963 Laurel St, San Carlos
(650) 598-9813

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Dina V.

I've been hearing about this place for years and now that more and more restaurants are opening back up I was glad to go on a Saturday afternoon. Dining is currently outdoors only. This restaurant is known for their pastrami but I'm not really a fan of pastrami. I had the OG Cheesesteak and upgraded to a side of brussel sprouts. The cheesesteak was very disappointing, it was lacking something but I can't pinpoint what it was. It was just bread, cheese, and steak. Very plain. I loved the brussel sprouts though. My daughter had the tuna melt and from what I tasted it was delicious. She liked it very much.

Jaime D.

Amazing food, amazing beer and top notch service. Adam was our waiter, adam is the prime example of customer service. We were seating quickly and Adam happily answered any questions we had on food and beer. The food and beer came out quickly even with a pretty busy place. The goofy fries are a must!! Greta place to day drink and have some good food an amazing customer service!

Sheryl B.

Good food and excellent service. I have only been here twice, but plan on returning soon!

foodie t.

way too overpriced with tiny portions. Its a sandwich place and one would expect paying 20$ per sandwich something more decent than what they offer. It will cost a normal full grown man about 40$ just to have lunch there. Which normally one would expect from some steak place or seafood one. Food is ok, nothing super exciting or memorable.

Michael M.

Without a doubt the best pastrami in the bay area. Everything you're looking for in a good reuben. I also did not expect to like their pastrami salad as much as i did also, but it is awesome too. Pro tip, you can order half of each if you want to try both.

Bayarea K.

Pros: fast and friendly service Good pastrami Good fries Cons: street parking

Monica B.

Delicious pastrami sandwiches and outdoor seating with heating - you CAN'T go wrong here!! We tried the Reuben and the Swiss & Mustard. If you're a sauce lovin' sauce #boss like myself, definitely go with the Reuben! It was saucy and delicious. If you're a mustard lover, go with the Swiss & Mustard. Both were excellent and will have you droolin thinking about them the next day lol. We also got some beers, but they were a bit pricey - ranging from $8-$13. Overall, the service was really nice. They brought the to-go containers to our table, with mustard packets and cutlery/napkins. Pro tip: The tables closer to the restaurant with the hanging heat lamps are warmer than those on the sidewalk with the tall standing heat lamps. Also, they let us use the restroom inside. Appreciate!!!

David M.

Great food. Absurdly expensive, not worth it tbh.

Dennis Peery

I will always love the Refuge, (not so much their Menlo Park location) woke up Saturday and realized I needed some pastrami. Decided to mix it this time, I’ve always ordered the Reuben, but I opted for the Swiss & Mustard, my wife ordered the Poutine (she wouldn’t let me add pastrami. So sad) I was not disappointed at all. Really hit the spot. Wife felt that the poutine gravy had too much black pepper, but that just left more for me.

Jason Brittingham

Its ok. Definitely had better sandwiches back east. And wayyyyyy to expensive for what you get.

Ron Daniel

Best pastrami ever!! Fast service best Pastrami I've ever eaten. I live 60 miles away and it was more than worth the drive!

Gata Madrileña

Clean and well separated tables to eat outside. And the food as delicious as usual.They also have a large selection of craft/ draft beer.

Januck Polikaitis

Words cannot describe how good this place is. Had the pastrami burger and goofy fries. Would HIGHLY recommend this place!

Timothy Watson

Whenever I find myself within an hours drive of Bluefish, I will make it a point to eat here. Their service is impeccable as well as their food.The dressing on their salad is so good I could eat it as a cold soup. The sushi is fresh and available with black rice.I personally order my sushi with cucumber instead of rice with a side of spicy ponzu sauce.

Armando Bautista

I definitely recommend this place had the rueben on rye toast pastrami had so much flavor easy to find definitely going back hopefully open for dinning

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