solid sushi joint. Lots of great rolls here. The fish is pretty fresh. I like the one punch roll and the st Patrick rolls. Also. The steaming albacore is a fantastic starter. Pretty solid staff - the sushi chefs are great. I have one small gripe though.. sometimes the servers are a little inattentive. There's been several times where I've felt forgotten about. Overall though, I'd recommend!

Brad F.

The gf and I tried O-Toro on a whim and loved it. Great service attentive but not bothersome. They explained the menu well and I had the Heat Shabu and she ordered sushi. The have an entire bar in the back with with tables made for the hot pots. Perfect for having somewhere you can talk and just really enjoy the food. Everything tasted very fresh. If you have never tried the Shabu, give it a whirl we love it. Oh, great Sake drinks lots of choices.

Katie Gerhart

Great local sushi restaurant with fresh ingredients and affordable daily happy hour. My favorite picks are the specialty Crunchy Roll and J St Roll, both $8 for happy hour (daily from open until 5pm). Service is usually quick, but if they're busy don't be shy about kindly calling over a server for another drink or your bill if things are taking a while.

Quintin Chan

Sushi is good and the staff is friendly. It's open late which is nice. Really enjoyed some of the house cocktails. Late night happy hour is always great as well.

Sinchay P.

I really love coming here for the two amazing combination of business idea! You can enjoy the do it yourself hot pot and order some yummy sushi rolls or sashimi on the side. Best of both! The fish here are always fresh. The shabu are standard. The only minus thing is service. I've been coming here quite often and the young Asian girl, at the bar/shabu side of the room, makes me like we are a nuisance to her. I mean, I understand sometimes waiters/waitresses can have an off day, but rule of thumb of the job is to smile at least. Sorry to say from just someone who once worked as a waitress as well. Other besides her the other waiter/waitress are welcoming and greets with a smile and who knows if they had an off day. Also, checks on us regularly and attentive if we ever needed help.

Krissie S.

super fresh sashimi with awesome presentation. they put it on a log. it was actually chirashi but basically the same except they put some sauce on it. one of them was soy sauce so i had to ask for a new set of fish cuz i'm allergic to soy but they gladly obliged and apologized. she said order sashimi next time because that's just plain fish but for some reason that's more expensive than chirashi so idk what's up with that. can't beat an 8 piece california roll for 5 bucks during happy hour either, which is all day until 5pm. excellent service and awesomeness all around. i hope they stay open for a long time.

Jenny Aguilar

Gosh, ok. So we went for a friends dinner party and yes there were several of us (10 maybe) but the service was pretty shaky, we had to locate a server for our drinks each time, we never got our appetizer, our foods came out at separate times, our poor server was all over the place, I asked to add cream cheese to my roll and was told no, because it was the"dinner combo" oh and if you're wanting that all.you can eat , you can only if your WHOLE table is participating.... Which, yes I get, but damn that also sucks.....

Ellen B.

Second time here = horrible service and bad tasting rolls. We came here for my bday lunch. Had a horrible experience!! The sushi chefs just left in the middle of us eating at the sushi bar. We were not done eating. There were only 2 other tables, so they were not busy. Sushi was full of rice!!! Where is the fish??? I actually had to get up to go look for the waitress to give us our bill. Not going back!!! Worst bday lunch ever.

Lohriena Lohrie

This was our first visit, and we liked it. The fish and food was very fresh and everyone who worked there was nice. I'd like to go back and try more things from their menu.

rafael de leon jr

The service was good and the fry vegetable shrimp tempura was good. Now the meal was okay. I would have to go back and try a different meal to see if I would recommend this place.

Alex Kechik

Great people better food try the Godzilla roll it’s a good spicy deep fried roll

Betty Park

Good service. Tasty food.

Tina T.

Omg love love the all you can eat here. They have a wide range of seafood meat and appetizers. Now for the sushi Jason was awesome he brought us so many good sashimi. And it was one of my girlfriends birthday she got a mochi and ice cream for free it was super cute on a wooden board. The overall presentation of the food and quality is pretty good. Service is amazing as well.

Jessica Tax

The restaurant is divided into two sides, one for sushi and the other for shabu. We ordered from the sushi menu. My favorite was the O'toro sushi rice; it's not what it sounds like. The food was delicious and the presentation was done very well.

Dimples M.

This place may just be.....No-this place IS my new favorite sushi spot. This place is also currently Sacramento's most unknown lunchtime special gem. The food is very good and with the salad and soup that come with the lunch combo plates you might need a to go box. I also highly recommend the lunch tempura (or the regular menu tempura as well). By the way-the menu is a very good one that covers all the bases and if you can't find something to order from the vast selection I'm just gonna say ahead of time-there might be something wrong with you because there's plenty to choose from. I believe this is the second reincarnation after the famed tamaya sushi closed down (and word on the street is that they didn't go happily off into the sunset either but oh well-moving onward.....) and I just hope people give O-toro a try because they're worth it. Good midtown eats-try it for yourself and see!

Lee A.

Location, location, location as they say in real estate. I believe that's the only thing keeping this place in business. The layout is strange with it's bright yellow chairs. I feel the decor is all over the place, and I haven't even commented on the sushi yet. My coworkers and I decided to go for lunch, not to mention I went here just a week ago for a business gathering as well. The sashimi is okay, however the veggie roll I ordered was a complete joke. It was falling apart when I barley grasped for it with my chopsticks. The veggies in my roll were so minuscule in size that if you end up ordering one I would recommend bringing a magnifying glass.

Jessie Ann

O-Toro has very amazing food. My mom loves their sushi. She said it's one of the best she's tried so far and I really love their Lunch Plates with Beef Teriyaki and Sesame Chicken. Everything is very delicious and the staff is very kind, welcoming and generous. I would recommend this place to anyone who asks for a good placw to eat!

Kayla L.

Ordered for pick up last night. It was done when they said it would be, no wait for me. The food .. though lack esthetics since it's in a box, it taste just just as delicious as it should. Will order again. I'm a mango lover, I got to try their new mango madness roll, didn't get a pic before I scarfed it down, will take one next time. My new fav roll!!

James Zandian

Food was very mediocre at best. Add to this the fact, the served food doesn't match the definitions on the menu. Or at best, they don't serve you what the menu says they will. Disappointed.

Chadwick Hatfield

One of my fave sacramento sushi spots. The lion king is fantastic

jhu paradox

Nice staff and friendly sushi chefs for made to order.

June F.

Came here for a friend's birthday dinner. We made a reservation for 8. We saw that there was an AYCE and AYCD option. Some of us wanted to do it, but there were some that didn't cause they were our DDs. At first, the server said that if one does it, we all had to do it. And that didn't make sense to us for the very reason that we had DDs. We said that to the server and she ended up saying that it was okay for some of us to do AYCE and AYCD and for those that were driving could just do AYCE. We ordered a few sushi rolls and those were fire. I honestly don't remember what they were lol. This place does their AYCE different. They gave us this MASSIVE plate filled with vegetables and another one filled with meat. It was really overwhelming to look at. Maybe this is their way of not having to constantly put in your order? I would have preferred that they give us smaller plates instead. The meat and vegetable options were decent. I thought that the broth was alright as well. I probably would not come here again unless someone decided to do a birthday here.


Consistent and good sushi great staff.

Mia D.

This place is amazing. Let me explain. We arrived and we had primo parking right in front of the restaurant. It was super easy to find. It's located near Tapa the World restaurant. Upon walking in, we were asked if we had reservations and I said yes. I checked the site before we arrived and saw that we needed reservations (maybe they accept walk ins but I wasn't going to take the chance because it was a Saturday night and it's a going out night for most people). When we arrived, there wasn't that many people in the place so that was good. The hostess was super friendly and she even asked us where we wanted to sit. I said near the window so we could people watch and so that we could see if it was going to start raining again since it rained all morning. We sat down and took one look at the menu (so many amazing options) and we couldn't decide what we wanted. We were torn between so many options. I was trying to determine how hungry I was...if I wanted just sushi, or if I wanted sushi AND a combo meal. What was even better was that they have happy hour every day...yes even Saturdays before 5pm and then again at 10pm. We ordered Godzilla, stuffed mushrooms, Biter, Sunburnt and Shawn's special. We also ordered beer (Sapporo) because of course it was happy hour. We had to take advantage of it. For 3 people, we were pleasantly surprised that we didn't go buck wild on ordered and feeding our face. We were starving when we came in but we were super full when we left. Okay, so onto the food... Stuffed mushrooms: O.m.g. Think of half shitake mushrooms topped with crab salad, cream cheese, green onions and deep fried in tempura batter and topped with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo sauce. It was soooo good. There's only 6 piece but it was a nice start to the food that was about to arrive. I think it's normally 4 pieces but we ended up being special last night. Kudos to the chef. Thanks buddy. We already told you how much we love you but I'm stating it here again that WE LOVE YOU!!! Shawn's Special: This sushi was pleasantly spicy. It's made of yellow tail, cucumber and jalapeno topped with spicy mayo, avocado, spicy tuna, eel sauce, white sauce, scallions and tobiko. It was fresh, delicious and melt in your mouth awesomeness. Sunburnt: Wow! This one has a special smokiness flavor that was definitely different but welcoming in my mouth. This sushi is spicy tuna, spicy crab, shrimp tempura with scallops, spicy mayo, garlic may, torched and topped with unagi sauce, green onions and tobiko. At first bite I was in love and wanted to order another order but we have two other orders of sushi currently on our table. I was so happy with my order. I was torn between ordering this sushi and ordering once punch because they both had what I normally like in my sushi. Our waitress was helpful and recommended that I try the sunburnt sushi and that I wouldn't be disappointed. I DEFINITELY WASN'T DISAPPOINTED. I wanted more. Biter: This one was funny when we ordered it. We were torn between this one and Fantastic. Our server again was super helpful. Just her reaction when we said Biter pretty much made our decision for us. So we ordered it. We weren't disappointed here either. Biter has spicy crab and shrimp tempura topped with avocado, sake, lemon, jalapeno, sriracha, house sauce, daikon and chili powder. This sushi was a work of art. The daikon topped the sushi and it was so pretty that we had to take so many pictures of it before we devoured it. Everything was so fresh and meshed well together. You could taste all the flavors. It made you want more, just like the other orders. Godzilla: This one was HUGE. We were amazed at its size when it arrived. It was so pretty too. We almost didn't want to eat it because it was so pretty. This sushi has crab stick, cream cheese and avocado roll deep fried then topped with spicy tuna, unagi sauce, spicy mayo, tobiko, onion and sesame seed. You normally wouldn't think

Hugo Nava

Sat at the bar. The sushi chef was super cool, has a great conversation and their happy hour menu is pretty good too.

Robert Agustin

First off we came here because this is a good keto diet option for us, something new to add to our list of places to go to. As we enter we stood at the front counter waiting to be seated, the waitress says hello from across the room and continues to stand at the computer, so we were not sure if we seat anywhere or if they seat us. After a few minutes I ask if we are suppose to seat ourselves, she said ya and that she didn't know if we were deciding to eat here. I then told her that we wanted the shabu and she said it was to the back where the bar was. We walk through picked our seats. The waiter came over, but didn't introduce himself but helped us with the menu since it was our first time and we got to order. After a little our food came and we started putting our sides Into the shabu. The food was ok the yam noodles which is why we came for was also okay. After that the service was kinda terrible, my wife asked for water and my cup was empty and he had only filled my wife's cup and walked away and had to call him back. He checked on us about 20 mins later by then all the meat was gone and we waited to order some more. It took some time for our 2nd order to come out as we just sat there. Again finished all the meat and wanted to place our order but our waiter was no where to be found and our water glasses was once again empty. At this point we were just annoyed and over the terrible service and wanted our check. Paid our bill walk towards the front and noticed that there were more people towards the sushi side of the restaurant. Bottom line the service wasn't great for 430pm on Sunday for shabu, especially when there is more people on the sushi side, the shabu side seems not as important eventhough you are paying $30pp. We came for the noodles and it's something we can do without being on keto. Overall the food was just ok. I hope they can find away not to forget about the customers on the other side of the restaurant so that they can have excellent service.

Valerie A.

Solid happy hour and lunch place with great prices and deals. $2 beers and $4 wines too. Not busy but still other people eating to not make it seem dead on a weekday lunch. Would definitely come back and have more rolls or sashimi or apps on their happy hour. We got the karaage chicken app, Shawn's special roll and garlic salmon sashimi. All good and attentive servers!

Megan E.

I've been to this place under several different names, but I'd say that I've had the most satisfactory experiences under its most recent management. Every time I've gone, I've gotten the Kraken roll, which is delicious. The miso soup and spicy edamame are awesome too! I will say that there's a little bit of a musty smell to parts of the seating area--so much so that each time I've been there the people I'm with have commented on it. I also have tried the California roll and the Philadelphia roll and, while they were good, they weren't the best I've ever had. Definitely a convenient and easy place to find good-quality food! Looking forward to trying other items on the menu.

Mindy L.

This review is for the All you can eat Shabu and our awesome server Anthony! We got so lucky to have Anthony. I called in to confirm what time they started Shabu hoping to have a meal at 1 PM for a party of 8. Turns out Shabu doesn't start until 5 PM but since it seemed to be like a slow day, Anthony was so nice to ask the kitchen if we could have Shabu which the kitchen was so gracious to let us. Anthony was A1! Had the right songs playing for a good time and continuously checked back on us with a great attitude. Several other servers and even the head Chef stopped by our table to check on us. A few of my friends can handle a lot of heat so the head chef brought us his special chili sauce which was so nice of him! Get your cameras ready because the presentation was spot on. Meats, seafood, and vegetables come out on a large white plate and everything is nicely stacked. The quantity of meat at a given time kept us busy and we never felt like we had to wait to put in another order. Definitely try the karaage chicken! Overall, we all had a great time with great food, company, music and customer service. Extra Note: it's 2 hour max street parking (pay with card) and there are limited parking meters across the street from the restaurant.

Spring W.

Ordered Ramen to go. Good ramen, but the noodles had congealed into a ball of noodles and took sometime to get apart and eat.

Cindi W.

we were here a few times under different names still good sushi and good staff!! Don't fret a bout the name change. they really are yummy. she after you get all the fresh yummy sushi you walk two blocks to Temple and have tea. works for me!! although today, we took sushi to go cause a big storm is brewing and we are gonna sit in our hotel and eat it and watch rain and hear wind!! Very good sushi and good happy hour too!!


Have a dinner with my friend in this small sushi house in downtown Davis, California.You can choose to sit at the sushi bar or regular table, depending on what you would like to order. We choose the table service and order a few Japanese dishes including some rolls and also Japanesk sakes that are served very warm (that is great).The service is great and the food is tasty.

Miles Irby

Great spot!