Old Town Baking Company

999 S E St, San Bernardino
(909) 945-0400

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Jonathan Bradbury

This place is awesome. I used to stop in at the other chain sandwich place, a few blocks up, for my tuna sandwiches. This is a wonderful alternative that I finally checked out.Especially now that they, Old Town Baking Co., have their own pre-order app as well. I can build a sandwich on the app, drive down, stop in grab it quick and go on my lunch breaks. The people working are always fantastic! and eager to make sure I get everything.Their fresh breads, bagels, pastries, and daily sweets cart are phenomenal as well. I always grab something while waiting the minute or two at the register, because it all looks and smells delicious.This is a great small company making fantastic quality baked goods. A+I can't fault the owners but the parking is not the best. It's a right turn only street, and large grade going in and out of their rear lot. Love this place, but looking out for new customers, maybe park in an adjacent business and walk down.


The sandwiches here are mouthwatering. They use their own freshly baked breads and you'll have many choices to customize your sandwich to your liking.They also have a nice selection of breads and pastries for taking home. Highly recommended.

Derek Duro

Can't believe I've been driving past this gold mine of deliciousness for so long... If your looking for fresh made bread, pastries, cookies, sandwiches etc this is the place gotta try this place!


Nice lil place. Great bread and great sandwiches. Girls are really nice too.

C Billingsley

We were looking for good grinder. Bread. U know crispy on the outside soft in the inside. Plus snickerdoodles are not made the old fashioned way. But a new button looking cookie

Johnathon Shaver

Delicious breads, bagels, pastries, cakes, cookies, desserts, and sandwiches... but you have to visit the restuarant for those?. Fave breads are Jalapeno Cheddar and Cranberry Orange Sweet Bread.

MrCapKhalifa F.

Employees are great management is garbage they underpay there employees and at they treat them like p***

Shawn L.

This place is a must stop if you are in the inland empire. I drive from the beach inland just to pick up their cookies, sandwiches and breads. The must try's are as follows: Chocolate thumbprint Butter cookies Sandwiches with the passion tea! Miners sourdough Squaw bread Just buy more than you need and think about it later! The calories are worth it!

Gloria P.

Scheptical, so super scheptical at first but it was so good!!! They have squal bread and their cookies are so moist and delicious! They have sandwitch orders there too but I was honestly just there for the cookies. I got a box of asorted cookies and they went fast at my work. As soon as I get paid again I'm coming here.

Nikki P.

I'm just here for their amazing fresh baked breads! Getting there: parking is in the back. Turn into the driveway with a gate that says private parking and head on down. You can enter the bakery from the back doors. Just know that the surrounding area is kinda rough - the rougher side of good ole 'Dino. But don't let deter you away. If that's a no for you dawg then you can drive all the way to Rancho to get some bread. The lady at the cash register was so friendly and sweet. She let me know the breads here are freshly baked daily at 6AM vs you getting them at a farmers market. I enjoy their rosemary garlic, marbled rye and Bavarian breads. I honestly can't buy regular breads now from grocery stores ever since I tried their bread. PROS: amazing breads, superb customer service CONS: N/A

Soccer Mom

Sandwich was delicious! Lots of baked goodies to pick from. Cannoli was very good as well. Will be back for sure!

Christina D.

So it's kinda disappointing to know that each time I try to give this place another chance they let me down continuously. Kitchen staff seem to always be "busy" talking amongst themselves rather than greet or acknowledge customers. Luckily this time the food was ready on time as stated and was not utilizing my entire lunch waiting for my pick up order to be completed. But sucks that the time I decide to treat myself our with coworkers for lunch, I get let down by small mistakes that easily could be handled if the staff wasn't distracted. Give you two stars since I seem to come back and give it a shot.

Kris Bock

The girls were helpful and the food is amazing! So many baked delights! Bread, pastries, rolls and coffee cakes.

Celina R.

Pastry items are out of this world good!!great customer service. On time preparation of our to go order

J B.

So sad, loved this bakery. Everything fresh and delicious, made a weekly visit for 9 grain bread and often sourdough rolls . Today I was told they'd discontinued the 9 grain and also the hearty 6 grain. No more whole grain or partial whole grain that I could see. I guess healthy doesn't sell. I will probably make the drive to Village Bread in Yucaipa every couple of weeks and freeze it. Please rethink this decision. I would rather support local.

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