Cantina Mayahuel

2934 Adams Ave, San Diego
(619) 283-6292

Recent Reviews

Wong Darlene

The best Lebanese food in town. So fresh and the staff is always so friendly. I always get the steak kabob plate or chicken Shwarma plate. The garlic fries are to die for.

Paul Flor

Excellent food, great staff! Even during these crazy times they still put out some really good drinks and food!Try the sea food stew that they have on Saturdays!

Marta Gordon

What a nice experience here! I am so pleased that I was able to find this restaurant. I found this incredible place by accident. It was truly a very nice place to relax. All of their foods were stunning from the presentations until the taste. I will surely introduce your restaurant to all of my friends. Thank you, guys!

Beverly Parker

This is the bar to be at for a great time any day of the week. The atmosphere is cool, fun, and has a chill 80's aesthetic with glow in the dark paint which matches its tons of games from skee ball, pinball, basketball arcade, killer queen, tons of other arcade games.

Stephanie Miller

The Cantina is open for patio seating now due to COVID. I always order the guacamole with all the fixings, the sirloin tacos are great and huge, the fish stew on Saturdays is also yummy. Massive list of tequilas and mezcal.

Marie Ward

I ordered original fried chicken and fried chicken sandwich. Fried chicken was amazing. You can get what you expect from fried chicken, crispy, tender and juicy. And it's not salty. I didn't need a beer to finish my chicken.

Yaseen Glenn

The food here was absolutely incredible!! A phenomenal experience. We did a 10-course meal. The dishes were creative and fun. The wine pairing was outstanding. The service was excellent because the staff members are quick to respond to our request. The chef even came out to greet our table. We're very much happy with our experience here. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!

Trent P.

This place has good food and great drinks. Credit to the staff for creating a 'normal" atmosphere during this not so normal time. The outdoor seating was comfortable and relaxing. The only negative experience we had was our server. He was polite/nice but took FOREVER to take our order. After we ate the delicious tacos we had to wait another 45 minutes before we received our check and another 20 minutes for them to run our credit card. I understand waiting if they were understaff or an emergency happened but that was not the case here. He talked to the table next to us for over 20 minutes and when he was done walked right by us as if to completely ignore us. While we waited with our empty plates and glasses we had to get up and walk over to the server in order to get his attention. Needless to say, after waiting 45 minutes after we finished eating for the check and then another 20 minutes for them to run our card, it made our eating experience very negative. Again, the food and drinks are great but customer service needs to be worked on.

Jay W.

I am here every Saturday for the seafood stew. No doubt the best Mexi-bar in town

Elizabeth Escamilla

Wonderful service. Great Mezcal and Tequila selections.

Areebah Medrano

The best Mexican restaurant in town! They have a very good atmosphere, and their decorations and buntings were very festive. It really feels like I was in Mexico. They have the best salsa I had and the pork and beef were very tender and flavorful. It was definitely our new favorite Mexican restaurant in the city!

Rich Deckman

Best mezcal selection ever? Perhaps. They also make a killer margarita and tacos to kill for.

Marcus Bell

Great food, ambiance, wonderful range of tequilas, great servers, cooks and ownership!

Mary Brooks

I liked it! I'm not easily disappointed and I was in a rush so I got a Miami sandwich. Really good club with a good filling portion that I can save for later. The platters here look really good too. Service is usually really fast, but if not you can just wave someone down.

Matt Maybeno

Taco's and tequila. Taco's and tequila! Must I say more? This place is the best.

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