Five Guys

525 E Hospitality Ln Suite D, San Bernardino
(909) 890-5666

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Richard Hutchison

Ho boy! We just grabbed some bacon burgers and fries from this Five Guys and Malek and the team absolutely nailed it! Everything from the crispy grilled patty to the finely fried fries was decedent and delicious. Thank you Team! We are going to have to come back and get some more. If you haven't gone to this Five Guys yet, you should.

Keion Smith

I spent over $75 for me and my family food to not be made the way I asked. I hate restaurants that don't make your food right standing there telling them what you want on each burger and it doesn't get done I'm definitely not going back to this place again. Spent all this money and I'm still hungry smh.Food: 2/5

To Busy

I get to choose my topping on my burger which is good and the fries are delicious but the thing i like the most are the wide variety of drinks are available.Food: 5/5

SCRAPtor 1023

Everyone holds 5 guys in high regard, but i paid over $10 for a single bacon cheeseburger that left me still hungry. The price for the burgers doesnt match the size of the burger. I can go to another fast food chain and buy a combo meal and not have to worry if it will fill me up. 5 guys is all hype.


Serving up juicy burgers unlike in-N-out.

Daniel Perez

Five Guys is always good. Burgers are made fresh and the Cajun fries are always delicious. Only complain and I know prices have gone up everywhere but $18 for a bacon burger and and order of medium fries is a bit to much. For those prices I rather go to a sit down restaurant and have a gourmet burger.

Cheyenne Wagner

Burgers are awesome, but for the third time in a row this location has charged me for 6 patties when I ordered 3 singles. This and this alone is why my family and I will not be returning.

Luke Phillip

Not a fan. The meat is okay, and the fries are decent, but the prices are out of control. I will stick with In N Out, for a better burger and lesser pocket damage.

Rosslynn Medina

Very friendly staff (went on a Sunday) and the Fry man handled those fries!!! Only wish they offered gluten free buns!! Besides that, I like how they have all the toppings in a aluminum pan/ container. Only thing that I would suggest is if someone is getting a meal with fries give the the THICKER bag!

Randina Bliss

Very good cheeseburger. Good French fries. Restaurant clean. Bathroom clean. Staff friendly and helpful.


Five Guys has a pretty solid burger and great service!Place is always clean and well maintained.Employees are very welcoming and super friendly.Burgers and fries are pretty damn good!Beef is well seasoned and fries are crispy.Love that you can customize your burger with a bunch of toppings at no extra cost.Fries both regular and Cajun style are bomb.My only complaints are that the buns aren't the best and they are pretty pricey for their size.

Amber Hosford

The atmosphere is nice, the employees are friendly and the food is always fresh.

Daniel T.

basic backyard burgers...I think people like these because of all the toppings they offer but if you had the burgers by themselves, they would be considered sub-par at best...throwing peanut shells on the floor doesn't make the burgers taste it wasn't for BK, these would be at the bottom of my list for burgers...also, why are they so pricey?

Natalie F.

Kayla was super patient and super sweet. I appreciated her professionalism! She made sure my order was correct which I appreciate when you build a burger lol

Frank M

Just got kicked out now for not wearing a mask. Thanks Karen, you’re very on top of things. I was already in, so did I contaminate everything?

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