3511 Truxel Rd #403, Sacramento
(916) 928-6113

Recent Reviews

Kim Mears

Staff was friendly. Location was busy and took 40 minutes to get our order

Kimberly TheKween Adams

Friendly staff and clean store

Ronald Joseph

They make an excellent vanilla bean frappe with 3 shots of espresso ☕️ so it’s always on point. Customer service was excellent and parking was ample too.

Simona Sanders

The manager is nice, but some of the staff project their issues onto customers. Sometimes curt and short with you. Cut you off when you're talking or outright ignore. And don't get me started on their attitudes. Hoever, the manager -- I believe she's a Hispanic woman -- is always bright and chipper, ready to rise to the occasion. If not for her they'd get two stars.

Margarita leyva

Vanilla iced chai was delicious! And my mom loved her sugar free Cinnamon dolce iced decaf coffee. Perfect for diabetics!

Sandi Lee

The people who work here are super nice. I was just passing thru on my way back to southern Ca. If I could give them another star, I would.

Lily Lopez

I went yesterday around 8 PM , "Leila" (I'm not sure about her name) but was the cashier at that moment was rude. I order a small cranberry little pay and she gave me another sweet bread different of what I ordered, when I told her about it, she completely ignored me. I was waitting for about 5 min to be attended, when basically there were not people ordering, until I demanded be attended. Leila answered me super rude. Said to me that she wasn't at the position to change the bread I wanted .. Finally, the supervisor notice that the morning shift put the wrong name on the bread. There is no customer service. By the way it's a dirty place.

Christopher Geraghty

My pour over was started after my hot food order and drinks were made. NOT happy.Workers need to learn order of making drinks!!!!!

Where's The Foul

This place was so unclean. The hubby and i hadn't had a coffee date in a long time and this was our magical evening? The inside floor was FILTHY. For being closed for dine-in guests due to covid, I'd expect it to be immaculate. There was so much garbage on the floor, ---I--- wanted to sweep. The milk machine kept getting wiped with a milky rag that just kept sitting in a bin full of milky water and who knows the last time they changed out that rag.I wanted to enjoy our cold evening alone in the outdoor seating with our hot coffees. THAT area was a mess. Smh. Fail. I don't want to come back here. Starbucks has always been romantic, but this was like a bad mcdonald's

Gee Cali

This starbuck waited tell I already ordered and payed and been waiting 10 minutesbefore they told me I need to leave for not having a mask. I have multiple repertory issues and I don't have the lungs to breathe throw a mask. They told the short blonde lady told mr. To get out like I was diseased. I told her I'm not going anywhere tell you give me my money back, she got louder and I said nope nope nope, not going anywhere without my money. So she ripped me off $1.25 because they already started making the drink. 85% of the people that contracted coronavirus were mask wearers. All of this communism is for nothing.

bobby nani

Love the chocolate brownie here.


Cashier didn't understand what my Neice was saying,. Barista magically made it right and I had a mocha for vodka later!!!

blong her

It's a great Starbucks coffee ☕ shop

izhar ahmad izhar

A lot of people inside disorganized people waiting to place order and people to pickup we’re all together. Waited like 15 minutes wasn’t able to place order went back to another Starbucks will never come again to this location

Christina Sullaway

One of my favorite stops when I'm running errands. Honestly make going into that particular shopping center (I'm not the biggest fan of that one - so busy and no one seems to slow down & treat it like a parking lot). Staff is awesome and friendly.

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