Golden Dragon

1042 W Highland Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 883-3390

Recent Reviews

miguel perez

The side was really good .... orange chicken a little over cooked .... rice was bad to me .... egg rolls were ok .... the guy had great customer service tho ... food was cheap spent 16 with 2

Алёна Андреева

5 points for service and for very, very large portions!

Michael Giove

Best pork fried rice I ever had.

Marilyn Cruz

Great foodGreat pricesAnd parking I give a 2

Alejandro Guerrero

Omg the Kung Pao chicken/beef ?And Mongolian Beef ?Go visit my friends, Jennifer, & Jasmin, and Jennifer's Son: very attentive people. GoParking: Park in Behind

Shandenxs Smith

I really enjoyed this place. The food was really good. It's also kid friendly. Really nice people.Kid-friendliness: A family friendly atmosphere

Steven Parra

Really good food and great service, the owners are really nice love the sizzling rice soup

Antwan Price

Nice customer service... food smelled excellent... taste of greatness..Would definitely go back...Parking: A little tight but okay

Hollie Meeks

I have been eating here for many years. The food is very authentic. I usually eat here at least once a week. All of their food is excellent. I highly recommend this place .

Ki Yun

If you want Korean-ish Chinese food, please come and enjoy spicy seafood noodles and black beans sauce noodles. Best in southern California.


Food is always on point hot, fresh and, full of favor. Service is Great friendly and attentive. Comfortable and peaceful setting to gather for a meal.

Comfy Commuter

Food was awful greasy stuff. Very dirty place in bad location

Nancy R.

Filthy and disgusting. I saw the cockroach in my takeout before I ate anything fortunately Waste of time and money.

Pastor Brian W.

Well, I haven't patronized this place in a while, but I decided to give it a try today. However, I'm very disappointed in the customer service. I came to the restaurant and waited to be seated; after sitting down and looking over the menu, I waited about five to seven minutes, and two individuals came in who seemed to be of the same nationality as the owner. I noticed immediately she began to attend to them and ignore me; after sitting there for a few more minutes and watching her serve the two guys that came in after me, I asked a question whether they were there before me. And very rudely, she gave me an absurd answer. (Me) I WAS SEATED FIRST! Nonetheless, she went back into the kitchen to get more food for the two men and did not take my order; after experiencing this, I got up and walked out. I refuse to spend my money at a place where they don't treat customers equitably. Do not patronize this business due to racial bias. Boycott this place until they learn how to treat all customers the same! Note: The owner or waitress was unpleasant and unwelcoming!

Adrian A.

The food here is very good and the prices decent. The service is slow do too only having one person,but it is worth the time. I'll be back to eat here again. A little holl in the wall place, if you Bleecker you will miss it.

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