El Pollo Loco

1695 Kendall Dr, San Bernardino
(909) 880-6337

Recent Reviews

Voltron Prime

Made exactly what I wanted and they didn't mess up the order.Food: 5/5


Food was good the only bad thing they gave me the wrong burritos. I offer chicken burritos and they gave me beef burritos .I went to the cashier and she order another burritos .I ask for onions and cilantro on the side and the put it into the burrito. It was a messIf you go eat there be careful check your orders before you leave.

Christine Gray

I made an online order and they didn't have my order ready when I arrived at my pickup time. Then I had to wait about 20 more minutes for them to finally decide to make my order because she was trying to say she doesn't have the order. I insisted because I told her it was already paid for and pull up my confirmation email to show her. She went into the office to call someone on the phone for about 10 minutes until she finally made my order. This is the second time they messed up my online order.

Johnny Storm

I went in about 7pm and the chicken was fresh and delicious. They ran out of the Hi c fruit punch unfortunately but I was still satisfied.Food: 5/5

Johnny S.

I'm not sure what they make their creamy cilantro with. Every time I come I usually spend anywhere from $45-$60 for a family meal and any time I ask for a creamy cilantro I always get attitude and maybe half of one filled with the creamy cilantro because apparently paying for $60 worth of food is in enough to get some extra sauce. So on top of the crap customer service or attitude anytime you asked for it they hardly give you any anyways. That sauce must be made out of gold because anytime I always just get a nasty attitude about it. I mean when I ask for a extra they give me a halfway filled one where I'm wondering if someone used it. That's crazy.

team cakes

Using old chicken inside of the burritos not fresh cooking it’s left overs. Not good at all gave me running belly. Please use fresh food having a restaurant you have to care about the food if not do a job you’re passionate about to put your all. I was dreaming about burritos all night and woke up and waited till open and was disappointed smh messing up a good franchise make

Alex M.

The guy working there is so fukkinhh fine ‍ He gave me extra mashed potatoes I was like okayyyyy someone help me find his #

Deb M

I didn't eat there, just used the restroom, Bathroom were smelling foul, which made the restaurant smell unfresh, so my friends wanted to leave .

Sindy Zambrano

The food was dry ( chicken and rice)and the salsas had no flavor(all water). So disappointed, didnt even eat it, i end up throwing it out. I should have just cooked at home.

Omar C.

This place has great Customer Service and the restaurant is always clean. I visit this restaurant 1-2 a week. The pollo bowl combo is less than $6 dollars. Also, this restaurant has horchata - others don't carry it. They also don't charge for creamy cilantro, which others do. This is one of my favorite restaurant's and by far best location in Southern California.

Mary Pierce

Great service. Nice staff. Clean restaurant


They didn't give me the churros, tortillas and chips I ordered in my takeout bag and didn't find out until I got home... Called but of course there's nothing that they can do.. Typical.. Step up your game LoCo!!


HorribleNone of the peeps that work there would give me some ice during the heat and had to deliver packagesAll i wanted was some ice that was itAnd they gave me a sarcastic look like if i was gonna rob something


Is it normal for the large sides to not be full? This place is also stingy on the salsa, only 4 for a 12 pc dinner. We will try a different store.

Mariana Sanchez

Food is good. However, I know the store closes at 11pm, but the restaurant doors are always locked. It makes picking up to go orders very difficult. Sometimes I want to sit down for a meal but it’s very strange that we can’t dine in once 5pm comes around. Google says dine in is available but that doesn’t seem very accurate. Please clarify this.

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