In-N-Out Burger

445 Industrial Rd, San Carlos
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Herbert Damien

I come to In-N-Out at least one time a month! It?s been a favorite inexpensive burger option since I moved to California. It?s low in the price range but really tasty, fresh and the same price but way better than McDonalds. Not as good as Superduper $$ or GOTTS Roadside $$$ or Marlowe $$$$ - Remember to eat your burgers responsibly.

n b

"Outstanding burger and ridiculously inexpensive". I agreed with my mother. The first time I brought her here, she stopped eating, looked up at me, and asked why I didn't bring her before. I was speechless and kick myself (she doesn't drive).

Alex Janipal

Usually busy, but great burgers every time. Great staff, friendly, and welcoming.

Gabriel Moita

Regular fast food place. A lot of waiting to receive the burgers, the place is not really big. The options are simple and cheap, the burger is good but nothing amazing. The fries are good too. Unlimited soda for one payment.

Pioneer Valley

Don't bother to go.

Alexandre Marin

Delicious as always. The 3x2 is my new favorite, it has the perfect proportion of patties and cheese. Grilled onions also a must.

Tony Hua

Fresh burger and fries, and great taste that you would expect from a decent In-N-Out chain (not every chain taste the same). Service is fast and the restaurant is fairly clean. From my own experience this chain tends to be less crowded than others around the Bay area.

Josiah Bradley

This location is better than other in and outs. Very friendly drive though attendant. Fresh hot burger and toppings. Fries are a little weak but the overall experience was good.

Jennifer f

Hamburger was good. A bit soggy towards the end but that's bc of the lettuce. Fries were kinda dry. I was expecting a bit more since everyone always says it's so good. Hamburgers look good in pictures.

Vincent Yap

Great environment. The Veggie burger is delicious. I highly recommend this place if you're vegetarian.

Sandee Tipsword

Yum yummy best fast and a great value. Parking makes me feel huge and I drive a fiesta (IE super small car) so I took a star for that

Michael Jai Souza

They have a team of very upbeat young people that seem to be well managed and it shows in their attitude and job performance. This location can get real busy and It takes a while but the burgers are so good. If you catch it the right part of the day, you can cruise in and out of drive thru, and of course Animal Style

Forever L.

I usually like to come to in n out but I was overwhelmed with anxiety when I walked in this time . The tall guy who greets you is very excited and speaks very fast . Please calm down Shane . Peter your awesome . Thanks for taking my order


Not a lot of items but their burgers and shakes are excellent. Lots of parking and also a drive thru. Will return. Service also very good.

Dabin Lo

good goto burger, great tasting, consistent

Nicole C.

I have no idea why this place isn't at least 4.5 stars... So here I am to help the spread the word on how this location is great! I've been to many In N Outs and this location is probably an ideal In-N-Out to go to. 1) it isn't busy 24/7 like the Daly City one 2) there's always some place to sit inside of this INO 3) parking is not terrible 4) drive thru is pretty quick My go-to order is a Cheeseburger with Whole Grill Onions (sometimes I'm adventurous and add chopped chilis in there to that nice kick), side of lettuce and tomatoes (because it's important to eat your veggies, right?) and a side of fries. I'm always too full to finish my fries at the end, but it's bad to waste food sooo...... Anyway - In N Out is amazing. This location is amazing. I'll always be a customer!

Victor M.

Feel like you can't go wrong with In-N-Out, the burgers and fries are quick, easy, simple and most importantly amazing and flavorful. Sometimes its full, its worth the wait though. The double-double is the signature burger and its what I would recommend. The price is super affordable and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients!

Barmak Heshmat

Its a fast food, so no crazy expectations here. But it's tasty and decent.

John Batti

Best hamburgers anywhere don't stop making these great hamburgers also the cleanest place I've ever been in

Howard Chong

As always, delicious and consistently busy! I went through the drive-through at 12:30 Saturday afternoon. I started lining up on the street. I think that it took about 15-20 minutes to get to the store to pay and to get our food. The poor guy taking our order outside was fast and got our order correct.

Sarah D.

We went in today on Saturday and everything tasted great, but they were announcing the numbers on the microphone really loud (my husband pointed it out and it has to be loud for him to say something). When they announced our number I went up and said something and they didn't turn it down, so the whole time we are eating there is this annoying loud number calling. Not a good experience.

Wook Chung

Standard In-N-Out - same food, same cleanliness, same drinks, same everything. There's practically no difference from this branch to the next one over in Mountain View, and so forth. In-N-Out is always fabulous, but also, not some place special. Easy parking. Drive thru. 4-stars.

Ashley Plummer

A visit to California and it's many good restaurants would not be complete without an inn and out burger!! Low calorie, fresher and healthier than any other fast food burger place back home, and simply AMAZING. This is the best burger on the planet, no doubt. Aint nothing gonna make me change my mind! Burger was perfect size, bun was addictingly good. I had min with the fixings and just ketchup and mustard. Yeah I'm a basic bi#[email protected] but I like it, I love it, I want some mo' of it. Too bad these aren't in Oregon. Yet....

David Hronek

It's a California original and reminds me of what McDonald's used to be. It's fresh food that's made as you like it (like my double double animal style) for a good price. It's always busy because they are so popular!

Kim D.

Great customer service- super clean and consistent. Great for after school sports when you need to get something quick and yummy!!!

Latoya T.

It was ok, got into town late checked into Hotel (waiting for daughter's move-in date for College). It was like all In N Out's long drive thru.

Jess G.

In. Wait. Wait. Wait some more. Wonder why fast food isn't fast. Get burger 16 minutes after ordering. Eat. Out. The food's good, but if I want to wait 15 minutes for a burger, I'll go to a sit down place. I don't know how fast food takes this long. I asked the guy at the counter about it, and he was borderline rude. Strange too because their staff are usually creepily friendly.

Tevin Wang

I love this In-N-Out Burger. They provide quality, delicious burgers at low prices. The place can be very busy during lunch hiurs, so beware of that.


Great fast service and the original taste as expected. The missing star is due to the hectic parking

Joanna Fogt

Always good, fresh, and tasty. I try not to go to In-N-Out too often, just because it's not the healthiest (especially when you get everything animal style, like I do), but I needed some comfort food and it hit the spot.

Emad H.

Great place !! great and fast service. The food fresh and test great . Great for family time

Konnor von Emster

Best burger for the price. Everything tastes extremely fresh, patties are great, milkshakes and fries are also amazing. Skip all the other fast food chains and go straight here.

Makayla Gray

Line is always long because the burgers are so dang good, but they always manage to clear the line pretty quickly! Workers at this location are always friendly.

Alma M. Garza

Absolutely loved the burger!!! People were really friendly and worked really hard to get your food out there fast

Joshua Hample

It was OK but I think the hype is too much. It's your typical fast food. That said, the restaurant itself was spotless and the people were very friendly. They deserve 5 stars

Chris Griffiths

Had to drive one town over to this location due to the high volume in Redwood City, but definitely was worth it. Even with the long drive thru line and long line inside we received our order within 10 minutes. Food was delicious and hot. They never disappoint.

kevin keen

Great service and quick. Though they have a fire issue when I was there. Fire lane was block by customers parking there car there's. (5-6 cars). Reduced space for motorists to maneuver in lot, as well as hindered parked motorists

Jazmyne H.

To the In-N-Out manager working at lunchtime today: Thank you for the small act of kindness you did for me today. I went through the drive-thru and ordered just a cheeseburger, $3.32. As I dug in my purse to pay, I realized my debit card wasn't in my wallet, or anywhere, and I didn't have any cash either. So as I pulled up to the pay-window I told the young woman that I needed to cancel the order because I'd left my things at home. She asked me to wait, and grabbed who I'm guessing was her manager. I said I was sorry for the inconvenience, that I'd left my debit card at home and just wanted to cancel the order. Instead, he pulled out his wallet and smiled, and paid for my lunch. I insisted it was okay, he didn't have to do that. But he did anyway and said "Take it as a good deed for the day." I was starving, and it'd been a rough, trying day at work so far. Sometimes a small act of kindness can change a person's entire day. Today of all days, I really needed that. Thank you. There are still kind people out there.

Aleena F.

Shane at the drive thru window had great customer service. Great attitude, made our experience that much better! Thanks, Shane!

John Jensen

I love In-N-Out!