Boiling Passion

3904 Convoy St #114-115, San Diego
(858) 268-8168

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My first hot pot experience was a good one, moreso due to the company I shared it with. They had been before and explained how it works, I'd have been a little lost otherwise. Will try it again soon!Parking: Parking can be a challenge, the lot for this strip mall stays busy!


The soup base is nice

Premium Chiro

This is my favorite restaurant, ever! The food is amazing. It is not your traditional all you can eat. This is customized meals that each person gets to personally pick.

Jack C.

I've done hotpot many times with friends and this was delicious. Selection of skewers is great and is priced reasonably. Broth tasted great. Between our table we ranged from no spice to very spicy. Only downside is everyone in our party of 6 blew up our respective bathrooms the next day (both spicy and non-spicy eaters). We are confident we all cooked our meats appropriately, so we likely got a bad batch of meat. Regardless, we will likely be returning for the experience.

Zheyi Xu

Very good experience! Good food quality!

Zheyi X.

The food quality is great. It's a novel experience for me : combination of bbq and hotpot! The service is super good as well!

Claire G.

Pretty cool experience for my first Chinese hotpot ever. The soup was flavorful, so no need for extra sauces. Next time I'll order the regular soup base, and just get meat and veggies. No noodles cuz I'm tryna lose weight. I appreciate the videos they play here too. Reminds me to watch more Chinese soaps

Patricia W.

Good services, good food! Love the music in there too! highly recommend! I usually order tomato soup in there 10/10

Sae K.

Good, but pretty expensive for what you get. Service can be hit or miss depending on the day and time. Not much else options for taiwanese hot pot so this hits the spot.

Eunice T.

We stumbled across this place on Yelp after discovering that the restaurant we initially wanted to go to was closed that day. Apparently they offer ayce for weekday lunch. We weren't sure if they also still offered a la carte orders since we only saw signs for ayce. Luckily, they were. Everyone at the table must order their own broth, and then go to the fridge area to grab the ingredients they want for their own own pot. They count the skewer sticks at the end of the meal. So, don't forget to put them in the containers provided on the table. Most skewers have 2 sticks. Some veggie options have only 1 stick. When they say 40cents per stick, they meant per skewer (that uses 2 sticks). We also ordered the grilled/pre-made options from the menu since we were interested in those. FYI, ordering the side pot of duck blood from the menu was indeed way too much (as the waitress warned us) because that came with veggies/other hotpot ingredients too. Overall, I really liked the food here. Found a bug in my veggie though. I caught it before putting them in my broth so I wasn't traumatized. I highly recommend ordering the original soup base. It's so flavorful! We skipped the sauce because we didn't think it was necessary.

Michael T.

Excellent hot pot place! It was mine and my friends' first time at this restaurant and have to admit we were pretty intimidated. That all changed when Tiffanie, our server, explained everything to us. They are a family-owned business and it is reflected in the homey atmosphere! Here's the quick run down: (1) each person picks their own broth and level of spiciness (2) you stand up and choose the skewers (vegetables, meat, etc.) in the refrigerator that you want to cook in your broth (3) you can also pick your own sauces at the sauce counter (4) cook your food, eat from the skewers, or eat as a soup and enjoy! Things to note: * this is NOT all you can eat, they charge by the skewers. Which was not bad at all, we had 37 skewers and a couple add-ons and our total was only $44 for 2 of us. ** the fruit juice was delicious *** the dessert that Tiffanie gifted us was delicious **** actually, everything was delicious, I had the original broth and my friend had the tomato and I enjoyed both! We will be back again!

Brady B.

I loved all the meat, especially the chicken and vegetable options. The broth was also tasty. It's not all you can eat since you pay by skewer but that quality of food was very good. It was our first time here and our person that helped us out Tiffanie was great. She showed us the ropes and had great conversations with her. I would definitely come back because of the choices you get here. The jelly dessert was also good, super refreshing after the hot soup.

Karen A.

Boiling Passion is fantastic! Background: Our last hot pot place was so bad we swore off hot pot for a year. However we took a chance on Boiling Passion and are so glad we did. The mom and daughter owners are sweet and helpful and so kind. The food is high quality and fresh. The fruit tea is delish!

Mai H.

This may not be the place for quality or tender meats, but the broth here is better than most other hot pot places in San Diego. I like their tomato broth mild, which is actually already quite spicy in itself. If you can't handle spice, I suggest ordering the Non-spice altogether. Individual pot style here. You create your own dipping sauce at the sauce bar. They have sauce making and combo suggestions on the wall if you are clueless as to which sauces to mix. Head to the fridge to choose your protein and veggies. The items in the fridge are charged by the skewers (for most protein) and by the plate (for veggies). Each skewer equates to $0.39(?) I believe. Majority of the servers don't speak English so don't get it twisted if it appears as though they're rude in the way they communicate. OVERALL 3.5 STARS.

Chrisna T.

This place is great to me compared to other hot pot places. The soup was tasty and I loved the choices of meat and veggies we got to pick. You pay by the sticks, and any add on dishes from the menu. It was confusing at first but then I understood it afterwards. Pick your soup base before your add ons. You get to pick the meats and veggies from their refrigerators. I did enjoy it and I would recommend this place a try.

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