Chipotle Mexican Grill

1150 El Camino Real #197, San Bruno
(650) 829-2469

Recent Reviews

Kosh K.

The lady seemed in a hurry even though there was no line didn't even give me a full scoop and didn't wrap the burrito right so when I unwrapped the foil paper everything fell out I have been very patient there but it's getting out of hand.

Kimberly Y.

food was really good for a fast food place. quick and really nice people. they give the required amount of food but when i asked for a little more they were happy to give me it!

Lionel Reyes

Got my order wrong, they didn't put steak in my bowl.

Jerry Y.

Very bad service. Nobody cares here. Did a mobile order and the order wasn't made on time. Waited 10-15 minutes later and still nobody made my order. Nobody cares here.

P. Tepes

Super kindly staff! Veggie bowl is great

Johana Guardado

I placed my order and when Got delivered some of the iteam was missing

Vi P.

I stood waiting for my door dash order the employees just stood there ignoring me. They saw me standing there n didn't say a thing. They were also ver unwelcoming.

Marina S.

I have never experienced such bad customer service other than at this Chipotle. I walk up to order and 2 workers look at me and walk away. I had to ask them if they were open because I wasn't sure why I wasn't being helped. The girl at the register had the worst attitude. Asked me if I wanted a drink with my kids meal and I asked her what the options were. In a rude tone she responded look at the bottom row of the fridge. How was I supposed to know what drinks come with the kids menu? I asked her if instead of the drink I can maybe swap it out for chips and she rudely responded to me with a harsh no. Once I paid she just walked away didn't even hand me my food. Horrible service next time I'm going to the Millbrae location where the workers are actually pleasant.

Alexander Prokhorov

Disgusting customer service, completely not clients oriented, they are not able to perform their work in proper time terms how they promised, huge delay with picking up orders, zero communication skills too

Ajay Pahwa

A regular Chipotle location as would be expected in food court area of a mall. Nothing extraordinary to say, nothing horrible to report. Staff seemed to be well trained in processing the orders quickly. It’s closeness to Bart’s San Bruno station makes it very convenient.

Tien N.

Parking is chaos here. We got burrito bowls. The food was good. However, the tortilla on the side costs $1.25. THAT"S RIDICULOUS...

Aftan M.

Don't eat here! I had three chicken tacos on Thursday and spent the rest of the weekend wishing I had a time machine. I was sick for days! Pick any other restaurant in the food court and save yourself the GI torment!


Very stingy I bought a bowl of rice and veggies when I actually ordered a chicken bowl. Barley any chicken there. Next will buy a microscope to see some....

Nabil Arnaout

-Beef was very tough to chew, had to spit it out most of the times, low low quality .-two out of 4 orders were wrong ingredient-Missing items, omitted paid for ingredients and mixed up orders. As if the order done by someone does not know the menu-will never order or eat chipotle againI tried to be a customer but the meat quality and mistakes are not digestive

Leticia S.

I don't know if it's because I went an hour before they closed but I tried to give chipotle another chance and they blow it. Tell me how do they give you more lettuce and sour cream than rice, chicken, and beans? The portions were way off. She gave me a quarter spoon of rice (which I had to get brown because she was scraping the side of the container for the white rice because it only hada little) both of the rices was old and dry. Everything was super cold when it should have been hot because of the warmers. She literally just sprinkle a little cheese.

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