First & Ivy Market

2170 First Ave., San Diego
(619) 232-5586

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Didn’t buy anything… just sat outside and watched planes land ?

Scott S

Incredibly rude and disrespectful owner.

San Diego Email

This place ask for tips (tip line) on transactions at checkout for alcohol and food. Something’s not right about that. Made me uncomfortable and I won’t return. ?

Joe Licata

the market itself is great but ever since the deli closed their sandwiches have gone from a wide variety of delicious hot and cold sandwiches to moldy pre packages ham and cheese type sandwiches. they built this beautiful deli a few years back and now they’re using it worse than i use my own kitchen. it’s like they built this beautiful sports car and after a few laps around the track they handed the keys to an 85 year old woman with cataracts. would highly recommend the market for basic things like drinks and household items but would NOT recommend it for any food items at all unless they ever brought the deli back to what it was.

Joseph L.

the market itself is great. pretty wide selection on most things. but it's no longer a deli. when i lived in bankers hill back in 2021 their deli had a wide variety of hot and cold sandwiches as well as many other things. just moved back into town after 2 years and the deli lights are always off. all i've ever seen is basic pre packaged ham and cheese type sandwiches in the fridges. decided to try one anyway but it was covered in mold spores. still gonna frequent the market for anything but food. wouldn't recommend eating here since the deli closed.

k b

Local neighborhood market that is good to pick up quick incidentals, breakfast items or snacks, wine or other beverages. I haven't tried anything in their deli yet, but I have heard that it is pretty good. Street parking. Be careful if it's during the day when the meter person is around

Wendy R.

I was very hungry and stumbled upon this little place and let me tell you it has the best grilled cheese ever! It's fresh, hot and taste amazing. The people are so nice and welcoming and they also have a different variety of sandwiches and burgers but everything is cooked fresh and add a pretty reasonable price. Overall, this place is amazing and delicious!

Jose De La Sierra

First & Ivy Market is great store and the workers are very nice. I know Steven and Mark there always doing a good Job. I come here to buy Lottery Scratchers all the time. This store is great.

Mario Alonso

One guy makes up prices and rounds up every single time. They'll nickel and dime you . Beware. You'll get a different price every time.


One of the best deli's and liquor store in San Diego. Very nice owners and employees. Great selection of everything!

Tyler Nadeau

Used to be my favorite sandwich in San Diego. Unfortunately, the quality has gone down and the price has gone way up. Used to be a MASSIVE sandwich that could feed two people. Now, 1 sandwich is barely enough to feed one person. Still tasty, but just way too expensive for what it is.

Cameron Francesca Lopez

Lived down the street for over 2 years. Had their Planeview sandwich the day I was moving in and still order it a few times every month! I order it with chicken instead of Turkey, warm and toasted. It’s the perfect sandwich! Unrivaled.The family does a wonderful job at taking care of the store, are all very kind, polite, and are easy to talk to. It’s a very clean shop that is well stocked with all your day to day needs. I’m so happy to be so close.There is another convenience store a block up the street but I seldom go there. First and Ivy is miles better, they accept card no matter price, allow dogs (and give treats), are much friendlier and keep their store cleaner! (:So thank you Team First & Ivy Market!

J S.

Came here for the first time and the cashier was SO professional I had to write a review. I let him know there was mold on a product and figured he'd check it out later but he immediately went to check it out with me and instead of making me feel Kareny for bringing it up, he was like yea, that should definitely not be there, and then when I mentioned there were more like that, he went to get all of the bad ones lol.Then he told me about where he buys them from and that he will need to request that they stop selling them here, or change their loose packaging.I asked if he was the owner or manager since no one usually cares so deeply, and he was the owner's son. Such a cool experience, and a laidback guy.This place is WAY more than a liquor store by the way. They have a whole deli with sandwiches and s**** I will have to come out here if I'm ever hungry in Downtown again!

alex P. keaton

Sandwiches are very good and fresh. They use arugula, which is a nice touch. And their fries are #2, only second to McDonalds. : ) Highly recommend!

Valerie S.

I love their veggie sandwich in the deli. And the staff is always really nice. I had a mix up with up w my cc and they fixed it right away, great customer service.

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